Anxiety and "What if?" thinking – deal with Panic Attacks

hey it's a very windy day behind me today and the wind almost destroyed something a tree in my yard here today and I made me think of something that is really related to anxiety fear and panic attacks and I wanted to share that with you because our mind has some type of a radar that is looking for the danger and that radar was activated in my head today because the the tree was almost falling down on my house so we have this radar that it's continuously looking for something that is threatening that is threatening our lives or health our house or marriage or girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever something that is important to us when it gets threatened our mind will see it our mind will realize that it is a danger we all have this but people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety who have phobias they have a radar that is way too sensitive and that sees dangers even when there is no danger even when the possibility of the dangerous thing actually happening is so small they will still believe it's actually real and they will anticipate it they will continuously think about it and destroy the quality of their life so what we can what can we do about this I want you to think about a woman sitting on a battleship she's sitting in a ship of the US Navy for instance and she's looking at a radar and all of a sudden she sees a blip blip on that radar what is she supposed to do does she need to sound the alarm right away and everybody has to man their battle stations no because if that would happen everybody on that ship would get a burner who'd be stressed would be depressed because it would happen quite often the radar is obviously going to show a lot of lips and most of those blips will be tourists on a sailboat or fishermen out at sea and only a very small percentage might represent a danger and even then they still have to look at it and see like okay what is that other battleship doing is it coming closer is it aiming at us what is it doing so she's going to have to look at it decide analyze and only when it becomes a real clear and present danger is she going to sound the alarm right that's what we are supposed to do a lot of people have a negative voice in their head because we all have it and the negative voice shows us some dangerous it comes up with what if this happens what if that happens and we all have that but normal people who don't suffer from panic attacks who don't suffer from anxiety they learn to not pay any attention to the words that are not real that are not going to happen even though the possibility might exist that they are going to happen they don't believe in it I've had panic attacks for 14 years if you've seen my other videos and you've seen my full story I was very good at exaggerating our mind plays games with us and one of the games our mind plays if you let it is that it will catastrophize so whenever it sees a blip blip on the radar it's going to turn that into a catastrophe if something in my life everything I represented a loss the loss of my health the loss of my love life something that would make me lose my girlfriend a loss of my house the loss of my car the loss of my job the loss of money everything I represented that the loss of even the loss of what other people thought of me you know I wanted to have other people I wanted other people to have a certain image of me and if I thought I was going to make a fool out of myself then I was afraid of that and my mind would start to catastrophize that and really going to the yes that's going to happen if there was a little what if my mind would think yes if I felt something my body my mind would say hit you're about to die and my mind would actually catastrophize and follow this if someone did something weird if the boss looked at me in a weird way yes I'm about to lose my job something really strange if you live your life like that but if you suffer from this as well realize that this is simply your mind playing games with you now one of the many things I've had to do to overcome my panic attacks to stop my panic attacks is to retrain that radar to retrain the way that my brain thinks and you might say or think well I can't I've always been anxious and people in my family are anxious it's hereditary it's something that runs in the family it doesn't have to there was a time where just like every other baby you weren't able to crawl there was a time where you weren't able to walk there was a time where it was really hard to actually walk down a pair of stairs right and now you can do it while you're on the phone look at your iPad and doing other things because it became an automatisms because your brain has made new neural pathways that allow it to become something that you can do automatically not following every blip on your radar not catastrophizing is the same system you just have to learn how to do it and the first thing that you can do to actually teach yourself is is to realize that it is happening to realize that that's all your mind is doing it's your amygdala that is catastrophizing something small might happen in the future your mind immediately starts to believe that it is real that is you that's your mind you can decide to not follow it to say okay thank you mind thank you for showing me all of these catastrophes I should write novels about this I should write thrillers or horror movies whatever but I'm not going to follow you whatever happens it's okay I'll see it when it happens and if the danger becomes bigger like on the battleship then I'll deal with it but not before this was only a little trick our mind plays many games with us catastrophizing is only one of them I only wanted to make a short video for you but if you want more on this if you want more techniques more games that your mind plays if you want more techniques to stop anxiety and panic attacks and you're not following my newsletter yet make sure that you come on over to the website subscribe to the free newsletter and 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  1. My anxiety is a little different. My anxiety stems from a danger I was involved in earlier this year, and that danger has again happened a few times since then… so as you can see, my “what ifs” are real and very possible. Is there a way around this? All of my dangerous “what ifs” are very possible (and happen on a semi regular basis). So am I just screwed? I know all of this is just anxiety, and I accept that, but I know for a fact this dangerous situation is going to happen again soon (work related).

  2. you described it so make my sense. that "alarm" analogy really open my mind. now i can see anxiety and panic attack in different perspective. hope it will train my mind to not to really dwell in it anymore. it's just a game, but i'll never be the victim anymore. i finally get it. thank you so much for much for sharing. God bless you.

  3. I Just got in an an argument/ debate on this subject and maybe I'm worn I never have and never will state that that's not a possibility and maybe it is my anxiety that causes this but I believe it is rational to weigh in every possibility the up the downs an hope for the best and be prepared for the worst because if your not prepared for the worst it can be way more devastating than going it to every aspect of life looking only at the positive am I wrong? An outside view would help me on this subject thanks

  4. Thank you so much for this, thank you for your work. This actually put things jato perspective for me this morning, while I feared something stupid, something not necessary to freak out over… regretting past decisions, buy I forget my old self that always believed that things happen for a reason.

  5. There are several ideas worth trying
    Avoid stimulants like alcohol and coffee
    Take part in relaxing activities
    Exercise often
    Seek help from others
    (I discovered these and more ideas from Trevs panic fixer website )

  6. I find Your approach fresh compared to other 'gurus' of panic disorder of yt 😉 Unfortunately my anxiety disorder came back after years of feeling completely free of it

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