Arrogance. The First Disease – Sayed Mahdi Modarresi

you audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim bismillahi r-rahman r-rahim allah humma salli ala muhammad wa ala muhammad wa jal Foggia home brothers and sisters viewers around the world Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we've been discussing Surat Luqman chapter 31 in the Holy Quran and we reached verse number 6 in which Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala speaks about one of the major pitfalls and obstacles that hinder man's ability to grow and flourish and progress on a spiritual level and we mentioned that that pitfall is none other than music and singing which the Quran as well as the scriptures and traditions of the Prophet and his household have quite unequivocally condemned now of course that's not to say that there is no type of music that's permissible or that there are no exceptions to this rule but obviously it's important that we talk about the rule before we talk about the exception to that rule it's critical that we establish some foundation and then if there are extraneous circumstances which permit certain types of singing or music or specific types of musical instruments that are made permissible under certain conditions then that's another discussion for another day for instance the Prophet said in a narration that I mentioned just yesterday and for those of you watching on YouTube you can look up that that lecture under the title Surat Luqman let's talk about music in that lecture I mentioned the hadith in which the holy messenger of allah may god's peace and blessings be upon him and his family says that i was sent as a mercy to mankind as a mercy to the world and also to obliterate these instruments of distraction as instruments that produce musical sounds are there exceptions to that rule yes for instance the Holy Prophet was once approached and he was asked what is the difference between Nika and Siva listen to this beautiful articulation of the holy Messenger of God what is the difference between marriage and fornication between legitimate union between man and wife and an illicit extramarital relationship the Prophet responded with one word and the word really spells it out he said a double the difference is in drums drums was his answer what does that mean what the Prophet is trying to tell us is this that in a wedding you may use drums and the reason you use drums is because you're announcing this Union this marriage between these two individuals to the entire neighborhood to the town to the world the world should know that this bride and this groom are getting married and we have no qualms about telling you we have no reservations in fact we want everyone to know an announcement is being made we are proud we are happy we are in a festive mood you do that in a wedding but you will never do it in the case of adultery or fornication it's always done in secret it's always done away from the limelight it's always covered up why because deep down no matter what culture you come from no matter what religious persuasion you subscribe to deep down we always know that fornication is wrong but marriage is something to be celebrated and enjoyed that adultery is immoral but the sexual relations between man and wife are something to be enjoyed to the max and so this is an exception to that rule musical instruments the rule is haram drums in the context of a wedding challah so again if people are saying because someone tweeted at me in fact just today saying music like many other things it has good things about it and it has bad things about it it has harms and it has benefits and so we can't generalize and we can't say that as a general rule of thumb music is non permissible and the answer to that is of course there is benefits and there are harms you can say that about anything you can say that about weapons you can say that about poison you can say that about literally anyone and anything there are good things and there are bad things in fact the Holy Quran speaks about alcohol about wine and intoxicating beverages and he says well una con el hamra well may sir well Fatima Istomin Kabir we they ask you about wine and they ask you about articles of gambling and games of chance tell them that there exists a grave sin in them well enough your holiness and there are benefits and there are profits and there are essentially certain advantages perhaps to alcoholic beverages as well as games of chance what if ah kobato magnify him ah but their sin is greater than their benefit meaning that it's almost like God is giving us a rule that whatever you look at whatever acts that are deemed not permissible in Islam or any other religion of course there are benefits to be derived there as well but what's critical is to realize that in these acts the harms outweigh the benefits and we can without a doubt say this about music we can without a shred of equivocation say that about the the music industry and what it's doing out there another critical point to mention as we move on to the next verse in which Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says let me recite this verse actually before we I go to the commentary verse number seven surah Rahman Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says way either to tuna one mistake Bureau well a mistake bian que ella misma ha can fe o dó nahi walker all fashion will be either been aleem allah subhanaw taala says when our signs are rehearsed to such a person he turns away in arrogance as if he heard them not as if there were deafness in both his ears announced to them a grievous penalty you see in the previous verse allah subhanaw taala is talking about those who purchase idle tales meaning music songs to mislead people from the path of God and throw ridicule for such there will be a humiliating penalty then God says however when you speak to them our verses our signs when you rehearse them to them our signs they turn away in arrogance as if they've heard nothing as if there is deafness and both of their ears brothers and sisters life is about trade-offs and ultimately because we have a limited capacity a limited capacity in almost every facet of our lives therefore if you fill your stomach with junk food you will have no appetite for the warm and delicious food that your mother or your wife or anybody else at home has prepared for you that's just how life works if you fill your stomach with junk food you will have no appetite now you can force yourself you can pretend that you're enjoying the food that's prepared at home but you have no appetite for it if a husband cheats on his wife with some salacious person out there right and that's how Affairs extramarital affairs usually work right you have someone falling for a younger woman perhaps someone at work someone who's always presentable someone who is always going out of their way to smell good to look good to appear very attractive and of course it's enticing it's it's it's it's something that that is alluring for for men because the version of that individual that they're seeing out there at work or on the street is a polished version it's one that's covered up with the so many filters and makeup and you know they look as they're as the best version of themselves and so it's alluring it's enticing so imagine someone who falls for that kind of person and they get into an extramarital affair and cheat on their spouses when they go back home they have zero appetite for their ordinary wife they have zero appetite for the woman who's been working all day cooking the food cleaning the house looking after the kids possibly even working and is now just home to maybe relax a little bit maybe just you know get some load off of her back and maybe get a nap doesn't put makeup on doesn't really present herself as as best as she could because she's super tired right that man will have zero appetite for his actual wife because he satisfied his desire elsewhere that is how life works brothers and sisters sisters what I'm trying to say here is this if a person fills their ears and fills their souls with the salacious lascivious immorality that comes with the music that people are listening to nowadays or that comes with the songs that are topping the charts then they will have zero appetite for the truth they will have zero appetite for the quran if they listen to music and I mentioned some you know examples of lyrics of popular songs and and songwriters that are out there if that's the kind of message that they're feeding into their brains if that's the kind of ideas that they're consuming and their souls they will have zero appetite for the scolding and preaching of prophets and messengers and sermons from the pulpit right if they're listening to music all the time telling them I want to be Who I am this is who you know this is what I want to do you can't judge me I can do whatever I want which is basically the underlying of message of so many of those songs especially teen songs again it's a it used to be a bit of a pastime activity of mine for me to just read the lyrics of these popular songs it is so wrong on so many levels if these messages if these subliminal messages are what's your soul is consuming then you will have no appetite no desire to listen to someone a preacher from the pulpit who tells you the truth and who makes you uncomfortable about that truth about your reality about your status quo you won't be interested I hear mothers and fathers too coming up to me all the time saying say it might my kids don't want to go to the modulus they don't want to go to the mosque they don't want to listen to the sermon and I say to them of course they don't of course and I know it's popular to blame the speakers to blame the scholars to blame the preachers and say oh no they speak too slow or their messages aren't too appealing for the youth they're they're not as relevant but the reality is brothers and sisters when their ears and their heads and their souls have been filled with those kinds of messages of course they'll have no interest in listening to someone telling them that what you're doing is wrong and that you need to improve yourself and you need to be a better version of yourself life is about trade-offs remember this now we get to the second part of the verse Allah Span Allah Ta'ala says first when our signs are rehearsed and told to them they turn away in arrogance let's talk about arrogance brothers and sisters arrogance was the first disease the first ever disease then God's creatures had to suffer from was in fact hubris and arrogance allah subhanaw taala speaks about satan in the quran and he says wobba was stuck baraka aminal katharyne he refused and he was arrogant and he became among the disbelievers those who cover the truth Kathir literally means the one who covers something up that's why in the Quran as well as in the Arabic language farmers and people who plant seeds into the earth are also called Kathryn Cather is not a vulgar term at least not it's not not in its literal translation kafir means one who covers the truth and that's why the disbelievers are called carefully meaning that they know what the truth is but they cover it up but they pretend that it's not there they they stick their hand head in the sand and pretend like no one told them the truth right now this is why arrogance is such an egregious transgression against allah subhana wa ta'ala this is why it's such a grave and detrimental and deadly disease it's a mortal sin it's a cardinal act of transgression against God himself why because when someone is arrogant there are two types of well scholars have actually listed about seven or eight different types of arrogance but I'll mention two broad characterizations and types of arrogance for the for the program tonight the first type is what we would call Attica Bora I'll help which means arrogance and hubris against other people it's when you see yourself as being superior to others you being higher better more important than other people for whatever reason whether it be your skin tone because you happen to be white and the other person is brown or black which is the type of arrogance that we see coming to the fore increasingly today and in this day and age right we see examples of that on television almost every night white nationalism and white supremacism and the crimes and the acts of terror that have emerged and stemmed from this kind of arrogance are on the rise today right people attacking places of worship where Muslim Jewish Christian or other religious denominations are praying just because of their skin tone just because of the color of their skin just because they happen to look different from me and so whether it's arrogance this that's based on race or arrogance that's based on gender or arrogance that's based on any other type of differentiating quality or characteristic in an individual right it's it's it's this feeling of superiority that I am better than others because I was born with such a quality and remember all these qualities are not things that we can control you cannot control which race you're born into you can't control which ethnicity you're born into which country you're born into these are things that fall outside of your control and so none of these things could ever be a differentiating factor that make you better or worse than other people just because you're white doesn't make you better or worse than anybody else the same with black or brown or any other race or ethnicity and so this is something that's completely rejected by Islam Islam was adamant from day one one of the greatest qualities of this religion brothers and sisters was that it equalized everyone in the eyes of God from day one with bilal el Habashi sahiba Rumi Salman and Pharisee these individuals who joined Islam from day one they proved and the Prophet proved with them that Islam is not about race it's not about ethnicity it's not about language do you know how many people had a problem with Bilal reciting the call to prayer or the Avon and inviting everyone to prayer in front of all these Arabs and all these people who consider themselves to be noble and and and and superior to others because of their Arab ethnicity but the Prophet proved to every single one of them that Islam and submission to God and to have a high stature in the eyes of allah subhana wa ta'ala had nothing to do with your ethnicity and everything to do with piety and submission to allah subhanahu wata'ala we'll take a very quick break-in Sharla don't go away join me again in just a few minutes as we continue to discuss the first disease that of arrogance was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato mwahaha mana Wahine Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh thanks for joining me again as we discuss the first disease the disease of arrogance brothers and sisters the first type of arrogance that we mentioned earlier is this type of bigotry and self conceit and hubris that stems from a particular quality that would make the individual feel superior to other people now whether it's race or country of origin or ethnicity it could be money where a person of great wealth would would exhibit signs of hubris and arrogance towards those who are less as we call them less fortunate I don't like that term but let's say those with with less money who are less endowed if you like and that's something that a loss of hano atala talks about in the holy quran in surah Abbas Abbas OA to Allah and Alma which is often by the way miss translated by so many translators of the Quran I it's just beyond me unbelievable how someone who's translating the Quran moves to to actually misrepresent the meaning of the verses and insert their own biases and their own prejudices into the Quran the Quran simply says bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim abyssal Watteau al Anja a who Lama he frowned and he turned away when the blind person came and sat too next to him rough translation of the verses but you'll find that in some translations they've inserted the name of the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam in that spot where they say he in parentheses the Prophet frowned and turned away which is unbelievable how on earth could result Allah the one about whom God says the Almighty Allah says were in nicholalala who look and alim you are endowed with the greatest of morals how could he have so much arrogance and and self conceit so much hubris to turn away from someone just because he's poor and he's blind without a shred of doubt and I implore Muslims who are watching this who have been fooled into thinking that this is about the Prophet of Islam those who have been deceived by the lie of Benny Omega the Umayyad dynasty which tried to tarnish the image of the holy Messenger of God and his family by making this look as though it's about the Prophet of Islam in that same verse in that same chapter a few verses after allah subhana wa ta'ala curses this individual and says what a little ensign oh ma ik farah may he die may this person this human die how a kafir he is how disbelieving he is could this possibly about the be about the prophet of islam I say to people use your brains use your logic of course it's not about the messenger of allah subhana wa ta'ala I digress this verse which was about one of the so-called companions of Rasul Allah right and and by the way I find it really strange that if I were to actually mention that companions name people will be up in arms right they will be up in arms saying how dare you insult this great companion this khalifa of rasul allah in other words it's not okay to insult a companion but it's perfectly fine to insult the messenger of god himself who was this verse revealed about it was revealed about Othman the man was a companion of the Prophet so be it they weren't infallible at the end of the day they made mistakes they made blunders and sometimes God talked about those blunders or on it's no big deal let's move on the point here is this that Allah subhana wa ta'ala addresses this kind of arrogance and he says that there are people who become arrogant and develop this this this superiority feeling of superiority towards other people because they happen to be rich and the other person is in fact poor and that's absolutely unacceptable just because you happen to have a few extra zeros in your account just because you have you know a bigger house or a faster car or what-have-you does not make you a better person in fact most of the time not all the time but most times it's the opposite those who are wealthy those who are rich are deceived by the wealth that they have and are corrupted by the money that they have don't take it from me I have a good friend who happens to be a billionaire with a B he told me once that people like me and I quote him here I don't want to mention his name because he is a good friend as I said but he said to me you know the reason people like us are corrupted and we lose our ways is because we are surrounded by yes men we're surrounded by people who are trained to always agree with us nobody who works for a billionaire will ever stand up to them and say you're wrong what you did was immoral this is a mistake no one does that why because if you care for your job and if you want to keep that position you don't say those sorts of things what you do say is yes sir right that's why they are called yes men so this multi-billionaire says to me that we are corrupted because we're surrounded by people who always agree with us and so we think of ourselves as being right all the time because everybody's agreeing with us and that feeling of self conceit that that hubris that arrogance that comes from this is only a natural phenomenon of this disease as it as it grows this this tumor as it metastasizes in our hearts and over comes all of our other functions and our body what happens is we are then we fall into the trap of Shaitaan the trap of never giving in never surrendering to the truth always thinking that I'm right and everybody else is wrong therefore moving on to the second type of arrogance the much more dangerous type and that's the arrogance we said the first one who has a little arrogance against other people and this one it's a lil Huck Attica burl Huck means to have arrogance against the truth arrogance against the overwhelming evidence that you're presented with and this is dangerous brothers and sisters because ultimately this is arrogance against God I have seen atheists not agnostics who are unsure or who perhaps haven't really put in the effort of thinking about the arguments for and against the existence of God but atheists are usually people who are like that because atheists by definition are the ones who say without a doubt there is no God I reject all the evidence that suggests there is a supernatural creator that there is a God that governs the universe right so an atheist is the kind of person who rejects every single shred of evidence presented to them and so they exhibit signs of this kind of arrogance arrogance against the truth arrogance against even the mere possibility that there is a God and there is a creator and there is a hell and there is a heaven right that's arrogance when you say I know for a fact that it doesn't exist what that tells me is that you're arrogant why because if you weren't arrogant if you had the slightest amount of humility then you would at least leave some room for the potential and probability that something out there does exist that you have no knowledge of right you've never visited the entire universe you haven't died and come back to life to know what happens after death how could you be so sure the argument that we're making is this the theist will tell you and this is what about Masada alehissalaam said it's an argument that's usually attributed to Pascal the French philosopher but Imam Assad that many centuries before Pascal said the same thing in a much more beautiful way the Imam said that if we he said to in a B now Abdul Karim in Abuja he said to him that when we die if there is no God if there is no afterlife if there is no heaven or hell for now well first we both had our chance we both enjoyed our lives we both lived our lives and took advantage of the beautiful creation of God and the blessings of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala or whatever you want to call it we both lived our lives but if we die and it turns out that there is a God that we were right and you were wrong and we are right and you are wrong if it turns out that that is the case for Dawa hazard then we win and you lose because ultimately we believed in God we submitted to him even though we both lived our lives but we submitted to him and so this kind of arrogance that says no absolutely not there is no life after death there is no judgment there is no reckoning that's arrogance I'm sure you've been in arguments where at the end of the argument the other side presents you with a slam-dunk argument and evidence you can't deny it but it's difficult to acknowledge that they're right and you're wrong especially if the argument drags on and you've been talking about it for like an hour or two and then at the very end you realize hang on a second the other the other side the other party my opponent just made a really good point that point I can't deny and so you'll find yourself again I'm putting you in the position of the antagonist here as opposed to the other side because I think we could all relate to this you'll find yourself saying you know he's right or she's right but I can't give him now I can't just throw the towel I've been debating them for like two hours now or two months or two years or whatever and so you kind of start beating on the rack around the bush right you kind of start to to engage in logical fallacies like what about Ori or you know all kinds of different fallacies that are out there this is dangerous brothers and sisters Attica burrow a little hack or to have arrogance and hubris not to submit to the truth makes the individual no less evil than the Shaitaan because even when the Shaitaan realized that he had no leg to stand on that his argument was a fallacious one a erroneous one right he refused to give in to the truth he refused to acknowledge centuries after Adam and after the test that Shaitaan failed so miserably at of being ordered to prostrate before Adam and refusing to do – to do so reluctant him and Noreen waha locked the home and clean you created me from fire and you created him from mud that that that racial ethnic species if you like type of arrogance centuries after that prophet musa alayhis salaam says to god would you forgive the Shaitaan if I invited him to the truth and he accepted so God said to him give it a try Moosa was obviously had well intentions good intentions he went to Shaitaan and he spoke to him he said to him listen all God wants from you is to prostrate before the grave of Adam he refused to prostrate all that time ago now all you have to do to be received back into the warm embrace of God's mercy imagine that God's promised to throw you in hell and anyone who follows you but if you do this one thing you'll be forgiven and it'll be the end of your saga come to the grave of Adam and prostrate where is Adam buried he's buried in Najaf right next to Emil manin I'll be father body his Salam and so musa alayhis salaam thought that he had come to Shaitaan with an offer he can't refuse Shaitaan responded to Moosa by saying I refuse to prostrate to Adam when he was alive or just about to be brought into life you want me to go and prostrate before his dead body forget it I'm not doing that point here is that Shaitaan fully understands God's glory God's majesty how do we know that he swore by God's glory and Majesty our lefeber is ethically a Hawaiian homage mine I swear by your majesty so he fully acknowledges the greatness of God and he acknowledges that if you're a creature a slave a created being made by God then you should heed his warnings and you should obey His commandments he understands all of this it's not an intellectual debate it's about arrogance it's not in the head it's not in the brain it's right here it's in the heart the disease has metastasized this tumor has taken over the entire system arrogance is a deadly cardinal lethal sin because all the arguments could be laid out in front of the individual and they still refused because they are arrogant you go up to the person and say here's a hadith that clearly contradicts what you just said whether it be on the pulpit or off the pulpit whether it be a scholar or a normal person here is a verse in the Quran here's a narration from the Prophet in the other debate that contradicts what you said and they'll come up with ways of beating around the bush and avoid the ultimate outcome the inevitable conclusion which is that I'm wrong but how many people do you know who are willing to actually do that to admit to being wrong it's a great quality when someone does that I've always said that subhanAllah I see spouses who get into fights and then one person does something they overreach if you like the argument gets heated up a bit and eventually one person might use a vulgar profanity you know that they might cuss the the spouse or they might cuss their parents or whatever right they cross a red line but oftentimes all it takes is for them to retreat back to their former position and apologize just be humble and submit to the fact and surrender to the to the fact that you were wrong just say I was wrong how hard could that be but the arrogance inside all of us that beast will prevent us from doing so doesn't it and so you'll find certain people willing to ruin their entire lives to end up getting divorced and going through the courts and messing up their lives and the lives of those around them including their children and their parents and their family because they're too arrogant to say I am sorry three words three words which often tend to cool the most heated arguments three words which could bring about an end to a detrimental process where you know where this is gonna lead three words in Arabic it's one word f1 Sammy forgive me I'm sorry and yet even that one word feels like a mountain right look at our scholars so pond Allah the hadith says I'll mention a couple of a hadith if I may in the few minutes we've got remaining in this program in sha Allah the first is a group of people came to the Prophet and they started singing the praise of another person who wasn't there they spoke about how great he was how good he was how nice he was religious what not so then that person came so they said the auto sold a lot that's the person we were talking about the Prophet looked at him and then he said to him directly he said Allah ficam s hatun Saif hatun diminish a bond I see demonic signs in your face everyone was taken aback like why would the Prophet say this so they were all shocked so the Prophet then in order to elaborate asked him a question he said Allah Kabila I asked you in God's name be truthful tell me the truth have you have you never said to yourself that I am better than others he said by God I have yes I have in other words the Prophet was telling them his arrogance makes him exhibit demonic characteristics the fact that he thinks he's better than others I'm the best person out there I'm the best at fit at this or at that or whatever it is it doesn't matter to think that you're superior to other who do you think you are who do you think you are a middle mumineen tells us in Najibullah he says miski no never no Adam poor son of Adam you think you're somebody when you get into a fight with your wife or when the wife gets into a fight with her husband you think you're someone you're not even a speck in this universe you I all of us we're are nobody the Imam says miss Kenan even know Adam you can look at the most beautiful person in the world a supermodel right and yet twenty no whole Erica a little perspiration a tiny amount of sweating and they will smell so foul disgusting only an hour or two after you they can be the most attractive person in the world they'll still they'll still smell disgusting tantino haladki on the one hand on the other hand top to toe with Chaka sometimes a single bite that ends up in the wrong side of the throat kills you google this on youtube people who die while eating people who die subtly one drink ends up down the wrong canal ends up in your lungs as opposed to your stomach could kill you that's how weak and insignificant you are right what do we hail vodka the Imam says a mosquito as a species kills over a million human beings around the world every year a million mostly through malaria right a symbol mosquito look at the damage it causes all of us and we think we're somebody you think I shouldn't apologize because it'll look good it'll look bad on my part because I will look weak you are weak you were a nobody just admit it just admit it and everyone will be happy anyway look at our scholars the hadith says thumb our atonement oh Allah the fruit of knowledge is to be humble if you see someone who's not humble even though they not might look like a scholar they might look like a learned person all the knowledge that they've acquired all goes to waste because it's like a tree that you plant for its fruit you plant a tree so it would give you fruits this is not a decorative tree a fruit tree you plant it it grows all big and good and nice but at the end of it all it doesn't produce any tree what do you do with it as a farmer you cut it out and you throw it away it's useless tomorrow – Ali I'm the fruit of knowledge is humility without humility that knowledge was useless let me mention a story and end it with that one day there's a scholar in the house of Najaf by the name of ayatollah alchool camry he teaches a class in the Masjid so he goes to his one day he goes to his class about 15 minutes too early when he gets there he notices this young person young chick was on the member in the same place and he was giving a class to his students that young share students so I too la coka Mary this older scholar someone who was incredibly knowledgeable sat through those last 15 minutes of the previous class he noticed this person was very intelligent very knowledgeable so the next day he came an hour early and he came and listened to that class and he realized this class is incredible the nuances the interpretations the definitions it was a class of fickle or or Saudi and and he realized that this person is very very well endowed very knowledgeable the third day he came to class and he was about to begin his own class when he told them my students there is another class I'd like you all to attend and that class is being delivered by someone who's more knowledgeable than me so let us all get up including myself as we go and attend the class of that young share who wasn't even recognized by anyone because he was from outside he was just a new person who was that young young sure he was Ayatollah motiva al ansari Ayatollah who Kennedy became went from being a teacher of this class top of the food chain if you like to being another student of Alam Sahni that is called humility brothers and sisters humility is when you recognize that if there is someone more knowledgeable than me I will go and I will seek knowledge from him not because of my titles or credentials I think I'm better than anybody else but when you recognize your deficiency and your weakness and your lack then you also recognize the importance of being humble and seeking knowledge humility is what elevates you humility according to our hadith narrations Allah subhana WA Ta'ala elevates those who are humble and gives them a great position in the eyes of others but more importantly in the eyes of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala let us avoid arrogance at all costs were feed jamia while Emoto while they are as Amira nominee teaches us in doha Camille thank you very much inshallah showing me again tomorrow i wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


  1. Great reminder Sayed. Delivered eloquently and passionately as always. If I could run a suggestion by you, its that you tone back the emotion and condescension when referring to Sunni figures/ interpretations. The facts carry enough weight as is. This is to 1) Make your lectures more plaettable to a potential Sunni audience and 2) combat the ever growing sectarianism, particularly among the youth on both sides, both actively engaged in and subconsciously expressed, which is carving apart our ummah and allowing situations like Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Uyghur etc to take place. This will, facilitate unity, which will, in turn help the religion of our Holy Prophet (sawas) and his Ahlulbayt (as). Thanks again for all the work you put in to these series. Keep it up!

  2. Mashallah very good. May Allah SWT bless you. Pls make lekture about prophet Lut as. Bcz of his bad people nobody allows his name.. Character.

  3. Thank you for the program. Very great information. May Allah bless you.
    Can you please have more programs and lectures like this after Ramadan as well ?

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