Anxiety – Big Mike (Prod. Syndrome)

I got some shit on my mind that I'd like to say anxiety depression living with us everyday and it gets tiring and yet so damn crazy in my brain that I feel like I'm gonna explode every time I push through this pain but I keep doing it is there an end to this now no fake smiles seems like every single time I leave my home and I keep getting played toss around it starts to take a toll cos good girls play games they'll take advantage so they'll take advantage of the fact that you would put them first take advantage of the fact that you've been struggling at heart spend money that I didn't have and I don't know how it works I should have used that fucking money just to buy myself a hearse yeah to tell the truth to hold I'm sitting in this deep and now I know if I can do it cuz all I know is the feet all my feelings to struggle fighting my way through the jungle living my life in a bubble sometimes I can't even eat that's 95 pounds down in a fucking year yeah the Kiowas go but nothing compares to this fear this constant feeling in my stomach body weak I shed a tear I'm driving 90 in at 3500 I can't even see her and that's a sad fucking truth amid the sad fucking truth the thing cuz people tell me that they care but they never doing shit everybody cares they'll take a stand he pursuing it everybody's wit me but what happens if I choose to sit over thinking overanalyze it I was so stupid to think she was the one I fantasized with fantasize about laying down and closing my husband now I'm lonely again with nothing but these lies it it eats my soul up in he's my fucking confidence my passion how about let these people walk on me I always let it happen that's why I gotta stay rapping gotta keep my happiness my hardest and stab that's just a fraction of the many times of crash I'm fuckin and I said it and my life on the edge everything I do I'll regret it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for music that's how expressive put everybody else first as the whole body gives me credit gives me Fred I said I'm done with artists fake shit girls that let me gone so Megan takes you girls ice acting basic I don't want all these fake friends who say they got my back just cuz they think I'm gone make it bro I'm done with all that snake shit I got myself and I said yeah I'm pencil NASA and when I Drive the strap people gonna say that that's late but bro it's not it's the way I feel it's my fucking life now I'm tired of living in the past I'm trying to live them right now trying to be more pressing these feelings I gotta write down cuz it by throwing I'm throwing smoke they come running a fight man but as hard as fuck people don't understand is feel that I've spent every single night alone just staring at the ceiling in my thoughts in my head with no body in my bed I could almost swear to god nobody understands this feeling but that's false cuz you do the person that I wrote this forest where she saw the precious where's that God that she can't take no more keep your head up baby girl and just keep pushing on his life is way too short that's why problems like these I'm touching on fucking xiety and fuck depression mental health is so important the fact that we're living such a blessing I've been second-guess myself I'm always stressed by the loaded mind is more dangerous than a loaded weapon often second-guess myself a while always stressed but a loaded mind is more dangerous than the loaded way and that's a fact homie chase your fucking dreams my dream is rap i'ma do this by any means I might do this rabbit sin until my lungs collapse it's the only thing that brings me happiness subha be gassed if I let somebody tell me that my fucking music scratch I'm doing this rabbit shit into my muscle the only thing that brings me happiness so I'll be gasps if Alison's body tell me that motherfucking news it's trash yeah so the past two years Matt stop making music I was in a very dark place mentally it's just very weird thoughts I just one like you know I want to make a song to let people know out there that's going through the same kind of thing or dealing with any kind of mental health problems that things do get better and I believe in you I believe that you can get better and I believe that things will get better and I believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to you know if you're struggling with anything and you feel you have nobody to talk to my inboxes are always open I don't have that private shit on I think that's weird as fuck but um you know thank you guys just for accepting me back and making music again it's seriously one of the only things that makes me happy and I'm excited to release this project within like the next two or three months I'm really excited so yeah I don't I don't really know how to speak that that good all right bye


  1. Tell em' brotha! They don't fucking get it and these chicks playing games. Grind for you as dark as the mind can get. This is inspiring and I love that music helps you. Keep going! Dont stop!

  2. Damn my dude like 95 on keto?? That’s tight son I just dropped 30 myself I feel so much better stay up kid all love brother!

  3. I’m blowing this comment section up…my bad….But I believe in you and you can speak just fine, keep doing you Big💯

  4. Thank you Mike!! You know how I feel bout your skillz…..Got the same thing from being overseas….Thank you for making this song….I feel your pain bro….keep fighting for me buddy, your so talented Big.💯❤️💪🏼

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