1. I like this reusable components approach to defining new tags & attributes, it makes the appl. more domain-model-driven & the code looks like written in DSL. Any good tutorials on that? Is it always achieved using custom directives??

  2. How the heck do they introspect on the names of arguments at 1:15:50? Do they cast it to a string and parse the result?

  3. AngularJS, please ask around you how to upload HD videos. The talk is interesting, but it's hard / impossible to read text.
    Thank you.

  4. Yep, Angular does fn.toString() and parse names of the arguments.

    You can also annotate the fn with $inject property or use array notation, if you need it to work with compiled code…

  5. You can you LiveReload, I believe that's what Igor was using. I have global shortcuts to refresh Chrome…

  6. Is it possible to suggest edits to the transcript/subtitles for youtube videos, somewhere? There's several sentences transcribed as [INAUDIBLE] that I actually understood (maybe because English is a second language for me, I'm more flexible in decoding thick accents and "empassis wrong sylaables")

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