1. I really love this song, it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this whole mess that keeps me from sleeping and makes me miss opportunities that I could have enjoyed and well it’s just a constantly worrying in my life

  2. I’m crying bc this is exactly how I feel most part of my time, and I don’t know why, but it just seems like something that will never go away, it’s not like if I hated my life or anything, it’s pretty good actually, but there’s always this feeling that everything I do is somehow wrong or not good enough, and I spend so much time worrying about stuff that I rarely get something really done and be proud of it, idk it’s just like if there is a force holding you down and making bad or not any decisions at all

  3. Two years ago my mom came into my room and got upset that I was listening to a song called 'anxiety attack' and I've thought about that night every goddam day since and now I'm finally listening to this song again and it slaps, why was my mom so upset?

  4. My anxiety attacks cause me to feel like I’m gonna puke and faint and it sucks I hope you ok I care about you

  5. I rewatched the video because the first time I wasn't paying much attention but when I listened again I started crying so yeah great night…

  6. So I got an ad before this video talking about how the answer to panic attacks did not lie in watching youtube videos.

  7. the way peej’s voice sings this makes me calm but how fast the song is and the lyrics make me stressed out and inevitably make me anxious

  8. No joke, I am actually crying right now at midnight. I have anxiety disorder, and am constantly having anxiety attacks. Every single word in this, and the way it's said, is exactly how a anxious brain is, and what goes through my head when an anxiety attack happens. And i just couldn't help but cry because someone understands. This is somehow unsettling but also touching and beautiful. Thank you so much for this Peej. ❤️

  9. This is about to give me a freaking anxiety attack because this is exactly how I feel sometimes.

  10. We usually see PJ as happy, bubbly and cool. But we never really see this side of him. The opposite of him; the sad, anxious and empty PJ. I sometimes honestly think if he's alright, and everyone has those days but, it's impossible to write an entire descrptive song about anxiety without experiecing it or experiencing it once. He's been there for us, and I just wamt to let him know that we're all here for him if he needs to vent or let out his emotions. Now, he probably hasn't posted much of these types of videos bc he doesn't want us worrying about him; and that's totally fine. If he wants to share anything with us, he has every right to do that, and he has every right not to share what he's going through…

  11. lovely song, relatable. its making the anxiety a lot lot worse and im crying now, and i do not enjoy the song at all but its great

  12. lol i tried watching this video but then i got an ad about this guy trying to get me to buy his tv series about panic attacks ha

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