Anxiety Attack vs Panic Attack – What's The Difference?

bread ass is there a difference between panic attacks and anxiety attacks hi I'm Michael Norman and welcome to another episode of panic free TV Q&A this is where as a scientist and anxiety specialist I'll answer your most pressing questions relating to panic attacks so that we can help you finally get back to a normal panic free life again now words are just agreed on labels for certain experiences and because of this different people choose to label things in different ways some people use the phrase anxiety attack to refer to a less intense panic attack some people use it to refer to a more cognitive panic attack one where there are less body sensations and mainly just fearful thoughts most people though tend to use the two phrases interchangeably to mean exactly the same thing now I am passionate about accuracy and I'm passionate about good science and scientifically panic and anxiety are actually distinct phenomenon and while there are a lot of commonalities between the two now while it's often hard to separate them in reality panic and anxiety involve different brain circuits different hormonal profiles and different biologies for example a panic attack is a literal adrenaline rush with very little if any of the famous stress hormone cortisol cortisol though is predominant in anxiety psychologically panic is a fear response that relates to a specific perceived imminent threat anxiety on the other hand is best described more as warrior than fear and it's related to what we perceive is more distant more uncertain and often more abstract threats so while most people use the words anxiety and panic to mean similar things from a scientific point of view again they're actually distinct phenomenon and having this understanding I hope you can appreciate why I would never use the term anxiety attack people might feel anxious about having a panic attack and their anxiety might lead to a panic attack but the word attack implies a fast dramatic intense response and scientifically that's a fear or panic response to not anxiety so why is any of this important in how does this directly relate to you having a more carefree panic free life well if you suffer from anxiety or panic since they're related but distinct phenomenon we need to give you the best tool to help you with both now if you'd like my best free help ending both your panic attacks and anxiety that surrounds them then you'll want to watch my free panic free TV foundation series it's simple science-based help for panic attacks that will show you the fastest way to go from wherever you are right now back to a life that's as normal carefree and panic free as anyone else you know again my foundation series is totally free and you can watch the first episode right now like clicking the link on the screen on the description below and registering your details I hope this video has been valuable to you I'm Michael Norman thank you so much for watching you


  1. ive had both a panic and anxiety attack before. ive only had one panic attack, and that was when i got stuck in a tree and i couldnt get down. i freaked out.

  2. when I leave home my heart races and I just want to go back home I get very nerves and just want to be home

  3. Thank you so much. This was SO helpful for me and its awesome that you make videos like this. Your voice is calming too! ❤❤

  4. I`m glad this stuff is being talked about. I am 51 years old and nobody really talked about this in the 70`s, 80`s, and probably the 90`s. The pain is very real with panic and anxiety.

  5. A Spirit is what causes anxiety and panic attacks and it is called "The Spirit of Fear." The spirit causes the problem in the physical body, it is a spiritual problem that needs to be fixed spiritually.

  6. So what is it called when you get really overwhelmed from a situation that is causing you anxiety, suddenly get hot flashes and dissociation and thus cannot concentrate on what you’re doing because your mind checked out?

  7. I'm glad this distinction has been clarified. I always felt like my anxiety attacks were causing me to panic, while at the same time my panic attacks were making me anxious.

  8. then why can you have a panic attack when doing things that aint really stressfull at all like having a bath

  9. watching these calms my anxiety, because i learn about myself and why this is happening and other people i know who have a panic or anxiety disorder

  10. What if you have gad and panic attacks? Are you both or is there another term. I'm constantly worried,have trouble sleeping and have multiple panic attacks throughout the week.

  11. I'm guessing i have anxiety attacks more often. I get dizzy and start freaking out over things that I cant control or situations that seem very hopeless :c this helped me distinguish the difference and a lot of your videos have helped me with my anxiety! thanks

  12. Great video and thanks , I had my very first panic attack just over a week ago , and since I feel full of anxiety every day is this normal

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