ANSI Z308.1 B Workplace First Aid Kit 2015

>> MFASCO: MFASCO Health and Safety, the leader
in first-aid kits and refill supplies, is proud to be the first to offer a complete
workplace first-aid kit that meets or exceeds the new ANSI Z308.1 2015 Guidelines for Class
B first-aid kits. Stocked with quality products from leading
manufacturers like Medifirst, this kit is perfect for offices or small to mid-size shops. The cabinet and door pouch both offer room
to stock additional supplies. The complete kit is latex-free and many items
are packaged in dispensing boxes to keep your kit organized and ready to use. The steel box is ready to be wall mounted
and has 35 different first-aid products to address basic cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises,
we’ve even included a handy refill form to make it easier for you to check, restock and
refill your first-aid kit. Take a closer look at this great value by
clicking the link in this video.

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