Anxiety: What No One Talks About


  1. Hidden costs are seldom discussed. I have several teeth cracking from clenching them all the time (which could well be just stress, but I'm diagnosed with anxiety). So there will be more dentist bills. I recently let myself get way too sick with ongoing bronchitis before going to the doctor because I felt I needed to be near death's door to be worthy of care and didn't want to waste the doctor's time and miss work. Why? What's wrong with feeling better? As a result I wound up missing MORE work and requiring a lot more medicine. We seem to worry ourselves out of our own basic needs.

  2. The one thing I hate is people judging me and telling me how self centered I am, how selfish I am, etc. You think I asked for this. Nope. And don't tell me to get over it.

  3. People always, and i mean always think im being dramatic, but im not, im freaking out, i cant control it. And for the part where it said being labelled as "bad", im not trying to be

  4. When I was younger and I cried a lot in school and my teachers thought I was just a "sensitive kid" and didn't realize it was an early sign of anxiety.

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