Anti-obesity medication

this is a very short video on anti-obesity medications or pharmacological agents that reduce weight or help control weight drugs that make you lose weight essentially and before we get into this list of drugs and combo drugs that we have on the left here it's important to note that these drugs do not work on their own and they do require lifestyle modifications and diet changes to be effective these drugs and clinical trials have not been tested on their own without diet and lifestyle modifications so it's important to know that these drugs are not magical pills that will help you lose weight they're really for use in conjunction with lifestyle modifications so let's begin with phentermine phentermine is a drug that was approved for weight loss by the FDA in 1959 the mechanism of action for phentermine is that it releases norepinephrine phentermine is especially good for short term use which is about three to six months in contrast with the other drugs that were gonna be talking about which are all good for long-term use this has not been approved for long term years like the other drugs phentermine is only four shirt for short-term use and if an offender mean is that it's cheap and that's about it or the stat is the next drug we're going to talk about or let's try was approved by the FDA in 1999 mechanism here is that in inhibits lipase now lipase is an enzyme that breaks down fat fatty molecules that you ingest and orlistat it inhibits lipase that is both released from the pancreas and gastric lipase so it's both sources of lipase so if you can't break down fat you're going to decrease the amount of fat that you absorb too which is the mechanism by which it makes you lose weight some side effects of not breaking down and absorbing fat is that you get GI disturbances it can cause cramps it can cause fecal incontinence you can get diarrhea specifically stay a Duryea which is a oily greasy fatty stool that tends to float you also sometimes become deficient in fat soluble vitamins which are the vitamins d vitamin E vitamin A and vitamin K and the Deek vitamins so patients that might take orlistat you might want to instruct them to take multivitamins with that so that they don't become deficient in those vitamins this is good for patients that are at risk for coronary artery disease or coronary vascular disease because increased fat contents in the blood can cause vessel problems can cause clots in the arteries this is also available over the counter so that's orlistat next we're going to talk about a combo drug phentermine and took para mate we already talked about phentermine it as we said the mechanism was to secrete norepinephrine so let's add the toe para means two pyramids mechanism is that it blocks sodium channels and it also modulates gaba receptors to increase the action of gaba so this combo drug was approved in 2010 and it combines phentermine and took pyramids two pyramids also used for seizures simple complex and tonic clonic seizures as well as to prevent migraines so some side effects that you might get from using these drugs are pretty much the side effects of both of the drugs individually although both drugs are given at lower doses so hopefully that would mediate the side effects so you might get mental sedation you can also get kidney stones from using this calvo drug next is Lorca sarin this drug was approved in 2012 orcas Aaron's mechanism is that it agonizing a serotonin receptor specifically the 5ht to C receptor this is lorica sarin side effects are dizziness dry mouth GI disturbances specifically nausea vomiting diarrhea fatigue and headaches next is bupropion and naltrexone is a combo drug that was approved for weight loss in 2014 P Pro prions mechanism is to increase more epinephrine and dopamine levels and now track stones mechanism is that it's an opioid antagonist the same receptor that morphine some other pain killers might activate is antagonized by naltrexone some side effects here are that they can cause anxiety and headaches and this combo is particularly good for patients who are also struggling with smoking cessation because bupropion is an antidepressant that specifically approved for smoked so if somebody struggling to quit smoking and they're afraid of the weight gain the radio beasts they're afraid of the weight gain sometimes associated with people who quit smoking you can try this combo on them to help stop the smoking and to prevent further weight gain and hopefully promote weight loss LaRocco tide is the last one approved most recently in 2015 for weight loss mechanism here is that it agonizes the glp-1 receptor so it's essentially a glp-1 analog and that if you remember is an ink retain that has a variety effects on the human body it's an endogenous molecule that is released by the guts this is administered by a subcutaneous injection this is Loretta Tide and because it's subcutaneous might be less attractive than the other weight-loss drugs on this list side effects of lorac low-tide are pancreatitis nausea and vomiting this has been a short video on anti-obesity medications I hope it was helpful and thank you for listening


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