AOC's PERFECT Response To A Republican Defending Big Pharma

the House Oversight and Reform Committee recently grilled gilead CEO Daniel O'Day over the price gouging that's currently occurring in regard to Truvada this is medication that would help prevent the spread of HIV and of course Americans are paying way more for it than anyone else in any other country so let's take a listen to a Republican who thinks this is all fine and dandy mr. O'Day do you make Brent tuck some AB do you know what Brent talks I'm Abbas I do not I'm sorry congressman Texan Matt Brent exim avidin is the drug that I took when I was suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma a drug was created built manufactured developed designed created by a private company they made a lot of money and I'm really glad they did I hope they make a lot more but to sit here and attack the capitalistic system that produces and distributes medicines it's saving lives around the world I mean it is just offensive I mean I just cannot possibly understand why we're spending time sitting here while I listen to people lecturing companies about making money I hope you make a lot of money but this absurd attack on profit being evil will go down how much cash on hand is Apple have two hundred and forty five billion dollars how much has Apple done to go cure health it is a good thing that Apple makes a crap ton of money making these things so that we can have them and distribute them and use them and use them for great additions and benefits to the world and this is the same thing in the medicine that was representative chip Roy he's a Republican and he thinks that it's okay to do the type of price gouging that's happening right now because in his eyes this is an attack on capitalism except it's not because if this were true capitalism then the research and development for these medications wouldn't be funded by us the u.s. taxpayers because that's exactly what's happening right now we subsidize the research and development for these drugs and then these pharmaceutical companies reap the benefits make their profits and price gouge to the point where Americans literally died after their hard-earned money goes to the research and development of these trucks now that's just my commentary it's accurate commentary you should look into it but I just want to tell you how much price gouging happens especially when it comes to drugs like Truvada Shyvana can cost $20,000 a year for patients in the United States while a similar drug is available for $60 a year in other countries so I just would like to say that representative chip Roy is a terrible human being who does not value human life he values the profit making abilities of pharmaceutical companies way more than the lives of Americans now with that said aoc of course always comes correct and she responded to this let's hear what she had to say we heard earlier today in an impassioned plea about profits and about how a corporation like Apple should be able to enjoy that well I know a woman her name is Amy Vilela and her daughter died because she went to a hospital and told them that she wasn't insured and they said come again in a month when you do have insurance well her blood clot didn't wait a month her daughter died at 22 years old what Amy says what miss vilela says is this is a commodity her daughter's life was not people's lives are not commodities when we talk about economics there's something known as a demand curve within a less with elasticity and with every other commodity you can say how much is this phone worth to you and you can say $100 $200 you can buy a nokia phone you can not have a phone at all but you cannot ask a question how much will you pay to be alive how much will you pay to live because the answer is at everything the answer is you will pay $10 we will pay $1,000 you will go into debt you will do anything to live and that is what makes the price of Medicine different than the price of an iPhone that's what an uncorrupted politician looks like imagine if we had five hundred and thirty five of them in Congress actually representing us instead of their corporate donors I can't believe that that guy cried defending his corporate donors so understand that eating cry because oh my god a good drug saved my life we all our favorite drugs were all in favor of science and I had a drug saved my life that but listen to what Anna just told you you know in the case of the drug issue I mentioned they sell it in other countries for $60 and still make a profit $60 a years they wouldn't sell it if they didn't make a profit they sell it here in America for 20,000 is that because that's capitalism no its crony capitalism because they've captured the government by bribing people like that Republican politician that you saw and honestly a lot of Democratic politicians too that's why a OSE gets under their skin because she doesn't take bribes so she's allowed to actually call it what it is and I love this year for it to a me villela who's her fellow just Democrat ran in Nevada she didn't wind up winning you can see knock down the house the documentary about them but when Amy talked about our daughter and and she died because they wouldn't treat her understand Amy is not just being for her daughter was she's speaking and she explained in the movie and in her campaign for 30,000 Americans who die every year because they don't have insurance thinking about how brutal that is while that guy is crying for extra profits for insurance and drug company executives and Gilead by the way has made 36 billion dollars in revenue since 2004 on a Truvada so I just want to make sure you guys know the numbers because they are profiting handsomely off of the death of people who cannot afford the truck how do they keep how do Republicans keep brilliantly executing starting their arguments at a false point and just running from there nobody ever says that do not want profits in this country we are a capitalist country I've called myself always a compassionate capitalist because you need a capitalist system to innovate and you also need to have a damn heart it's very simple to do no one's saying no profits people are saying if people are dying and your drug can save lives and you're funded by tax payers you only need thirty six billion dollars of profit five billion it would be pretty amazing and now you've got thirty 1 billion that you can use to subsidize helping save lives if you actually care about that so it's so frustrating secondly it's also known as frustrating as always dudes named stuff like chip Roy let's say stuff like this first of all two first names very annoying it's under your skin and also chips literally a first name so these first names not a first name and there's Roy's should be the first thing should be roy chip and still it'd be a very annoying me but interesting white dudes that only care about their profits and themselves i was saved by a drug so please go ahead and make billions and not save others yeah it's only about himself i could afford that drug so please save other people it's completely insane and it's also a lie and an argument that that conservatives always get to make somehow without being called out on and that capitalism is this pure system in our country it is not they're all socialists for the things they want donald trump's a socialist because he's in favor of controlling some drug prices he's in favor of subsidizing farmers when when his plans go south and their soybean prices go up and her ability took to bring that in and so he subsidizes as leaders and lose elections he's in tariffs in general are a non free-market principle and they're fine with that because it helps the economy it helps business want to help save lives people not getting aids nope yes where do you get this mix of bananas logic and and so Naomi Klein no I'm sorry I yelled so much so Naomi Klein has the best line about this they privatize the gains of socialized the costs and so this is a perfect example of it so we paint the cost of developing a lot of these drugs in the universities that we fund etc it actually makes no sense at all then to hand it off to companies and go okay now you make all the gates wait a minute taxpayers paid for not all but a lot of those drugs and development those drugs so and the CDC why don't we get the property CDC has patents on that drug they had the drugs that became that that that market labeled Truvada they're just not claiming their patents yeah so they don't even want they're like yeah let him have more billions even though we could subsidize them imagine if we had a progressive president he said I now claim the patents on behalf of the American people easy so and by the Latin executive and by the way get a lot of how easy would be he said you know what you guys it's we paid for the cost of that you and if you live in nebraska kentucky bronx it doesn't matter you paid for it you know what you carries keep making the drug you keep half the profits the other half is gonna come to the american taxpayers and i'm gonna give it to them in form of a check what are you not going to make the drug no you're just gonna make it for half the profit right you'd make it for a quarter of the profit it's not like you're gonna say no I don't want the profit right and you can't make a case about justice we paid for the drugs we as the American people financed the science that got that patent okay and then nobody's saying that you take down the capital system overall but look at the example he gave Apple so I've got an iPhone it's not like I'm a post Apple no one's saying burn Apple down what they're saying is hey Apple paid no taxes last year why why is Amazon and Apple paying no tax at all you know why crony capitalism you're paying more I don't care if you're a Republican never it doesn't matter your family's paying more in taxes than Apple and Amazon I'm not saying don't make an iPhone I'm saying pay your taxes and how do they not pay their taxes taxes they legally bribe guys like chip Froy and then go give me a loophole cut my taxes give me a loophole and by the way you know why prices are so high for drugs because the government is not allowed to negotiate with drug companies no capitalist system would allow that this is not capitalism and the new iPhones cost like $1,000 and they don't cost that much but they can charge it because iPhones don't save lives if they did you can maybe make a good argument morally we can maybe charge less for the iPhone


  1. Does Apple buy politicians to pass legislation to make profits off the backs off tax payers who pay for these new medications and drugs only to be priced gouged when they eventually get sick, while they sell the same drugs and meds to Europe and Canada cheaper.

  2. My question is, did Republican Chip Roy pay full price for his treatment of did he wave the "I'm a Senator" flag and get it for nothing !!!!

  3. People's lives are a commodity in the world economy. This is bizarre, it's like a pro capitalist society going for anti-capitalist policies. Both sides are so blinded by personal agendas. Are we gonna look at society mathematically or artistically? I'm very confused by what these politicians(TYT included) are pushing. It seems to be all more or less the same thing expressed in different ways. Either way this channel is getting a bit embarrassing and immature.

  4. I mention the r&d was/is funded by government for iPhones, medicine, etc. to Republicans and 🤯

  5. Wow…we get to watch TWO dumb c&nts and TWO dipchits on ONE libtardian vid! Yay, Young Turds!!

  6. It would seem to ANY outsider that Adolf2 is succeeding in leading the USA in its own black hole.This looks like the 1930s all over again and it just confirms that its possible to FULL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME…May your quickly disappear up your own black hole so this world can be a safer place to live.

  7. Basically fellow Americans this country wants us to travel more. You know to go get these cheap drugs elsewear like getting dentistry in Mexico

  8. Damn, five friggin' Ads in a 10 minute video? Apparently the crooked corporation caught price gauging must really want to distract people from their corrupt business practices.

  9. Check out what the government run research and development CSIRO in Australia has invented over the years including WIFI, Hendra virus vaccine and heaps more.. fricken socialists

  10. BTW insulin was developed by a Canadian physician and available since 1922. So it isn't even true that all medicines are developed in the US

  11. Lol, who is this Ben Gleib idiot? Lots of people say they don't want corporate profits. There's no reason why the government can't just pay all the scientists currently working on medicine to keep doing so.

    There's no reason to be a "compassionate capitalist" unless you just love being a bootlicker for billionaires

  12. Use of the government to subsidize wall street is not socialism it is late stage capitalist consumption of the commons of society because they are unable to compete in the global capitalist environment.

  13. Wrong on a couple of points. For example, you don’t need capitalism to innovate. The USSR made it to space before any capitalist nation.

  14. T Y T please expose the caucus or tea party still received money from russian under the table also they 're involve in crime and rape sexual ring which jimm jordan is part

  15. The politician at the beginning was such a TYT-inspired caricature that it's very likely that Cenk created him in a lab to discredit the GOP.

  16. Maybe charge less for the drug so people can live and be REPEAT CUSTOMERS.? Once they DIE, they are never a customer. So, in the end the drug company LOSES money.

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