Are you being told to give your kid amphetamemes and pharmaceuticals to deal with ADHD?

hi it’s Claire from Cluzie thank you so
much for joining in today I’m going to talk a little bit about melatonin now
I’m assuming most of you know how important melatonin is for sleep but I’m
there’s gonna be a few things about melatonin that you probably weren’t
aware of I just want to start by telling you a little story about a
client of mine who’s five years old and already they’re talking about him having
a form of ADHD so attention deficit disorder now this poor little kid has
been taken, his parents broke up, his mom brought him to a new country. put him in
a new school, he’s very stressed about that he misses
his dad now the thing about melatonin is we produce it until we’re 10 and that’s
it but if we have a trauma before we’re 10 then we it in stress really does
impact the production of melatonin so we actually don’t produce it so ADHD is
caused by a lack of melatonin which then causes excitability you know the frontal
lobe of the brain gets overexcited then the brain gets tired then the kid can’t
concentrate so what does modern medicine do it gives them a form of
pharmaceutical and ampthetamemes now I don’t know about you but I’d probably
feel a little bit uncomfortable if my child was given amphetamemes at the age of five so I just want to talk to you a little bit more about melatonin and how
you know if how we and how important it is and maybe and then I’ll finish off
later about how my little five-year-old client is after some help with some
melatonin so melatonin yes it regulates your circadian rhythms so your circadian
rhythms is when your body you know your body wakes up and then goes to sleep and
then wakes up and then goes to sleep and in some of those so you can probably
hear my dog going crazy she loves melatonin
so there’s yes so it regulates so you know when you’re awake your body’s doing
something and when you’re asleep which is doing something so melatonin is in
charge of that whole process but what you probably don’t know is that
melatonin is also like the conductor at the front of an orchestra for your
hormones so it regulates and releases tells your body when
to release hormones especially important during puberty and fertility so if
you’re having issues with fertility it could be related to melatonin if you
have got one of those teenagers that’s having a horrible time during puberty it
could be a melatonin issue so what else does melatonin do well it’s one of the
body’s most powerful antioxidants so it runs around cleaning up all the free
radicals which were byproduct of us living and helps the immune system do
that it actually is the conductor also of the immune system especially the B
cells and the T cells and all the chemical reactions that happen in that
it also is extremely important for eye health especially with the retina at the
back of the eye and also it tells the body when to dilate the blood vessels
and constrict the blood vessels so it’s super super important and what I love
about melatonin is especially for my five-year-old kid he was so excited to
hear this is that the molecule has been around unchanged for millions of years
in fact when you know little kids love dinosaurs I could never really figure
out how does a little kid love a dinosaur where does it come from well
you know what dinosaurs had melatonin so maybe it’s the melatonin connection I
don’t really you know reaching out for clutching at straws but don’t they found
melatonin molecules in dinosaurs and we have that too and it hasn’t changed in
that long so it’s it’s been around for forever it’s extremely important and if
you don’t have those proper levels of melatonin within your body then it
affects all of those things you won’t sleep properly you
system won’t be working properly it’ll affect you know your blood pressures
your hormones and everything so stress also is a major major impact on
melatonin because what stress does is raise your cortisol levels and when your
cortisol levels are high for a extended period of time
then your melatonin levels are affected so stress a melatonin and the
research shows that kids are actually more stressed than adults so if you
think about your life and how you feel stresses times that by at least two
and that’s what’s going on for your children so melatonin is so important
now I know there’s melatonin pills on the Shelf because the pharmaceutical
industry have finally realized how important melatonin is but the tablets
aren’t that you can’t make a tablet out of the molecule that we have and it gets
broken down in your stomach acids so it’s it’s really not worth the box it
comes in and also with the lack of sleep like lack of sleep leads to so many
health issues so back to my little dude with the ADHD what we did was put some
of our melatonin discs which tell that have the frequency to tell the brain to
produce because that’s how the body works it all works with frequencies
it’s like tuning in your radio to 91.1 up here in the Sunshine Coast and
getting hot FM but your radios tuned in at eighty nine point nine so you’re not
getting the right message it’s all static so with the ANF therapy discs
that we use it’s got the frequency for example for the 91.1 is melatonin you
put it on and the body’s like cool and it will start to read to produce
melatonin again it’s it’s it’s mind blowing and so my little five-year-old
friend we put melatonin discs on his jumpsuit
when he was going to sleep or when he was going to bed he would wear them sort
of on the back of his neck there sometimes on the temple if he let me but
he’s five so you know sometimes you got to make him look like a Star Wars thing
or a dinosaur and he’s getting a lot more sleep he’s able to concentrate more
which is taking the stress of his mum which is in turn taking the stress off
him and his teachers are reporting that he is more behaved now you know kids are
kids they have a lot of energy they need to run around but melatonin when you
would rather have your kid with better melatonin levels than on a
pharmaceutical and amphetamemes that’s my personal opinion anyway so that’s all
I’ve really got to say about melatonin it is the most important antioxidant
that we have it regulates your immune system it regulates your hormones it
regulates your sleep patterns so you really really really want to make sure
that you’ve got a lot of it so thanks so much for tuning in again
I hope you’ve learnt a little bit about melatonin and about how important it is
so if you want to know more you know how to get in contact with me press the book
now press the message now give me a call all right I’ll see you next time thank

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