ASMR Roleplay Ear Exam with Dr Dmitri & Medication Consultation

good evening my name it's doctor Dimitri how may I help you today ah you would like me so doing your inspection is there any reason why do you are you feeling any pain or discomfort in your ears no it's just a regular routine checkup you do like your regular routine checkups oh you quite like having to see doctor Dimitri that makes me feel very happy and it's also very important that we all get regular checkups for our health and let me just look at you even one of the first things that we do is we do a visual inspection to look for any anomalies or what changes in your ears now while we don't expect your ears to be completely uniform on both sides what we'd like to do is we like to compare and look for any differences that might give me a sign or yourself a sign that there's something changing and different than something that we can do to help before we begin checkup breathing breathing breathing breathing breathing I just focus on regular breathing while I listen to your ha okay I don't see any problems with your breathing it's always good just a check I'll strongly recommend to eat just be aware the during this season of winter to try and stay healthy and avoid picking up the flu so that would be to eat some good quality foods and just be careful what it is that you're touching through your day today activities and this will help you to avoid picking up any little bacteria avoid rubbing your eyes putting your fingers in their ears your nose or your mouth and this will help greatly to avoid picking up that could develop into flu-like symptoms okay let me just have a close inspection various what I'm doing is I'm just using my fingers to look for any imperfections or my baby just going to continue this examination for all a little bit longer everything appears to be quite normal I'm not seeing any anomalies that would cause a reason for me to be concerned everything looks just fine ah yes there's a good question to ask there is a little bit of ear wax in your ears if you like I could remove some of that for you would that be okay why don't you just use this little tool which is perfectly shaped to be ever so gently just to scoop up any event wax in that you always like to do not sorrow drop it whatever it is I do I'd like to finish up this examination by having a little bit of a closer look so the conclusion to the examination is it everything looks normal all of your years have no visual signs of any problems there's no inflammation in the yeah and there was only a mine or a man of wax that I helped to remove fear if you have any other problems please don't hesitate to come to the office and see me again thank you very much hello my name is dr. Demetri please tell me my name is dr. Dmitri how may I help you today okay so you're not feeling too good can you just describe to me what it is it you're feeling we'll talk the discomfort that it is that I can try and help you with today it's okay you can tell me what it is that's causing your problem I am here to help you for any reason that you name hmm I understand you've seen some of the advertisements on TV and you'd be more interested in knowing more about it okay so there are wonderful medications available today they can help in so many different areas but what it is that you're looking at is you're looking at a medication that might help with you feeling a little bit of anxiety or depression is all right hmm is completely understandable that you're looking for something to help now while medications are a wonderful thing that can help people I question whether you're looking at something to treat the symptoms and the feelings that you're experiencing but not the root cause of why you're feeling dazed may I continue okay so I think that having a medication some of these medications are not really designed to treat that effectively in these types of situations they're more designed for other uses but one of their side effects is that they're actually quite beneficial for people that may not be feeling too good so what we should do is we should look at the root cause of why it is that you're feeling like this so while I'm not a psychologist I can't help you in that area what I can help treat is the body overall and maybe that will affect the mind to help you feel more like an understanding of why it is that you're experiencing these feelings and then you can develop tools to treat yourself because it's not like you know if you get a cut we can put some antiseptic on it we can put a band-aid or a bandage on it and the body will heal itself the body has amazing abilities to heal itself but the mind and thoughts are very very different and it's the minds and thoughts that you need to maybe change to help relieve the root cause so I would also recommend seen and experienced psychologists but what I can do is I can offer you some suggestions that you could use to help the first thing I would recommend is what are some other things that are most important for your body and one of the most important things is air I would recommend breathing in some fresh air in a natural environment surrounded by nature's colors greens and browns and blues by doing this you're putting some vital oxygen into your body and that's the first thing I would recommend is not staying inside too much but getting outside and enjoying the environment the next thing I would recommend is some clean fresh filtered water normally I would recommend and use a reverse osmosis system while it might be expensive to implement that there are places where you can get water like this it's not too expensive so good fresh air good clean water are some of the two most vital things that the body needs water and air and the third thing is fresh foods I strongly recommend trying to get foods as close to nature as possible for some vegetables and whole foods that are not processed and this will help the body to kind of normalize and sometimes when the body is out of balance some thoughts might not be in balance either so what we're trying to do is treat the problem in a wholesome way in a natural way without using medications that you may rely on to feel a certain way one of the next things I would suggest is starting some exercise I am a big believer in doing yoga and stretching stretching is a is a vital part of our body and to keep our body well balanced as we get although by sitting too long we start getting hip and back problems which start impacting quality of life quite severely for people but by doing regular exercise and stretching you will prolong the health of your body well into an old age let me tell you also about walking and running that they have an immediate benefit of the exercise and feeling good but also when you're doing that your your mind starts to come alive there's a medical research that shows now your thoughts while you're doing this type of activity are quite active and it's not uncommon for people to to solve problems and think about things quite clearly as they're walking by surrounding ourselves with technology screens finds TVs it doesn't really promote that much thought in the brain and wallets entertaining and and we and we all like it there's a point where you have to walk away and find an activity that is best for you in nature outside whether it's exercise for me spending time with friends or volunteering to help people now these are activities that can award you with so much benefit that these things may help to relieve some the symptoms because you stop thinking about problems and you allow yourself to think about helping people solving other people's problems and in return you may even solve some of your own so I strongly recommend that you think about the things that you're doing and how it may help you and you know is it beneficial for you is it beneficial for somebody else to help other people so this is something that I feel being dr. Dmitry a lot of people come to me with problems and I'm able to help a lot of people with those problems so I feel very lucky that I'm in a position to do that and I feel a satisfaction at the end of the day that knowing that I've helped people something else that's really really important is that research is coming in that the stomach in the gut and the bacteria in the gut has a connection with the brain and that the foods that you eat can actually dominate your thoughts so as an example miss sugar is are quite an addictive food I mean I understand that because it tastes good but there's a there's a different thought that the bacteria give you and so it's not a thought of tasting good it's basically thought that you need to give me more and so their gut send signals to the brain and when it sees a food with sugar or that you eat a food it wants more sugar and so then you start going into a cycle of eating sugary foods which are far from beneficial for you and then this goes down the road of processed foods and things like that and so we may not be aware of just how much control now bacteria in our stomach is causing our brain and the choices we make may be affected by the bacteria in our stomach so you know this doesn't affect people too much but there are groups of people in the world that do have conditions that the gut can have a great effect on their behavior and their actions and their thoughts so this is something to consider so probiotics are a great way to help eating fibrous foods so the bacteria have something nutritious to eat and consuming your stomach and just to be aware of that and also don't be afraid to go on I like art in two-minute fasting where you you stop eating for half a day that it activates all of these things in your body that actually promotes the healing and so don't be afraid to do some intermittent fasting I find it very beneficial to the body something else which is really really good is soreness and and and sweating so there's a thing called like a protein that is very beneficial for the body and it's kind of like a stress response we put the body under stress and then it develops I hate protein that runs around the body doing all of these fantastic and amazing things that lasts for weeks says all of these natural things that you can do that can help balance the body that will help balance the mind so I'd strongly recommend trying some of my suggestions in accordance with going to see an experienced and talking with them and trying to find a a very natural way on solving the problem that you have so I said of treating the symptoms let's treat the root cause of these thoughts and let's fix it now and forever how does that sound okay so one way out is the road to well-being for yourself the other Road should you choose to seek out the medication could lead you down a path that you may not like I would recommend you follow the road to wellness my name is dr. Dimitri how may I help you today okay we can do that for you no problems at all we can do an ear inspection for you sometimes you know we get a little bit of a buildup in our ears and it's quite fragile so I understand completely coming here to see me just to help you it's a great thing to do okay but first what I would like to do it wasn't so long ago that you were here but can I just give you just a quick little check out okay so what I'd like you to do so it's just like you just to be calm and just relax I'd like it just to take a deep breath in and breathe out breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out breathing breathing breathe out just watch it just to relax just wanna listen to your ha speaking of the examination so I'm just going to have a look at your ears just to look for any subtle differences that may be a sign of something that they could become a problem in the future okay thank you I'll put patiently waiting okay well I'm gonna do is just look at some of your just rights what we're doing I'm just looking at the ears the uniformity between both of the years you're not going to be perfect but if one yeah shows some minor variations it just helps to give us a little bit of I am and indication of anything that we might need to just monitor fear there's just a real absolutely okay so it looks like you've had just a few little piercings in the past but there's no indications of any problems there now I just have a little tool here which is perfectly shaped just for me just to help get a little bit of that wax it Senor yeah he said okay if I just give you a little bit of an ear cleaning while we're doing the inspection understand little if attention guys along Y someone I can't lay up and no one's done yet you just allow me to do a little bit more on this side – that looks much better but what I like today just to spend a little bit more time having a thorough inspection yes okay just to finish this off I'm just confused generally about just again just access not inside the e it's just around the edges that's it I think we just about done no ears looking quite clean there was a slight buildup of wax in the ears but this is very very normal in most adults especially children eze have a great function to help us self clean themselves but sometimes it just helps just to give them a little bit of a hand so it's to make sure that they're in tip-top shape because there's nothing worse than having an ear infection that's amazing I think you are definitely one of the most well serviced human beings by myself I have thoroughly enjoyed all the checkups that you allow me to get to you I want to say thank you for being an awesome patient have a nice day my name is dr. Dimitri how am i I help you today okay see you're not feeling too well you just described to me where hurts that I may help you today oh I understand so you've seen some of those advertisements on TV are recommending certain medications that may help you when you're feeling a little bit down okay first thing is that you've done the right thing by coming to see me to get a medical opinion on what would be beneficial for you okay so you're looking at what type of a medication may I talk to you about alternatives that's okay okay so while medications can be very beneficial in so many situations sometimes that certain medications may be more orientated to a certain condition but it could be markedly on TV for another condition where there might be more of a market I'm a big believer in a more wholesome and natural approach to to helping people and while doctors are absolutely fantastic for helping you in almost every little situation that can arise with your health depression and feeling bad is not something that we can treat with a hundred percent certainty if you have a cut on your finger we know that we can use an antiseptic to kill any bacteria we can paint a little bandage it up and we know that that will help the body's natural mechanics to to close the wound and to heal itself the body is an amazing tool that has all of these abilities and functions built into it they can really help you but you may think that in this situation that there's nothing that the body itself can do and it's more of the of the mind and you're kind of looking at a medication that will I hope reduce some of the negative thoughts and feelings that you're having and while it does work it's not treating the root cause of the problem do you follow where I'm going with this what I'd like to do is while I am NOT a psychologist and they may be more qualified to be able to help in matters of the mind what I can do is I can tell you things that definitely have a physiological response in your body that can affect the brain and while the psychologist may not approach it in that area they're very good in treating of the mind well I'm very good at reading at the body so what I would suggest it's the first thing that we do what's the first thing your body needs and the first thing you want to do is get some good clean air into your body I don't strongly recommend walking outside and making sure that you're surrounded by natural colors from nature and that is the first thing I would suggest now what's one of the second most important things that you need you need water I would strongly recommend that you drink highly filtered order that filters out any of the things that might be water there aren't that beneficial for your health any unwanted bacterias 13 is look at your your shelter and where it is that you spend a lot of your time and try maybe declutter it remove the dust try and reduce the dust in your home and then one of the last things that your body needs is food good clean order good clean it and we want good clean food I would strongly recommend sorry eating only foods that iris as natural as possible something straight from the ground that's crime of the tree any food that is as natural as possible eating plenty of fruit vegetables is definitely something that will help your body and what this does is it helps your body and it flushes out toxins your body could have a level of toxins in your body that could be affecting you and something that medical research is just starting to touch on is the stomach or the gut and the gut has millions and billions of bacteria in your stomach and they need food as well and you need to eat foods with lots of fiber because it's that point fiber in other fibrous foods that they got bacteria loves to eat and when you starve this gut bacteria it has a direct connection with the brain and that may increase certain thoughts that aren't that beneficial for you now these are things that we can easily do and tell their lives that have an immediate effect on your health your well-being and your mind now I think something that is also beneficial is being calm and relaxed and this is a two-fold preparation step what I would do is I would look for tools that can help you to be calm and relaxed and so there is a growing trend online it is a phenomena called ASMR and most people that I have encountered say many positive things on the calming benefits that ASMR has on people and while I don't quite understand the physiological effects of it I can see from the people that talk about ASMR their passion and their their love of the effect that it is the calming and the people involved in their community and these people are generally quite positive and friendly and that comes to our second step of the of the equation is that you need to make sure that your environment does not have people imposing negative situations on you while some situations can't be avoided like our family this is where it's up to you to try and resolve them in a calm and rational manner to try and achieve that outcome of a more zen-like state where you can be relaxed and calm now in this world it's quite difficult to do but that's where tools like that ASMR is having a little space at home that's clean and tidy that you can just relax in and that you don't have to worry about anyone invading your little space and adding to any of your frustrations that you might have and this is my suggestion for you to try and treat the root cause of the physiological effects and your environment so while I'm not qualified to really talk to you about any psychological problems I would strongly recommend that you add an experienced psychologist to your healing or ease routine to try and help maximize all of that effort that you're putting in to making yourself feel better while run to this it's a hundred percent documented medical effect is that if you add exercise to your day-to-day routines it has an immediate positive effect on your mind and your brain and your feelings and it gives you a natural sense of physical well-being that translates to the mind and it gives you many many tools and something that is really really special is it running or walking now while running and walking has a great physical effect on the body so if you can't run just walk briskly touch walk slowly put a little bit of pep in your step should we say and go walking because when you're walking something very strange happened in your brain all of these different things activate and your thoughts come alive and when you're walking it's not uncommon for you to think of resolutions to problems how you can approach situations that can they help you now these are all tools that you can use you can try one try to try any of them that you like but I strongly urge you to please try doing some of the things that I've suggested instead of turning for something which could be called a quick fix or as taking a medication may help you to sleep but is it giving you the sleep your body needs whereas if you were to do some exercise drink some water eat some good food and have a good sleep the difference in the way that you wake up is night and day it may not be at the beginning you might think after you take some medication I had a great sleep but the long-term effect is once you're reliant on taking medications that you wish that you weren't taking them and and that you're not relying on them rely on yourself to to use the tools that you have the best tool that you have is your brain now while some things aren't known coming to someone like me may give you suggestions on what may help you you know what is best for you and so I would strongly recommend you spend some time just thinking even adding some meditation something I really recommend to all people expect especially as you're getting older is incorporating yoga stretching routine into your weekly routine it helps the body to keep flexible and you don't sit or lie down for too long your body will get all stiff you need to keep moving swimming the ocean the ocean has an amazing effect on your mind and body swimming in the ocean is beautiful and if you can I would strongly recommend you do that as much as you can mm-hmm okay so I hope that I've helped you a little bit in some alternatives to seeking medications to help you to feel better because feeling better it's not it's it's a state of mind and if you do all of these more wholesome choices I believe that you have a long term happiness and wellness to your life that you will not gain using medications to treat problems of the mind thank you


  1. This has 4 parts to the video, my first recordings i failed to record video by forgetting to press record on the camera…..
    0:00 Ear Exam
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    23:23 1st recording of ear exam with no video
    36:30 1st recording of request for medication denied with no video

  2. I love this video. I have your videos on in the background on my computer while I do my work at night. It's like having a nice relaxing treat for myself even though I have to be working.

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