ASMR Comforting Sounds For Anxiety & Bad Moments (Very Soft Mic Scratching)


  1. I really appreciate this video there was a really baddddd storm that hit and I was tooo scared but u help me get through this and I thank u❤️🙏🏽

  2. Some of your affirmations and such were SO on point here Sharon. Thank you for reminding me that life is indeed a circle. Best wishes to you Glow Goddess

  3. Yesterday my girlfriend of 8 months left me for someone else, because she felt he made her feel special. So listening to thing while at work, where she would usually call and talk to me, is helping me cope and not beat myself up over it. Thank you, for making the videos that you do.

  4. Vraiment vous êtes tjrs Super et très adorable et formidable je t adore mon favorable amour et je vous souhaite une excellente journée je t'embrasse très fort mon Super tresore

  5. I’m not anxious at the moment but i just had a venti cup of coffee and im shaking like crazy and i needed to calm my brain down so thanks!

  6. the last thing i see before i sleep every night is this beautiful face…maybe ill meet you in another life when we are both cats– vanilla sky

  7. Is it just me or whenever she started saying breathe in breave out i started panicking and loosing my breath… weird

  8. This is my first ever listening to an ASMR and I don’t regret it! Been suffering with severe anxiety since I can remember (not a lot of things help calm my anxiety but this video did), I was having a very anxious night until I stumbled onto this video and to my surprise my anxiety went away and not a lot of stuff help me but this did… thank you! (Gosh she’s so beautiful) 😊

  9. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression in the past but it got better for the past 2 years. These past few days though it has felt like it's all coming back and the more I think about that and everything else that's going on it just gets worse. Thank you for making me feel better ❤️ Honestly I feel like you just knew the right words to say and somehow it makes me emotional

  10. Had a mini-panic attack of sorts in the library, listening to this right now and its helping me. Thanks a lot Glow

  11. Thank you so, so much for helping me with this video. I listen to it about thrice a week, and it really helps tame my emotions and anxiety. Thank you.

  12. The bad feeling I had is that right before this video I accidentally pulled my headphones too much and the right one stopped working. Great video thougt

  13. I honestly couldn’t even focus on this viedeo I just feel so down that it doesn’t even work… but still thankful for these viedeos!!!

  14. I randomly started panicking and getting that weird stomach pain you get when you´re nervous, and so i quickly grabbed my computer and looked for this video. It helped me so much and im confused.

  15. I really love that you replicate the sounds of waves on a sandy beach, rolling in and out, in and out while your voice is so soft and gentle, it really really relaxes me and I've definitely fallen asleep more than once to this so thank you so, so much for this Glow <3

  16. C’est la seule vidéo ASMR sur laquelle je reviens encore et encore pour dormir après ce stress des études. Je ne m’en lasse pas et c’est thérapeutique 👌
    Merci encore 😸

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