Approach to Epilepsy Medication

medications are the main treatment for epilepsy and there are over 20 choices these medicines are called anti epileptic drugs or AEDs but this actually is a misnomer because these medications do not prevent or cure epilepsy instead IEDs work to suppress seizures there are five principles of AED therapy that many doctors follow when a patient has seizures the first consideration is whether to treat them with AED therapy certain types of seizures like simple partial seizures with only minor sensory motor or mental manifestations might not require treatment also a first seizure may not require treatment if tests show no factors likely to produce subsequent seizures the next step is to choose the best medication for a particular patients seizures there are no hard and fast rules for selecting seizure medicines because most a AEDs work for several different types of seizures many factors are considered including side effects risks of a serious reaction convenience of administration and cost after a medication is selected a doctor will then decide the best AED therapy regimen which generally requires usage on a simple schedule a regimen of one drug called mono therapy is less likely to produce side effects and drug interactions than using multiple AEDs moreover studies show that additional drugs rarely eliminate seizures when one drug in full dose does not although more than one drug is sometimes necessary a simple dosing schedule is most likely to be followed correctly it's important to take a EDS on a reliable schedule because skipping medicine can result in a seizure side effects are another consideration every medication even aspirin has potential side effects seizure medicines have many because they act on both body and brain most seizure medicines make brain cells fire less rapidly this is useful to control a seizure where brain cells fire at exceptionally high rates but brain cells also fire quickly during some normal activities such as maintaining balance focusing eyes and thinking all of these activities are slower and less precise with seizure medicines in the brain which is why significant effort is devoted to balancing seizures and side-effects all too often patients experience both seizures and side-effects when this occurs a different strategy is needed like a different medicine fewer medications or non medication therapies switching medications can be difficult a doctor can help keep the process on track by providing a written dose initiation schedule patients should expect a temporary period of increased side-effects and possible withdrawal seizures during any medication change finally AED therapy is not always forever tapering AEDs can be considered when a person has been seizure free for at least two years however AED therapy can only be stopped once it has been established that the person has no major ongoing predisposition to seizures and has no seizure activity on a routine EEG the person should also not have experienced problems with prior attempts to stop medications even if seizures have not occurred for years medications usually are continued if an underlying problem in the brain is present like a stroke tumor abnormal blood vessel or birth defect if someone meets the conditions for tapering there is a two and three chance of being able to withdraw AED successfully the flipside is that there is a one in three chance of having a seizure after withdrawing medicine a risk that some find unacceptably high also many doctors advise not driving while withdrawing AEDs which prevents some patients from even trying in all cases except emergencies medications are tapered slowly and under the care of a doctor the goal of medication therapy is not only seizure control but also improvement in quality of life if side-effects inconvenience or cost make the treatment worse than the disease do not hesitate to explore other options with your medical team Oh


  1. so can I get high? I have a whole bottle im about to chug down. DONT worry no one in my family has epilepsy.

  2. Beware of this scary new Sympazan medication for epilepsy, anxiety, and other nuero disorders. Its killing my wife we are trying to spread the word…Her seizures haven't been seen since the 1800s and their only solution is a coma or this med that makes her brain dead and suicidal.

  3. I quit my meds in substitute for a healthy diet and cannabis oils against my neurologists wishes n guess what my seizures have halfed! Guess neurologists are jus wankers…

  4. I'd have you're a lot more helpful to me than my own doctor is! Not only do you make it easier to understand, but alot more interesting. Thanks so much!

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