Are You On The Right Amount of Medication?

hey dr. Z here with you are you one too much thyroid medication my experience is that a lot of people who are doing non-conventional thyroid treatment with functional doctors or holistic type endocrinologist s– they're huffing on too much and it's a real paradox because too much can feel just like too little you could be taking a higher dose than you need and because of that you could have symptoms like hair loss or weight gain or fatigue so I made a calculator for you and as well show you in in percentage terms how much your dose is compared to what your body's needs are now there's a concept of a physiologic dose and what that means that's how much thyroid hormone your body would make all by itself if it were working perfectly and the goal is to always have you feel your very best and have your thyroid be as involved as possible so if there's someone where you're way above target this is an easy way you can make sense that about now for the calculator there's a few things that I asked about and no one mentioned what they are and why they matter one of which is your weight so per your body size if you're a bigger person you need more thyroid hormone than a smaller person and pretty simple distinction there I'm also going to ask all the thyroid medications you're on if you're on more than one list them all out if you're just on one leave the others blank it's totally fine and also I'm curious about your gender the reason for that is because women have a lot of hormonal factors that can make their bodies require different amounts of thyroid than a man's would if you are a woman I'm also curious about whether you're pregnant if you're on an oral contraceptive or natural hormone replacement or if you're menopausal and not on hormone replacement and these are all things that change your body's typical thyroid hormone output and by crunching this together we can do some math and see how much your gland would make now what's going to happen is you'll get an answer that's going to be a percentage and what this percentage means is how much your medication so whatever medications you're on put them all in I totaling them together and I'm doing math to make them equivalent and I'm going to compare that to how much your physiologic dose is how much your body makes all by itself now let's say someone's thyroid gland was removed and they were on just a perfect dose of medication for what their needs were their numbers should be pretty close to 100% so what that means is 100% of their thyroid needs are being supplied by their medication now let's say someone else was on a small dose of thyroid their gland was halfway under active but half of the way active so is that a half-full half-empty you know but and their medicine was a good complement for that in that case their answer would be about 50% and what that means is their medicine is about half of what their body's needs are now when this number is over 100 percent so this is an issue that you're taking more than what your body's needs are and some people have seen their score could be two three four hundred percent is scary but they might take much more than that their thyroid would ever make if it was working perfectly all by itself and there's two scenarios in which this occurs so one scenario is your score is over 100% and your TSH level is below zero point four now the paradox is that when there's too much thyroid hormone your body makes itself thyroid resistant you're generating more reverse t3 you may even lower your T three levels internally they may not be high they might be low normal or low range and t4 same thing it could be high normal or low it can all happen and of course if there's way way way too much t3 can be elevated but not always the first thing to happen is the TSH will go down before the other firm ones change significantly and you can feel just like you're getting too little you can look at lists of hypothyroid symptoms you can check all those boxes and that completely happens and you're just getting too much that's all there is to it it's that simple so the other scenario is that maybe your score is over a hundred and your TSH is not below four so this is a case to where there's something off with how your body's using these hormones first thing is are you really taking your thyroid all by itself with only water I've seen so many times to where someone they've heard that maybe they never even heard that sadly that's happened a lot I've had so many cases to where a pharmacist or doctor never told someone that and they didn't know otherwise there's no reason they should have and they were taking it with their breakfast maybe with antacids calcium supplements and they weren't absorbing it number one gal she was on a really high dose of thyroid more than she needed and her scores kept saying she was low and I swear I was like standing in my head are you sure you're taking hit with holy water and finally she was you know okay truth be told I take it with my orange juice and I said okay let me guess this is a calcium fortified orange juice calcium is notorious for binding up with thyroid hormones and she said yeah I guess it is so the solution was I actually lowered her dose a lot and had her ticket with water and it worked out about right you know had she Stainland stayed in the same dose and taken it with only water it or been way too much but you've got to take it all by itself no other pills only water I promise it makes a big difference and give it a solid hour by itself to do its job and get absorbed well not with mixing with anything else afterward there are some rare cases to where digestive problems can affect this now honestly this is not as common if some might have made it out to be because there been Studies on those that have celiac and you know damage the intestinal villi and even even in most of those cases they can still absorb thyroid hormone but if you have very compromised digestion it could be the culprit so if your medicine is more than you need more than a hundred percent of your score but your TSH is not lower than 0.4 that could be a culprit – the last thing to think about is production quality now this is especially true for compound in thyroid or some of the over-the-counter thyroid gland dealers I'm not tied to companies there's one brand and familiar with called thyroid Gold which is in this category but in general the over-the-counter thyroid gland lers they're not standardized products so no one's really confirming how much one when you're getting so some cases you might be taking what seems like a lot but not really getting it to work well for you compounded medications the amount is that that you're being given might make perfect sense you know I was doing a book signing recently and I saw a gal who was telling me about her dose of thyroid hormone and it was extremely high it was compounded and she was a small petite gal and her dose was roughly about you know six times what her body would have ever made by itself so she had she done mr. score would have been like six hundred percent or so yet her TSH was not pushed down and that was scary she did say she was on a compounded version of t3 so the scary part was that what she was getting was probably a lot less than what she thought but the next batch might have been what she thought or could have even been more because it wasn't consistent so she could have had a very dangerous effect from that I encouraged her to not be on compounded thyroid for that reason so so yeah if your score is above 100 but your TSH is normal or not a low range that can be another culprit but I made this calculator to help you make sense out of things and hope you find that useful plug in your numbers you can see if your dose is too high and just have some good awareness about that and knowledge is power and power can equal better health and better health equals a better life for all of us dr. C here with you and take great care bye-bye


  1. Thanks for this. I have graves and have been taking my 10 mg methimazole with a multivitamin, usually with water. Will make sure that I'll take the methimazole by itself next time. 😊

  2. Why when I started on WP Thyroid did my TSH go up from 4.3 to 5.5? Also my antibodies went up too? I do also take iodine 6.25 daily.

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