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hi this is TJ DeSalvo author of the anxiety SHhhh manga he blog and seeing us how Thanksgiving is about a week away I thought that I take this opportunity in this video to sort of talk about the things that anxiety has given me that I'm thankful for which is interesting because you know most of the time we think of mental illness as a negative thing and I wanted to sort of take this opportunity to frame it in a more positive way one of the things the primary things that I'm thankful for because of my anxiety is that it's given me perspective to sort of see what's really important in my life because with anxiety you worry about so much and you spend so much of your time worrying about things that you really sort of have to compartmentalize and sort of choose what you worry about and because of that you know you have to make choices regarding what in your life is really important and what in your life is really worth worrying about and because of my anxiety I've been able to sort of you know you know take things that you know stupid things I would say that people worry about like let me think of an example you know like you know like you know relationships romantic relationships or whatever finding your significant other and whatnot and just saying this is not important there are so many other things that I could be spending my time worrying about I'm not gonna just I'm not gonna take the effort to do it and I think I'm you know much better in my mind for for having discounted that you know the other thing is it anxiety and you know this illness has really made me see how lucky I am to have like the friends and the family that I have because I'm really I've you know I see myself that I'm blessed to have the support network that I have whereas when I'm in a particularly difficult situation I can always turn to my friends or my family and they will help me and they will always you know even if it's just talking to them very sort of informally that's sort of all that I need a lot of the time so I'll make me feel better and if not for that you know if not for being as anxious as I am and having to struggle with that I may have taken these relationships that I've had that I've I have for granted and that would be a real shame because I'm lucky to have the friends and family that I do so those are just a few things you know anxiety as negative as it is sometimes it can bring you some positive stuff in your life so just don't forget that you

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