“Antler Kitchen & Bar” gives vegan protesters taste of their own medicine

since the antler kitchen and bar opened in Toronto its received rave reviews in fact on most nights it's impossible to get a reservation but not everybody is happy you see folks the soy boys and the tofu twits who make up hog towns club vegan well they've been staging protests outside this restaurant sticking their envious faces against the eateries front window in an effort to intimidate diners well last week antlers owner and chef Michael hunter decided to give these carrot Crusaders a taste of their own shock and awe medicine which is to say he butchered a deer leg in full view of the protesters and the vegans lost it they were triggered they were appalled after all how dare a carnivore choose to embrace his love of meat well much like those mindless zombies in the walking dead the vanquished vegan i'ts have returned to antler to carry out yet another meat eating protests why well let's try to find out what the protest here ma'am I mean like what exactly are you hoping to accomplish I mean this is just one restaurant of thousands in the City of Toronto that's firstly with this restaurant is that they promote ethical meat there's no such thing as ethical meat there is no way to humanely kill an animal that doesn't want it done so true there's no way to no way to kill an animal that doesn't want to die it's just like I mean people have the problem is people put their lives above the animals and we're on this planet together they're here with us they're not here for us we were designed to eat plants humans were designed eat plants not omnivorous by nature and absolutely not because we don't first of all I don't see you have sharp teeth like all the animals who eat meat right if you are where a meat-eater you the squirrel without any tools and just using your bare hands and you know your teeth you would eat it there is no right way to kill someone who does not want to die what does that mean exactly it's exactly what it means there's no right way to kill someone that does not want to die so these animals that are being consumed in this restaurant and in every other restaurant or for clothing for entertainment they don't want to die they want to live their lives they want to be free now you know it's like because I've seen these kind of signs that like anti-abortion rallies would you be anti-abortion to this is irrelevant I believe for this protest so right now we're talking about animal rights so I would you know answer any questions you have regarding that I understand that but when you say someone who doesn't want to die didn't you make that argument for a baby that yet to be born I'll refuse to answer that question for those who didn't have a choice are you speaking of the animals on the manual absolutely that almost sounds like you know an anti-abortion kind of sign when I saw it that was the first thing that came to mind are are you anti-abortion yourself and we're here for the animals because they didn't have a choice you know people are constantly killing them without without even thinking twice that's all though I mean you know even right by in the argument you know a baby that yet to be born doesn't have a choice yet but you don't have a comment on that dear no no we're all equal we shouldn't exploit these other species just because we can we're actually here to be their caretakers not their tormentors I don't think anyone would like to see animal cruelty but I mean it has an animal husbandry doesn't that go back as long as our species itself it has but that doesn't mean this is 2018 well folks the vegans are really ramping up the protest outside antler they're chanting it's not food it's violence well you know what it's not violence it's food and there's finger licking good let me tell you for the Revel dot media I'm David the man's Lloyd Menzies hey folks have you heard the rebel has a brand new app please download the rebel app and take the rebel with you wherever you go you


  1. “There is no ethical way to kill an animal”
    Um, what about euthanization? If your dog is blind, deaf, can’t walk, and in pain all the time would you want it to stay alive? No! It’s in pain! It would be better if it’s dead because it’s not miserable!

  2. "There is no way to ethically kill an animal that doesn't want to die"

    That baby fetus doesn't wanna die. 😀 y'all be idiots

  3. Haha as long as humans exist and are able to have feelings the world will never be perfect 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. I’m sick of these vegans they are the worst omg just annoying like a FLY I will step on them 😂

  5. Vegans must have boring sex lives, to be true to they're veganism they couldn't have oral sex because that would be eating meat or putting meat in their mouths. Vegans shouldn't eat anything at all since vegetables are living plants and also animals poop and pee on their food giving it animal products. Plus they are taking away animals' food source by they're own reasoning.

  6. Come on down to Arkansas. I'll take you deer hunting. Maybe fishing, dove hunting, quail hunting, hell if it will move will kill it down here to eat it.. salt, pepper, and a little garlic makes anything good. 😁🦌🐂🐄🐃🐑🐇🐿️🐗

  7. clearly, these people doesn't know how the world works. Well i don't know how they passed biology class back then.

  8. I love animals and I do believe that we have to treat animals ethically. However these "activists" are absolutely stupid… mix this toxic veganism with radical feminism and far-leftism and you get pure cancer

  9. If they wanna protest animal violence, there is a McDonalds, Burger King and KFC literally behind every corner.

  10. "I refuse to answer the question" ja ja les get a hamburger then. "animals didn´t have a choice" ooh! and aborted babies did have a choice?

  11. I really don't like killing animals, but hey that's how we evolved. We need meat in our diet, and that's why we think it's so tasty, we're evolved to seek it out. As long as it's done without cruelty and yes with a bit of respect.

  12. I really don't like killing animals, but hey that's how we evolved. We need meat in our diet, and that's why we think it's so tasty, we're evolved to seek it out. As long as it's done without cruelty and yes with a bit of respect.

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