Anxiety & Me Nadiya Programme BBC Review – Personal Advice – Mental Health and some ASMR

hello it's Tom and this isn't an ASMR video although I will do a little bit of ASMR at the end during this video because I've just seen a program here in the UK about anxiety and I know that the plenty of people out there I flicked it by anxiety to certain different degrees program that I just saw it was on BBC one and it's called anxiety and and I I think is anxiety of me with an idea a sign and I really wanted to just give a little bit of explanatory sort of review to that it was an excellent program well done BBC I could relate to a lot of it and I think that there have been for many years too many assumptions towards mental health and anxiety far too many assumptions what it is and assuming everybody got the same it's so different for everybody but there was some fundamental key points in that video and that TV show just how that's just been here tonight Wednesday evening 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 and I was very intrigued by the panic disorder which is always the obvious usually always the obvious issue with anxiety the panic attacks but it's it's actually it's the research that Nadia did in the show I think can help a lot of people and that is it's not just the panic attacks which are the problem I know they're cruel I know they are horrible affliction to have but it's something which the doctor picked up on which is trauma PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and why I have panic attacks and I know that PTSD which was eventually diagnosed by my GP but in much more recent time of a panic attacks on my childhood and adolescence and now into adulthood but PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder is a very very important thing which I think the general public at large possibly overlooking as what is behind panic attacks and anxiety and the generalized anxiety disorder now PTSD is a whole range triggers of past events and I think that a lot of people who were bullied especially at school but even in the workplace I think the worst bullying I had was in the workplace and it was the bullying the trauma being pinned up against a wall being rounded upon being circled intimidated it's that which has traumatized my mind and has given me a mental health problem and the panic attacks just from doing everyday things like wanting to walk my dog going down the road walking to the end of the road are still very very difficult for me and that's where I grew phobia sets in because losing confidence in oneself so you see trauma PTSD in a lot of cases I feel it's what is at the root the root cause of anxiety and panic attacks now the the whole years and years and years of fighting it and Nadia her saying mentioned about how she always feel she has to keep busy by keeping busy all the time you're not giving your chance your body the loan your mind a chance to rest and because of that one drains themselves and all this fighting it fighting it the main aspect of trying to keep on top of things and the whole trying to fight and keep going and continually battling the illness the the mental illness keeping busy rushing here rushing they're getting pensive holding your chest holding your muscles tight now dear mentioned about when she was waiting for the train it was so much effort just trying to keep her head up and that's what happened to me in the end I became so so drained so drained eventually the panic attacks were just sparking off all the time I became sensitized and they didn't mention anything about sensitization in the video in the BBC program if you look up sensitization and anxiety that's another stage where if you don't allow your mind and your body the chance to relax and have time out become sensitized and that's where every time all this panic and being on edge just keeps sparking off I became so drained that my head I became like idiot and I was stuck in bed for four months it was a struggle just to get to the toilet let alone get downstairs we'll go out I shall do another video about acceptance and sensitization but if you look at wonder bro and sensitization acceptance he's got to make some videos and hi Kris if you're watching but going back to Nadia anxiety program it was an excellent program and I really hope it can help people understand especially the loved ones the families who'd probably don't understand it's not there oh it's nobody's fault anxiety is a cruelly honest it's very cool I wouldn't wish it on anybody but it does affect so many of us and I really hope that this video give some comfort some advice some up and for those that like ASMR yes and those are very good for people who anxiety they're calm and PTSD you'd like to message me you want to talk about anxiety advice or how you're feeling always happy to this and then reply to you okay take care


  1. I'm so sorry what you've gone through, Tom. Thank you for sharing your story. Here's hoping you can put the past behind you and focus on the good things of the present and future! 🙂

  2. sorry to hear you went through all that bullying Tom. Nobody deserves that. Thanks for the video.

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