what’s going on because that message said that everything was okay looks like things might be happening ah it’s a it’s fadi it does say guess what what’s your name speak that that’s my name pull it up all right you ready for this okay [Music] during the master seat and control I wanna see it all eh okay what state what is this game play act okay single player Oh what more should I get start tapping buttons Oh what’s full of that see survival mode casual survival hardcore not hardcore tanks casual or survivors default mode keep nothing when you die demolish structure return 50% of the resource course keep your blueprints Emma when you die demolition may be casual your casual aunty I’m a cache shelf I look furnaces here tennis boy is here only one is here defense led by don’t come my name is Anne too hot you’re gonna be naked again what’s with you playing games naked you love making games did she look quite tough by the way she does they don’t spend too much shopping you always go shopping in all of these say how are you buddy pedals playing all-in-one we’re doing a game again today and stink pants as per usual just spends a lot of time shopping hurry up with the shopping no one wants to see that can I change my name I don’t want at all hot just change your name these three dots two pants [Laughter] I’m just put stink how about that I only just think why not still paid out stink dance uh we just want something different always with the difference what is this what random and big what no I don’t want that so what are you two up to today while we’re waiting for stink pants – oh here we go something is happening yeah just barely do you remain and I’ve gotta do the usual thing what that boat happen hole – spleen the boot happy little spleen Oh too late you’re spinning what’s going on does anyone play this guy because once again there’s no instructions so why they have these games then we have no instructions for looks like a I’m in the jurassic park or some what oh you’re Jurassic Park all right your dinosaur what is peace anyway keep up the commentary of your right back okay what is the green light what is the green light whoa what is this ah I see Oh looks like I’m in Jurassic Park so what do I do here ah that’s the big one that’s the big Jurassic Park what can I do you’ve met a boss already have you done yet final stone on the ground look at it look at it where is the stone you have into a dangerous area thank you very much random YouTube is here as well you’ve got all the favorites in the stream safe hi how are you today random better say it’s cold and wet and miserable here at the mining and again if you play this game some tips would be useful so what do I do can you eat bananas can you call it bananas I have no idea you might be able to collect bananas I want to but I don’t know how hmm hang on principle the key and it has you clash of clans gang random after all of the new updates sorry we’re not doing it at the moment it was sort of fun bad timing when it comes to raids I can’t do raids anymore in the legends League it only allows me to do it I times a day and there’s a timer on it say you decided to do this new game I saw a dinosaur there too haha I don’t know but I’m going to run and you picked something out run away you know he’s like running away in games thing you’ve picked up a stone I can see he said collect one ward what that looked kind of dangerous let’s go way from me this isn’t good hmm take it aside why is that phrasing completely that’s completely frozen boy if I have to read what happens if I already said this is that’s still gonna scream EEG I’m gonna have to do it this is not good we’ve got the expert in the stream at the moment with random but if I can get anything to happen well what’s going on stings huh what happen this this computer’s frozen oh that’s hot not only is it odd but if I switch that we’ve never switched off computer mid strain or beginning of strain so I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen yeah just do it anyway um we might not have choice Devin has seen a web caching away that’s gonna say it’s gonna take you it says craft this time pic you’ve collected enough materials select the stein pick from the crafting tab in your inventory and crafted where is it we’re on the right you’re gonna have to go back to make it woman there see on the right there invent three you keep closing it yeah its inventory oh yeah say crafted stay in the pick where you still pick this one I think so okay so I have to stop here right I don’t I I don’t know what’s gonna happen at this point keep playing and we’ll see what happens that’s not the first time that’s where I should be concerned them up located you’ve entered a dangerous area selection ely crafted stein pick from your inventory and easy and used to equip it how can i equip that um i guess you got to go back to the inventor you first and sorry guys if people are putting stuff in their chat at the moment I can actually say it say I’m just resetting that computer and hopefully that will fix things and use Excel say go on double tap and hold to repeat gathering okay hey no that’s gonna smash that poor little dinosaur what happened yeah what happened yeah ah you got poisoned it looks like how can you do it what I do armed it what happened you’re killed by a wrapped all okay you can either raise spawn location we’ll have to do it that first one didn’t last a long did it I don’t know what to do yet why have we got problems with these computer all right say guys or we’ll be checking out the chat as soon as possible sorry for the delay hemad midas can’t say anything at the Ryman waiting for stink pants to do something interesting in this game here well look at the green light that’s my comp so I’m gonna go back and hopefully get hopefully dealies everything when your door I guess you would wouldn’t you um for this mod is casual mode so I shouldn’t hopefully not a minute I already what what happened died again [Laughter] this is told quick wait come from I didn’t even see I just want to call it banana you gotta keep your eyes open they stink pants oh my god I got two lights now what skis this game gave me I fed before it starts I end up having to switch to another game that’s not good what do you mean we don’t have to switch what happens after the two lives do you have to wait what do you mean two lives you said you had two lives yet left what do you mean had two lives have died I where did you see that I didn’t say that God I already lights see green lights you get to the green lights and avoid all of those dinosaurs and you can see everywhere like that one I’m walking from there instead of walking on land yeah I’ve been feeling lazy but they also have dinosaur in the scene so not so sure it’s gonna be any safer I’m you’re gonna have to wait for everything to load up okay this is going to work the name music we got the nice screen we got sting pants swimming around trying to avoid dying come on computer dangerous area crab cake media Hey and I freed the brave vanities I suppose that’s not too bad is it well can you knew that rain and wind how can I collect it keep up the commentary while I’m typing and listing what’s going on there how can I call it this collect it oh you got all Labor’s stop did you get all of that from I got it before how can I catch it come on whose is that the same as the other gain me you’ve got a look down to pick it up and then there’s an arrow I can sing oh and then take off bother yay you’ve got a whole heap of stuff okay almost yes we want to install pages things that work before almost there come on restore my pages smack smack finally I’m back I mean waiting for meds later uh Neela will apply to play use that I don’t know what I’m doing I have to get this in my inventory there is an area that keeps flashing for some reason so maybe that’s wait your space today and will help I got the something before but what is it where’s my inventory nice yeah too sure what’s going on e cuz you’re still definitely playing I can see that mm-hmm but not on this computer it actually says you’re offline okay not is there ah this is going to be a failed estrangement looks like for having this much trouble why he’s trying to light things up say maybe that I air whoa that’s a lot of problem what can be useful might have to do this a different way in fact he’s not going to keep working I’m still waiting for it to lay it up apologies for this whoever he may be everyone’s already left the stream I can’t even tell mmm-hmm just taking a swipe time to light up Oh mr. Glee’s Nancy United’s fold like you know sang offline but the several of the knee legends leg is good and bad why he’s Fox mr. glitzy vans here allez how are ye there chat system may work let’s see if it’s a it’s still lighting up I’m not sure what I’m doing I think you’ve got a new level up apply in your own place that’s not it doesn’t help there’s an area that keeps flashing there yeah that means I’m level up I’m still waiting for this page to load up so I’m not sure if that’s welcome to the live chat Hawaii well this is really weed what is that green light say random said that the chat system doesn’t work I don’t know whether we should stop this and start it again or what the Gary is what do you think you can try if you want let me get rid of that first a sonic kiss the amount effort that I’ve got to put into you to get this train to work in the first place I sort of don’t really want to do that cuz I might lose everything but something definitely went wrong and yet it’s still showing that it’s playing say and I don’t get that either okay now I might have to just because it’s not time it looks like the dead chats not working in Easter chats not working and that’s not good make sense mm-hmm and then I guess the other thing is we’ve got no music or anything like that all right say I think I’m gonna have to make any executive decision here and say we’ll stop the stream and then start it again steam okay but I think we really have any other choice which is gonna be rather look at that what is that what is that look at that looks rather large Dominus Oh looks like something attacked me all right what happened to me what happened to me get away from that how can i what do I do to replenish my whatever you in red yeah he’s going on it’s in red what is that all right staying okay slow down to crash your bread okay die


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