Anxiety & Depression Relief – Sleep Hypnosis Session – By Thomas Hall


  1. With the help of this recording and loving ourselves, may we all be healed from our depression and anxiety. And so it is. I love you.

  2. Has anybody listened to this fully aware? I wanna make sure theres no funny business before i use it lol im scares it might tell me to murder someone

  3. I wish there was a longer version. I have to sleep very long and get woken up just to try and fall asleep heh ❤️🤭🌸

  4. my anxiety has been shit recently , need to try this tonight, have had 4 nights broken sleep from a panic attack on Saturday, feeling so exhuasted

  5. Honestly I woke up because of very bad nightmare while listening to it and now I have anxiety since morning. So this won't be probably best for me…

  6. You saved my life I don’t know how to repay you 😢I had night terrors every night from domestic violence my commitment to this meditation had changed my whole life

  7. I have a problem with eating. Everytime I eat i have a feeling as if the food will choke me and seeing the food as a bad thing and swallowing as well it’s so painful cause I lost a lot of weight just because of this…. please help me I want to be myself again and can’t sleep too😩😭😭😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  8. I always say there is no lucky and unlucky in this world all thing happened and will happen to us are planned before god make our world all thing that happened to us has a sense there is no evil and good just choose wisely

    the body are mine but our movement follow our heart

  9. I'm a Combat Marine diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety/panic Disorder along with depression. I recently had an episode with lingering effects and one of them being insomnia. Before last night I hadn't sleptin 36hrs and that's with sedation medication. My body would not shut down so I went searching on here for relaxation videos and came across this one. At first I called bullshit but have it a try and was extremely shocked when I woke up!!!!!!!!!! I actually fell asleep. Don't know how but it worked, took a little while but I did fall asleep. Will listen again tonight. Try this if you suffer from anxiety and depression.

  10. Can anyone tell me why i dream so much while listening to this? And not all of them are very good dreams. Last night was the 2nd night listening.

  11. For some reason when was counting down to relax more e act time I started thinking I was younger!! I got to 5 and thought I was 5 again it was so weird then I woke up 2 hours later thinking there was a monster under my bed and crying cause I didn't know where my parents where… I'm 26 and haven't lived with them in over 10 years now!! Guessing this isn't supposed to happen?

  12. As soon as you say “relax” and it echoes I’m almost out every time… I don’t know what it is that you’re saying for affirmations but they are working… Thank you for that. I had a complete and total meltdown a few days ago and I feel like a different person after listening to you for the last few nights… I don’t need any medication to help me sleep either. I can’t thank you enough!

  13. I love this one.. but it takes me a bit to get in that quality sleep while I shut off all my repetitive thinking . Is there a version of this that is longer.. say 9 hrs.. or another version of a good dream whisperer.. links will be forever thanked

  14. I have coaching on week ends extra school on weekdays I get maximum 1hr for eating and all that together have a no life feel like suiciding
    Using my parents phone Age -13 9th std

  15. My auntie and best friend killed themselves and since then 6 years ago+ I have had pretty much no arm from my self harming but it does get addictive and I would advise anyone not to do it

  16. I’m sorry, but this kinda scared me.. When it said about the danger, I couldn’t focus on anything.. sorry but I wasn’t really relaxed here 🙁

  17. god bless all the people in this comment section. so loving and caring and uplifting. wish every comment section was filled with such beautiful souls, the world would be a lot better place

  18. You are not alone in the dark at 2 am in the morning – this poem/ song is for you and you alone…

    “The 9th with M.c, vis-a-vis”

    ‘Can’t sleep be like music-maths. Music be flow. Math be structure. A reflected [L]ayperson I now speak.

    Music invokes feelings, flowing in body or played in mind. Math demands an answer, alone, mirrored or combined – 0123456789 – vis-a-vis. Two paths – frustration or relief, fail or fitting.

    I look to structure too discover, closing off two paths, to a third path with music played.

    I see those numbers changing with the music I play. The numbers dance, to music on the 3rd path we take.

    There, we’re free, from anxiety of turning right or wrong. We find our love of music as varied as the letters in the alphabet, from A 2 Z(zzzzz).

    I know not how we arrived to combine such letters-to-words-together.

    But It’s good to wonder with flow and structure, with Einstein and Beethoven intwined in mind.

    The 9th with M.c, vis-a-vis.

    Sleep now, sleep well. Sleep the darkest night. Dim the light shining on you bright.

    My wonder…goodnight, goodnight – – goodnight.’

    [written by Rick-Norm 10/03/2019 03:01]

  19. Kind of difficult to relax and unwind with such high pitch tones. Almost like fingernails on a chalk board.

  20. my mom and dad don't know that I have anxiety I told them today and they said that I don't and don't know what it is and they see me every day and I look fine because I'm hiding it in and don't want people to know I thought they would care more and believe me.

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