Apply medicine one more time for baby Lola – Our team believe this medicine can help Lola better


  1. E um sacrifício filmado e divulgado. A morte dolorosa e lenta diária da bebê a base de vileta genciana. Sacrifício da vida da bebê. E a religião que pede o sacrifício da vida da bebê ? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. I am sad, very sad, poor baby Lola, someone please get the vet. Please her arms need help, baby saddened

  3. I just don't think that Lola's arm will ever work right again since it was never treated correctly in the first place.

  4. Swelling did not come down as his bone is fractured seen in kind request to refer orthopedic veterinary doctors.minimum consult.Medicines you are giving can cure wound only not bone fracture.

  5. Não e medicina. E aplicação de violeta genciana tópica. Veterinário ia dar injeção de antibióticos e tala no braço. 😭😭😭😭❤️🐒🇧🇷🇧🇷

  6. Thank you very much bro
    To takecare wound of my baby girl lola…
    I wish too someone can fixing my girl lola hand
    God bless u bro…

  7. Tienen que llevarla a un hospital.eso no es ninguna solución.lola es muy valiente pero da mucha pena verla asi

    I'm sorry but I can't watch LOLA VIDEOS because of her injured arm. If and when LOLA gets better, I will watch your videos of LOLA. Poor LOLA, she's such a sweetheart.

  9. The camermen I think really are trying to help Lola. But I think medicine alone cannot save this baby—& is this medicine safe for Lola to be licking & ingesting? The arm absolutely needs care from a vet. It's clearly fractured and infected; God only knows the internal injuries she sustained inside the wound muscularly, as well as all the intricate vein & nerve maps inside her little arm. She needs an x-ray and that arm set/casted, or she's going to probably lose it if not die from trauma, lack of food, sleep, & infection. Poor thing. Please somebody help her.

  10. В чем заключается помощь Лоле? Побрызгали её этой синькой. Лола и мамашка благополучно облизали синьку и обкусали болячки, мамашка сдирает болячки, Лола тоже, где может сама достать. И опять ранки.

  11. Por mucho medicamento que le echen no vale para nada su brazo lo tiene roto urgente una operacion

  12. Lola no necesita mas medicina necesita que le arreglen la fractura eso no lo arregla la medicina por favor llevenla al veteninario.

  13. Lola guerreira e a mamaezinha dela que não abandonou…como nós temos que aprender com os animais.

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