Ashley Ali, MD – Physician Profile | Signature Orthopedics

I’m Dr. Ashley Ali I’m a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine and I work at Signature Orthopedics With every patient that I treat I try to treat them just like how I felt when I was a patient prior to going into medical school So I think a good doctor is somebody that is a teacher somebody that will go through each and every step with the patient talking about… well what is a meniscus? What is a rotator cuff and what does it do? And I try to explain this so that the patient can understand and make an educated decision along with me I usually talk with the patient I discuss what it is and I give them a variety of options that are reasonable and then we come to a decision together I get to help athletes return to their level of competition – whatever level it is That’s my passion: I love treating athletes and helping people just return to the level of activity that they want to be at because I was there before and I know how it is to have an injury and want to be on the court or on the field So my goal is to get the athlete there back on the field, back on the court as quickly as possible – but safely I think another really important part of being a doctor is actually staying up with the current literature that way I can tell the patient with you know, good certainty “oh, this is the most recent research on this…” “and this is what we know” So I think that’s a really important part of being an orthopedic surgeon to just make sure that you’re a lifelong learner

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