1. Hello hello! Welcome to another #ASMR video 💜 You guys have been asking for a positive affirmations video so I thought I would do that this week after 2 no talking videos :'). Y'all also requested a whispered version of my deep brain and scalp massage video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6H8GZPOr5c&t=563s ), so I included lots of gentle fluffy windguard scratching as well for some very sleepy sounds ~ I hope this video helps you to relax, de-stress, and just feel good about everything, which was my goal making this for you 💜Also, Happy Easter if you celebrate that! If not, I hope you enjoy your day off 🙂 Sweet Dreams & Happy Tingling ~ 💜

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  2. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I watch your videos cause it makes me feel like I have a friend with me. You are amazing. I hope you’re doing great cause you deserve it!

  3. I couldn't but my finger on what u were saying but I rember hello, welcome but I know some of it and thank you your awesome:D

  4. Glad to hear positivity! Got so much negative energy surging through me, almost like I'm cursed, bad voodoo or something! Like a black cloud.

  5. Thx this made my two minutes before falling asleep watching this A LOT BETTER! ❤️❤️❤️ (posted one minute before I fall asleep) 😴

  6. your videos are so relaxing and u r so pretty! everyday i'm here on your channel…. thank u sm! hugs from brazil 💖💖🇧🇷

  7. This is so heavenly. Thank you Caroline for the time and effort you put into your video's. Sending you mad love ❤❤❤

  8. Your nails are always so beautiful 😍! Nice video 😇
    P.S. I live in Berlin and I went to Dussmann because of your recommendation, and it’s so beautiful there! Now I‘m there a lot 😂 thank you 🙂

  9. thank you for this! lately I haven’t been in a very good mindset and this really helped. thank you for being so kind 💕

  10. This is at the top of my asmr playlist that I listen to every night lying in bed. It is the most soothing and self healing video I’ve ever listened to. Thank you.

  11. Not gonna lie, this made me smile. Thank you for this video Caroline it honestly really made me feel better about myself <3

  12. you're just saying that to make me feel good, how should i even believe you?!!! LMAO this was such a relaxing video, thank youu!!!!

  13. I usually never comment and I’m not sure if you will see this as well, but thank you so much for this! <3 I‘m currently in the process of getting diagnosed with depression after suffering from it for several years. It is incredibly mentally exhausting and I often feel like giving up on myself completely. Just hearing this gives me a little more strenght to continue on with my journey. Again, thank you so much for videos like this. It means so much! <3

  14. When she started saying 'accept yourself' and 'love yourself' did anybody else think of that vine with the homeless guy and his cardboard sign dancing naked saying basically the same thing? Lol

  15. siempre me encantan tus videos y más aún este que combina mis cosas favoritas del asmr! gracias caro❤️🇵🇷

  16. This was so helpful. I got a grade on a quiz that I didn’t like so my mood was mellow earlier today until this

  17. i love the windguards and positive whispering. makes me feel so much better. i love face touching too and youre so good at it ! pls do more !

  18. Thank you for this one. You're one of only two ASMR artists I listen to and this is one of the reasons why. Thanks again!

    Oh an idea for another vid in this category would be one with that is designed around health and being healthy.

  19. Good evening. Thank you for this. I just put my two week notice in at anxiety driven job today. I’m unsure about the future, though I know I have to separate myself from a negative work place and find something new. Change is scary, though change is good.

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