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and there we go so good morning morning you guys from the Carolina coast crystal coast I hope everybody is doing well we've had a number of friends I got to look up at the video on nothing I know yeah we're trying out the outdoor office today it's humid as all get-out and there's no breeze coming off the water this morning so we're here sweltering but Mandy good morning I hope you're well wow it's it's kind of that's not too early out there how you doing David um wouldn't talk a little bit about anxiety because that's something that has affected us and it's something that Christine has worked through and I'm grateful for that and I'm grateful that we found something that helped her but as a lot of people are asking about that and asking how she did it we already made a YouTube video some folks have been asking how are things going now what else are you doing what more can we do so before we get too far into a product disclaimer legal stuff right like we're not doctors we're not medical professionals in fact I am I'm full-time doing something else and she is a teacher which is awesome above that she's able to be here for the kids so product claimer things that we say not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration products aren't intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease we're sharing this from our own personal experience we read a lot of a lot of studies a lot of news articles that are based on factual findings observations by doctors researchers any number of other natural health practitioners but you know Christina ones start with the fact that you had anxiety even before I knew you for those of you guys that don't know Christina's my wife by the way like we are we're doing is very much like an interview I can't yeah I can't screw this up because I'm hoping to be almost sleep in my bed tonight like when first realizing that anxiety uh when I first became aware of it was in college I realized what it was um before I was just very nervous to talk to people and um I was always extremely shy but it was more of an looking back I realized it was anxiety social anxiety I was completely terrified to like get up in front of the class and I didn't want to talk to anybody and but I didn't realize until college what it actually was okay so a couple different indications that showed up a little bit different for you yes I kind of feel like I've had every form of anxiety social anxiety generalized anxiety and the worst was hypochondria which I've never I would I was not diagnosed with hypochondria but I had it so yeah yeah a pretty extreme hypochondria which started after my sister got really sick suddenly and think on she's fine now but that kind of set me off to where I would worry about being sick all the time if I felt any kind of weird sensation in my body it would send me into a panic I would have panic attacks and I started having panic attacks every single day which is not fun so if you guys are just jumping on I'd love to know where you're watching from if you're watching live if you could write number one in the comment if you're watching a replay number two but that is kind of the point you know Christine had mentioned you'd mentioned a bad flight in Europe that you had and I have known about your fear of flying since we were just getting engaged before then because we drove across the country and you talked about how difficult it was to fly yeah that's something that has always been made me a little bit nervous but it's gotten worse over the years works over the years and I think I was happy not having that control feeling out of control and not knowing what was gonna happen which you know played into the anxiety yeah and I mean that as a husband back then as a boyfriend – I didn't understand his boyfriend you know we were 25 when we first started dating she drove across the country with me we did a 10-day road trip we did attend a road trip after we had been dating from month-and-a-half how that was a good idea like it worked out really well and thank God because like I'd probably be buried in the desert somewhere and she's got really nice dodge we did we click I did not understand the significance of her flying across the country until we actually got married I think that was our first flight together and we flew from Pennsylvania and I got off the flight and my fingers were blue cuz you'd been squeezing my hand so hard so you know I I didn't get it I didn't get it so that was kind of my first opportunity to understand and I didn't understand you mentioned you know the hypochondria with your sister you know I don't know if if you guys out there that are watching right now if you know anybody going through that it's difficult it's difficult to watch if you have somebody in your life that you come home to yeah and you know there were days and this is this is kind of getting deep in the weeds but there are days that you came home and you were visibly upset yeah and I there wasn't anything I could do to come for you there honestly wasn't anything that I could have done personally either at the time to pull myself out of it yeah I didn't know what to do when you get into that state you're inconsolable really yeah I mean it feels like that in the moment so and that was um that was humbling that was very very difficult they're obviously very worried about you you were worried about yourself yeah Google is your worst enemy at that point in time you know as people are looking for a solution going on Google all you're gonna find is bad yeah bad news you're not gonna find any good solutions on Google very very seldom will we find good solutions you might find some good recipes so the anxiety is it's an ass-kicker for everybody involved the worst thing about anxiety is that it takes over your entire day and it kind of it makes you worry about everything all day long even the silliest little thing they there's no reason to worry about it but it gets into your mind and it turns into this huge thing and it really can paralyze you I can keep you from going out it can keep you from wanting to let your kids go have fun somewhere it really permeates every aspect of your life and really is your day yeah so you know the video that you made on YouTube it's gotten a lot of attention the the question as to what did you do I remember the day that like something needed to change I didn't know that you've been praying for change I didn't I didn't know that you realized how significant it was because I you were down that path and well at this point at the point that my anxiety got super bad was right after we had moved from North Carolina to Quantico was a very difficult move for me my anxiety was already really high because of just the change in the new place our son was starting kindergarten which terrified me and so my anxiety was already heightened and then once my sister got sick it kind of just clicked everything over to worrying about my health which I had never really done before but that really just kind of set it over because I already felt so unsettled in our new place and then when she got sick yeah I just pushed it into a different dimension yeah so that was when I started having all the panic attacks every day and literally all day long my mind was racing but so I but I knew that it was a problem I just didn't know what to do about it because I but I did try things like I went to a counselor she suggested some GABA supplements which I tried and I thought they were working but they really did it I went to the doctor and tried two or three different medications but they all made me feel very angry or like one night I woke up and I felt like I was racing somewhere and I autumn of course I was just laying still yeah and I did not like that sensation and the bad thing about having anxiety is taking your anxiety meds gives you more anxiety because you're worried about what those meds might do to you so it's kind of a double whammy there and that that was probably one of the most challenging times I think for us as you were going through that and I remember if I can get him to the nitty-gritty detail it's like I remember coming home the one day and you were in the bedroom you're on your side of the bed which is tucked off in a corner and you were just sobbing and I think I I was trying not to break down and that was when we realized that something there was something that was missing there's something I had been trying everything I felt like I was trying everything and nothing was working so if you're you know highly aware of what the problem is you feel like you tried everything and nothing it's working it can make you feel hopeless alongside of dealing with the anxiety yeah so through this all faith was huge can never underestimate the power of prayer Chris Mike I appreciate you guys joining us and I don't I don't even remember if it was a podcast and I think was it it was on the radio I don't know you know we were just looking we were I think open-minded and almost at a point of being stumped and confused and concerned and somehow I heard about hypnosis yes and he suggested it that and I said okay I mean I didn't know if it would work but at the point like I said it was pretty desperate at that point so I am we looked up it you or you had found the hypnotist online already and I went and downloaded a hypnosis app on my phone and I just happened to get a really good one so I laid down in bed and did that hypnosis app for 30 minutes and I could tell that when I was done I started to feel a little bit calmer so I thought well the app can help me then I'll definitely give a real hypnotist a try so I went to see Jason Lynette who's amazing yeah up in Franconia Virginia and three sessions with him and I won't say that I always completely cured but I was in a completely different place in my second session I literally could feel the anxiety just like leave home and I was crying I cried in the middle I cried all the way home because I felt such relief it was incredible it was an amazing experience and so that was probably like a 75% solution so you were good there were still times that you were questioning things I think was uncomfortable after being in that cycle for so long yeah that's another thing about anxiety I don't know other people experienced that but when you're so used to being anxious and worrying it's almost like you feel like the worry protects you in a way I don't know if that makes sense to anybody but that was how I felt was like if I worry about it everything will be okay which is kind of crazy so once you stop worrying that can kind of make you a little nervous too I know for me anyway I don't know if anyone else feels that way yeah um if you guys know or if you know somebody who feels like that please let them know because we're trying to share a little bit more and raise awareness for the fact that like you don't have to endure that yeah Micah's not meant to be lived that way No and so we're a fast forward over the stuff that's gonna get us both into tears we had a very we had a very difficult January 2016 when both our mom's passed away and so a few months after that is when I was introduced to plexus um for those of you guys that don't know my whole story I had been expecting my mom to pass she had a very productive and good life and complications of polio at 78 79 mom did very well for herself and what we hadn't expected was for Christine's mom to go just 18 days before that and that broke our hearts absolutely just you think about the grieving cycle and the way that people communicate after all that we were off by 18 days from one another and with the anxiety and everything else combined it was a godsend when this guy named Jeremy reached at me and and offered to help with the fatigue and the stress that I've been dealing with and I didn't I don't know the last time I paid any attention to science is probably 11th grade so I really didn't care about anything that had to do with science and about making the gut better it didn't make sense I was just I think I was looking for a string to hold on to yeah and I don't think most people understand it's not something that's talked about how your you know your mental state and your immune system everything is tied to your but it's not I mean it is a little bit more now but yeah it's not something most people are taught or know about well yeah a little bit more and that's actually um you guys probably see that in your day to day life you know you think about you can buy cereal with probiotics in it which it's not a measurable amount cereal yogurt uses all these different gummies yeah coming by demons everything everybody is promoting probiotics and there is there's actually reason to that we didn't know that at the time um now we just simply knew that I wasn't napping as much I was in a better mood I was a little bit less stressed out but I was still carrying a college semester while dealing with all of that that was a lot and so probably six months after I did it I I really did I was all in after I quit taking naps but it wasn't quite the same for you until we discovered the connection between the microbiome which is the the world of bacteria that lives inside your gut the connection between the microbiome and anxiety and depression and inflammation migraine headaches fatigue everything everything everything so I mean as we started to learn about that we discovered there is 80 million brain cells in your gut so you've got you've got a brain and then you've got like 80 million brain cells that also control your digestive system that's hey Colleen that's kind of geeking out to this stuff but you've you've got to take care of that second brain and it's really really difficult because when you're taking all kinds of medications when you're taking anti-inflammatories when you're drinking caffeine all the time soda artificial sweeteners all these different things it literally it's kind of it's poisoning you your body can't handle that day after day after day without having some type of response and so I think it was was it convention when he really realized the potential with anxiety there was a point you realize you know what I want to give a shot I don't remember the exact point it was I had just been taking the triplex I don't know two or three months I don't even remember the timeline honestly but I realized she was humoring me I'm sorry humor no sorry I don't remember the exact time line that what was um but even though the hypnosis helped me a million times I would still worry about things a lot but then I just I realized that I wasn't worrying quite quite as much so then that's that was when I realize I didn't remember but all of a sudden I just realized I wasn't worrying quite as much I wasn't praying obsessively of asking for protection from everything okay I realized I wasn't doing that all the time and then at Convention was when they announced vital biome yes so that was you know when they really put a focus on the anxiety part of it so happy happy moment for the husband to be able to offer one the hypnosis that helped that helps a lot um not to say that everybody needs that but it helped a lot um but I remember looking over at Convention and urine tears you know had faced you realized like that breakthrough moment like it was such almost like a moment of gratitude that someone like a big company was actually putting a focus on the real solution to it so I think that was a big part of it was like excitement gratitude like this is something that's actually gonna work because I had tried a lot of stuff over the years yeah so you did that I can tell the difference I know you guys are you know you guys call me I appreciate a triplex um vital biome absolutely you know they helped quite a bit there's a reason there are certain bacterial strains that can actually influence your mood yeah they're bacterial strains is a TED talk out there talking about you know testing bacteria in mice and there's a certain bacteria where the mice lose their fear for cats and so the mice are actually attracted the cats and the cats are attracted the mice but they're attracted for different reasons and you know the power of the microbiome and the bacteria in our gut we're just starting to understand really what it's about and yeah grateful for the fact that plexus has been green attention there they're making the connections yeah there which is amazing there with all the studies all the other times when I looked for help it was take this pill and it'll calm you it'll calm your nerves but I it was not solving the problem it was just zoning me out I guess it is the way how many side effects came with those pills oh enough to boost up my anxiety that's soon when you walk away from the pharmacist and they're like here is here is a pill bottle this wasn't the profit I plan on using but here's a pill bottle that is gonna make me something better and like here is a lack of solution or of other complications in the a door like you may end up on five different medications who wants that yeah no nobody wants that at all it takes away from the life that you want to live Stacy is currently the life that she wants to live right now I'm looking over this dog Stacy does it mean fight obey Him no she's good she could have pro by our our vet has actually recommended pro bio 5 for her for her coat I'll tell me I mean it it has been an absolute blessing as the husband yeah I see you more home it's been a journey I don't want to give off the impression that oh I took this pill and now I feel perfect because it has been a journey of going through the hypnosis and I like I said I did three sessions with him and one session did a lot of good a lot of good but I still do maintenance hypnosis with that app if I do get those moments where I'm like okay just I need to stop worrying about this I can listen to that and that brings me back down and then I mean but it's a process over a few years and then taking the triplex that took to three months I can't remember now I'm sorry my memory is bad but there was a moment when she agreed to humor me and I I appreciate that I mean is I think it's made our marriage better it's made our peace of mind better you know it's been incredible and you mentioned maintenance how often do you do have notices now I think I've already do it once or twice in the past couple months yeah yeah it's sporadic it's Mia maybe once once a month maybe twice a month if I watched the news a little bit more and there was so there was a moment I think that's another part of it too is bringing the good stuff into your life if if you know what your triggers are for anxiety that you need to know then you need to get rid of them like the news is always a trigger for me because of course the news doesn't talk about anything but bad stuff so I I don't look at the news and you know what that's fine yeah so every now and get on glanced at a headline and I'm a happier person without it you guys wouldn't know because you're in my feed but there was a giant purge that we had for Facebook of everybody who is negative and we had fantastic what's going on Lago it was fantastic to purge all that negative energy and just be surrounded by people that were want mystic and making changes and world around them and doing all those things you know there was there was a moment I'm gonna share hey misty there was a moment I'm gonna share it was a month ago and I think we're actually sitting out here on the floor and I was listening to all song United and I look over and Christine's mic I think I just had panic attack and she said you were very very calm about it it was very fast but this makes me sad because I really like the song but at the same time this song was a faith song that I listened to a lot right after our moms died so it's I didn't even realize it at the time but it was causing me anxiety because it triggered that memory so it was very fast but all of a sudden I was like you know I felt like I couldn't breathe and it passed him and you came back and everything was good so I mean that that's incredible guys I'm talking about the side effects of the medication yeah I mean just in comparison if you really want me to compare yeah how it used to be when I used to have those panic episodes I could I don't know if I was an overachiever but I could I could take it out all day and I could I could worry at a heightened sense literally all day and then the panic attack could lasts I don't know several several minutes like the actual worst tightened part of it could last a long time yeah so yeah that was much better and it was very it was very much controlled so I mean overall going from everyday coming home when you were to peak everyday you're in tears there wasn't anything there is nothing that you can do at least not that I found help somebody having a panic attack because it is very much something what I want to be there for them yeah what helped me was to realize what it was and then just to tell myself this is a panic attack you're gonna be fine you're having a panic a Cuby fine over and over and over again until it went away that was my solution yeah no one told me that that's just what I started doing that work yeah and then to bring it all around I mean the multi-faceted approach mm-hmm both the mental state for you very much for prayer and we're huge believers but between faith and the hypnosis which is powerful and then actually taking taking control of yeah you know there there are differences in probiotics we are I think forever faithful to our stuff we experiment we try different doses from time to time for getting sick what the dose whatever it may be yeah but the fact is the reason that those probiotics were put in there by the scientists and we love those probiotics were chosen because they have been clinically demonstrated to show relief from a huge variety of symptoms and they're also added in the proper dosing and what we also learned is that 90 percent of serotonin really happy happy chemical is actually produced in your gut so if your gut is working and has the right balance then you're going to produce more serotonin which makes you feel calmer and happier overall yeah and if we're talking serotonin you should probably talk melatonin which is what helps you sleep so as you were laying awake in those nights that your mind just won't quit racing mm-hmm your body having both the serotonin and then the melatonin in which 80 to 90 percent of the melatonin being made in your gut that is going to help you rest better you're gonna get a better quality of sleep yeah very well I would say if the melatonin production definitely helps you sleep I sleep very well now if for me if there's times when I feel like I can't fall asleep right away that's when I go to the hypnosis that and I turn that on listen to it calms me down and I'm usually I fall asleep before it even has passed the introduction she falls sound really quick yeah idea I'm tired she was snoring like crazy last probably was oh man so I appreciate you guys joining us a lot of people jumped on I appreciate all the and all the love you guys this is something that we are we're passionate about you know we've had friends who have reached out to us and we have friends who have come off medications under the supervision of a doctor stop taking your meds not doctors you know the FDA disclosure that we had the beginning applies but you know we've had friends that have come off medication for any number of different issues anxiety depression folks there we evaluated all kinds other stuff and the doctor is one can agree yeah this is a good plan for you so yeah if that is something that you were looking for if you want to know a little bit more if there's a question and maybe we didn't answer I'm very happy to talk about anxiety because I know it it's horrible so if I can help you out I'm happy to yeah so appreciate you guys jumping on please if you watch the replay leave us a little comment let us know that you were here and feel free to like and share as well we'd like to get the message out there if you live a better life yeah there is hope all right have a good weekend you guys

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