Are You Prepared For The Technological Future Of Medicine? – The Medical Futurist

are you prepared for the future of Medicine this is Bethel Mexico and you’re watching the channel of the medical futures in the last one and a half years I’ve been working hard on a guide that could help us understand what we can expect from the future what we can be afraid of how to prepare for the future of Medicine I see enormous technological waves coming towards our way and is the heater some prepared which we are now these will wash away the medical system as we know it making it a purely business based service without any kind of human interaction I think we cannot let it happen we need a guide that can be Paris for the future and the guide to the future of Medicine was written with this concept in mind to help us understand what you should be afraid of what we should expect from the next few years in medicine the book aims at proving that now we can use disruptive innovations in medicine and still keep the human touch a balance is possible between these two different words you can find the guide to the future of medicine in black and white paper back in colored paperback and Kindle formats on I hope you will enjoy reading that and please join the global discussion by using the medical future hashtag on twitter thank you

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