Anxiety vs. Fear (for Public Speakers)

back in 2012 I did my very first Ironman it was 2.4 miles of swimming 112 miles of biking followed by a marathon now was I freaked out the night before in the morning of this event absolutely however looking back to that day I really feel like I mixed up to emotions one being fear and the second mean anxiety so what was I truly feeling that day well the answer is anxiety because here's the thing fear pertains to real and existing threats while anxiety it pertains to worry about the unknown now it was I going to get murdered shot stabbed or killed on race day no not really but was I worried about not finishing disappointing family and friends or simply getting lost on the course absolutely but that's anxiety not fear because those are all and there's a significant difference we live in a business culture today where presentations are a big deal so is this an event that you should be fearful of know now is it something that you should be anxious about probably but that's okay

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