Anti Theft Medicine – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH & FRENCH, SPANISH SUBTITLES! -As on Nickelodeon

Hey my friend Ghasitaram, I have made one medicine for thieves like john! Who ever drinks this can’t ever steal anything! Oh! Lord, how is this possible? If we make john drink this then such rays will come out of his body, that he won’t be able to touch anything, Whatever he tries to touch, the rays will push that thing away. How much ever john tries he won’t be able to touch that thing. In this way furfurinagar will be safe from robbery my friend. There will be silence everywhere. Big brother what are you doing? It’s so hot outside don’t ask and, You are drinking cold drink alone give me also. Dr Jhatka why is this cold drink tasting so different? Godamn Motu that was not a cold drink, That was medicine my new experiment. No!!!! Now you wont be able to hold or touch anything, Heyyy patlu!!!! what should I do now? What should I say now, you are always in hurry, Now only Dr. jhatka can do something. Dr Jhatka what are you saying. You trapped me. I won’t leave you. You always try your stupid experiments on me. (Expression) I cannot even hit anyone now. Oh lord! Patlu take motu home, dr Jhatka will make some antidote. Motu, lets go home. Tea seller, please get a plate full of samosas fast yes yes! Come back my plate of samosas. Patlu my plate of samosa is going away from me. This reaction is because of dr.jhatkas medicine, you can't touch anything. Give ill feed you. What are you doing patlu. Feed me fast. What should I do! you are going behind. My man tell me also whats the matter? Then my man, I will stop motu from going behind. You come from front and put the samosa in motu’s mouth. Okay. Oh, I don’t want to eat samosa! Motu wants. Oh! sorrry. Tea seller. Motu do one thing, keep your mouth open I'll throw the samosa as I get the chance, It will break all the rays and samosa will go into your mouth. Okay I am ready. What are you doing. I am not able to eat any samosa patlu. I samosa want patlu. (Crying) If this is the case then motu will never be able to touch me. Hey what kind of neighbour are you both? I am standing here. No greetings, No hello, and you are just going? Boxer brother I am upset leave it. You said no to me? You said no to me? What I’ll show you. Hey are you learning boxing? Hey I think my practice is lacking behind. If I am not able to hit this small guy, how will I win the boxing championship. John, wait! Motu, John has robbed the bank, catch him. Catch catch catch me .Tak dheena dhina dhin Motu what are you doing? John is dancing. And you are not able to catch him. Ha ha ha I am going, bye bye. Hey Motu, what did you do. Are you friends with john the don? He was dancing in front of you. He ran away. Now I will arrest you too. Oh! God what am I not able to catch you? What kind of magic is this? Stop, stop in the name of law! I am not able to catch you but you can’t save yourself from my coconuts! Oh god! Chingam sir nobody can catch motu. Oh so you are accompanying motu too, now I’ll show you. (Crying) Hey chingam sir why did you hit me? Chingum sir you hit my friend.. (Crying) I can’t even fight for my friend, Dr Jhatka, I won’t leave you. What is happening tell me? tell me! tell me tell me This has happened because of Dr. Jhatka's experiment (Crying) I am ruined, Dr. jhatka!!!! I will take revenge! Motu keep quiet, let Dr jhatka make ananidote. Dr. Jhatka, I am coming!!! Motu don’t do this, you won’t be able to open the door. I am not opening, I am breaking it! Oh god! what are you doing motu? Neither are you catching john nor are you letting me catch, See he is going in that van he has robbed all banks of furfuri nagar, (Crying) I can’t do anything Motu go stop john we are with you. I will take a shortcut and go. (Expressions)This short cut is very painful! Motu my friend move from ahead. John’s van is coming in speed. What is happening, why I am experiencing current, save!!! Ha ha the name is Chingam, You can’t be saved from chingam’s impossible trap! Thank You Motu. Thank you motu. You saved all the banks of furfuri nagar. You are very brave I will reward you. (Crying) how I will take it, I can’t even take samosa. Motu my friend, big brother don’t worry drink this everything will be fine. (Crying) how will I drink? If I can’t eat anything how will I drink? Idea! Long live!!! I am alright now, I will take revenge from Dr. jhatka for my condition! Dr Jhatka! Hey chingum sir help!!!!!!


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