Apply medicine to GON – allergic monkey baby

مرحبا بالجميع! هذا هو الدواء ذو ​​الألوان السبعة الذي اشتريته لـ GON. الآن سوف أتقدم بطلب للصبي. لأن GON لا يتلاءم مع جل الاستحمام للكلب ، فإن GON مصاب بالحساسية والاحمرار في جميع أنحاء جسمه كما أنه يعاني من تقرحات جلدية. هذا هو موضوع فعال وفعال للغاية للأطفال. سوف أقرأ الدليل ثم أتقدم بطلب للحصول على GON. هذا الدواء متخصص في علاج الأمراض الجلدية. علاج الأمراض مثل الفطريات والقروح والحساسية …. لقد بدأت تطبيق الطب GON. تكمن الأم جيدة لتطبيق الدواء بالنسبة لي. بدوره حولها. لا يمكنك لعق يدك. لقد تم! قيّمها جيدة لا لعق يدك ، GON. وداعا يا شباب!


  1. Sweet little Gon, drifting to sleep while you read the instructions! He is just ADORABLE with his big eyes and all his fluffy hair!

  2. Instead of baths consider just cleaning his bottom using baby wipes with Aloe Vera. It would give his skin rest from baths which likely hurt while so raw, especially those warm or hot baths. Sunshine would be beneficial in small doses and help dry up the sores. He would be comforted if you put some really soft clothes on him.
    It would be like being held and keep him from scratching. If the top had long sleeves over his hands he couldn't lick the
    medicine off. Yes?

  3. Thank you for sharing not only the good moments but also the bad
    Moments…of what a commitment you have made to them the real life sides❤💞

  4. Da đầu bé đở rồi, chỉ còn ở tay và chân thôi. Gon hết bệnh nha.

    Có người giới thiệu đến Cây Lô Hội. Nếu cần, bạn đọc xem cho biết thêm.

  5. In the wild, animals do well without having to bathe even once in their lifetime.
    Well, you neither do need to pretend to be clean, nor do have to bathe baby monkey so often like that!

  6. Привет 💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙
    Hello friends 💗💘💙💝💘💙🖤
    Love manki

  7. Va bene cara, anche io sono allergica e devo stare attenta al mangiare, vedrai che GON🐒❤ se cura .

  8. They're right, he's seizing. He may not be depressed, he may have had a neurological disorder from the beginning and as he's aged it has progressed. Sad but even monkey babies with the most sadistic owners don't seem to wish themselves dead.

  9. Ты любиш Гон и заботишься, но у тебя один минус есть никому не слышишь, даешь еда странный, например еда для собаки и кошки, гон никогда не кушает их, а ты два раза дала. возмешь странный гель. Ты просто набоюдай другой мама что дает и что делает и как играет с обезьянками. Ты тоже так делай тогда Гон здоровый будеть как дргой обезьяны. У нас повловица есть Ты сама незнаешь и не хочешь слушать другой- это самый беда

  10. 😭 He looks so bad now, completely off. Look at 3.41, like a short seizure! Watch his eyes, this was not an some kind of a mac attack! 😭
    (I have worked as a neuro analyst, beeing a biomedical analyst, at a large hostpital. I had patients, also children, who reacted the same way…on different stimuli.)

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