Anxiety (Animation)

everyone gets a little bit anxious sometimes whether it be meeting someone new we're ordering a meal people in general can get nervous or maybe it's just being I'm weird but I'm pretty sure people experience the exact same things now when I say anxiety I'm not necessarily talking about the mental illness I mean like in general situations when you just get a little bit anxious but of course this order makes it worse and I just want to say to all my viewers who have this disorder so you're an amazing person and that you got this no matter what situation I love you back to the anxiety I get a really bad in certain situations especially when it's a situation I'm unfamiliar with or I just had bad memories with it for example I get so anxious when I Drive I'm 17 and I still don't have my license I think it may be juice in a fact that during driver's ed they showed us like 10 videos a day people dying in car wrecks and the lesson always was even if you're doing nothing wrong you can still die in a fiery bloody death have fun like I get scaring kids into doing something right but they went too far with it so yeah I just get nervous when I Drive I've been told that I'm a good driver but I don't know I just don't like it probably because I think I'm going to die constantly thanks driver's ed I think I have a problem with overthinking things when I started this channel I literally started to shake nervously after I uploaded my first video I don't know why considering the support on that video was amazing I just couldn't control it I guess I actually got up and went for a run to take my mind off of it to get all the nervous energy out before it consumed me like I said the problem is overthinking I just sit there and I look at my video and I think will people like it oh my god what if it looks awful and I don't know what if some people hate me cuz I accidentally said something offensive oh my god it's irrational really because literally none of that even happened which greatly quelled my fears I just think people assume that I'm like a super confident person who has no fears because I'm someone online who has a small but wonderful following but in reality I'm a mess when it comes to the smallest things I'm the type of person to argue against an entire group of people when they say something wrong or bigoted or I can make an impassioned speech in front of a bunch of people with absolutely no problem but I will crawl back into my little shell of anxiety when I'm doing something simple like ordering food it really makes no sense to be honest like just last week I was at physical therapy for my foot and when I went to check in the woman the front desk said okay do you have $30 I fell into a panic I thought our insurance paid for that and my family was in there so they couldn't pay for it and I had forgotten my credit card at home do I like has to pay for it before I do the therapy yeah let me call my mom in the end it turned out our insurance did pay for it and the lady just made a mistake but let me tell you I was literally sweating because it felt like the entire room was staring at me and judging me for not having $30 I know it's completely irrational I just don't know why I get this way however being nervous isn't always a bad thing a healthy caution for things can be good it'll help you completely prepare yourself for some unknown situations like maybe a math test you have coming up and you won't get into any real danger often because you do your best to always take a safer route yes it can be bad in certain situations but that's what makes you you and I think that's awesome if you get anything out of this video just know that you're not alone many people feel the exact same way and it's alright to have anxiety over things surround yourself with people who love you and accept you and you'll have no problems in life you rock you got this and don't let anyone tell you the opposite hey guys everybody was telling me I did it as an outro and I kind of like those outros where the animators kind of just ramble for like a minute and that's like the fan art displayed in a slideshow or whatever however I like suck it editing so I can't like figure out how to do the little animation reel that people do so um the Spanish is going to be displayed in terribly cropped pictures you'll see on the left side of the screen um yeah I just like to thank everybody for supporting me I have I guess currently three videos out including this one and almost 100,000 subscribers like I just checked today and I hit 81 K which is like so many people cuz I have like no videos I don't know why people are coming to my channel but yeah I just think it's really cool thank you and be looking forward to more videos and yeah bye guys


  1. Should've said this in the video, but I actually do have anxiety (I was diagnosed by a therapist a few years ago). Honestly, what helps me especially is just acting like I'm confident and masking my insecurities by humor (maybe that's not exactly healthy but whatever). So yeah, just thought y'all should know. I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH

  2. I have anxiety diagnosed by a doctor when I was 10 now I'm 12 suffering worse than ever because I want Chicago Med on Netflix Australia😞😭😞😭😞

  3. I have both anxiety and stress… sucks but I try to calm down……mostly by doing homework or listening to music……

    And I’m acually going to start animating on my channel: DustFlare The Fox,which doesn’t help at all because I get lots of anxiety when I do my art,but it does releaves my stress so it helps in a way……overall I think my life is pretty good……in a way…..I guess……idk….

  4. I have clinical anxiety (panic disorder) and mild seizures and spasms whenever I feel nervous + depression

    I have the absolute best combination of disorders amiright

  5. I hear yah, sister. Ordering something at a restaurant can be stressful, you're sweating for some reason, it gets suddenly hot, and you shut down. I sometimes end up forgetting what I was gonna order too. Don't judge please.

  6. I feel like everyone at school looks at me and is judging me and laughing at me behind my back….😐😕☹️😔

  7. Ya see I feel like a have anxiety but idk bc I don’t go to a therapist or anything but I also get nervous about simple things especially in class that’s why I’m the shy student in the class ;-;

  8. I have anxiety. Social anxiety to be a bit more exact. ITS TERRIBLE OMG I CANT EVEN GO OUT MOST OF THE TIME

  9. I Have Anxiety but I have something I want to tell you can might help hold your breath for 3 seconds and then close your eyes for 5 seconds and then for the next 30 minutes you should be anxiety free

    (I have anxiety and stress so it's a lil worse for me I get panic attacks more often)

    Your eight years older then me tho…

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