Anxiety Release App Demonstration

hi my name is Jan I'm trying out migrants Neuer anxiety release I am anxious about a move interstate that I'm about to make as I have our family member who I care for and my anxiety is that is it the right move for this person my anxiety levels at this moment are a 7 out of 10 and this totally came out where were you feeling at this moment I'm feeling more relaxed calm almost go after sleep my mind isn't as focused on anything I have a peaceful feeling my problems certainly anywhere is because they did as I said I feel so peaceful and relaxed and where is the problem in your head now Jen go his phone in saying that I'm not focused on it I feel peaceful it's almost like it's been worked way that's great as so as if I was to ask you to try and think of that situation again now could you and have is the same when you try and think of it they might be bothered I want to enjoy what I'm feeling now that's great anything else you'd like to enter yes for a person who has suffered with anxiety all over all of my life and a family member that has suffered with it for 35 years this is better than any antidepressant because this is instant and this also gives you the awareness of what can be done without taking medication that's right thank you Jeff thank you

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