ASMR Eating Sound – Let’s Eat Cream Puff a.k.a Kue Sus Basah

Cream puff Inside this pastry ball is vanilla cream & milo cream Let’s eat 🙂 Cream puff was yummy If you like sweet food with so much cream, so this perfect for you I bought this at Junction store on Riau street So this cake store is inside supermarket If you stay/live in Bandung & Bogor you can visit to this address When we inside that store, that box already there (couple of box) with 4 pastry balls inside that box and not filled with cream yet. Still empty pastry ball So when we ready to buy/pay this cream puff The seller will ask us : Do you want this pastry balls filled with vanilla cream or milo cream ? You can choose with vanilla/milo cream inside all pastry balls or you can order like me, half filled with vanilla cream & half with milo cream But price will be different If you choose filled with vanilla cream only or milo cream only, the price Rp 25.000 ($ 1.77) If you want half vanilla cream & milo cream, the price Rp 35.000 ($ 2.48) As you saw, i ate 4 pastry balls with cream inside, make my stomach so full because sweet food make stomach full faster Yesterday i almost catch a cold Because the weather is not good & always raining I almost catch a cold & my head was little bit dizzy, sneezing & cough and my body temperature was a bit cold And that the sign that i’m gonna catch a cold So i ate fruits If you catch a cold. This not sponsored okay This Decolgen is good in the weather like this, especially if you catch a cold Can cure : dizzy, sneezing & cough If you have a sign that you will catch a cold that i mention, so this medicine good for you But you can choose any kind medicine that good for you, but for me this medicine is good for me i already ate 5 tablet (follow the instruction) & my body start feeling better So last night, my body still cold & i need something warm I’m not make a video for that At the middle of the night, i decided to cooked noodles & boiled egg I ate it & make my body warm & not cold again And today my body feeling better So if you have a sign that you gonna catch a cold, you can choose those medicine or any kind medicine that good for you Take care of your health, eat fruits & drink a lot water Outside is raining


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