ASMR Roleplay – You Are Okay

sweetie honey I'm home baby hmm god I didn't call a hint to say I was on my way home hmm I hope everything's all right maybe someone is taking a much-needed nap honey are you in the bedroom hey honey honey what's wrong of course is something wrong you've been crying and honey you're shaking Shh it's all right sweetie I'm here there's nothing to be afraid of it's just you and me no no no honey honey is okay just focus on my voice okay here we go just listen okay is is it okay if I join you on the bed okay thank you honey can you can you look at me baby please oh my dear what could have happened to put you in such a state no no no no no don't apologize no you haven't done anything wrong this is not your fault okay I am right here with you by your side to help you so this mm-hmm just like all the other times we can get through this together just you and me no one else now I need you to take some deep breaths with me okay okay just concentrate on your breathing stay in the present sweetie you are safe you are here with me one more sweetheart you're doing a good job I'm proud of you honey there we are okay can I can I hold you sweetie is that okay okay thank you cut me my darling come into my arm now just lay into me I've got you you are safe you hear my arms I'm here to protect you I am not going anywhere I promise now would you like to talk about what happened no no no no it's okay Shh it's okay sweetie you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to we can talk about something else no honey no there is nothing wrong with you what you are feeling is understandable we all experienced panic and anxiousness at some point in our lives myself included but that doesn't mean we are weird and not normal you know hmm I understand what you're feeling right now heck what you feel when you have an attack like this yes it is scary it's frightening it's daunting I get it but one thing to remember is that it's not dangerous I know that may sound a bit odd but honestly it's not dangerous you cannot harm you how so well remember those exercises I said for you if ever I wasn't here mmm-hmm that's right the replacement technique or exercise replacing what are some negative images in your head with a positive one is definitely a good step to calming down from an anxiety attack me what do I do well I replace whatever negative thought or image comes into my mind with something or someone that I hold there like I could picture a beautiful sunset a gorgeous beach are having a picnic with my family or even just imagining seeing your beautiful smile of course you silly Billy why wouldn't I think if you during a time like that you do mean a lot to me you really do no no honey do not apologize for that sometimes anxiety can hit so hard so quickly we don't always have time to recognize and react straightaway but once you do see what's happening then you can take those steps just to try and calm down you know yeah I get that it does take its toll it takes a lot out of you physically and mentally and sometimes all you want to do is just just lay there on the bed on the couch on the floor and just let all the negative energy take over but I know that you are strong enough to beat it each and every time yes you are my love I believe in you I always have I always will and no matter what happens now or in the future I will never leave your side I will always be here to help you through your anxiety as best as I can you're not alone well you never will be I love you too sweetheart no no there's nothing to forgive my love you are okay you will be okay I promise


  1. I’m literally listening to this… 12:31 in the morning…..on a school night…..after texting with my girlfriend and randomly breaking down.

  2. Struggling with my past and CPTSD a lot lately. It’s isolating and lonely. Listening to you helps sooooo much in an anxiety attack. No one around me cares to understand or know what I’ve gone through in depth except those I pay. Thank you for providing that “weighted blanket” for myself and others to at least calm down enough to lay back down. It means so much more than I can begin to say.

  3. Mama: sweetie….? Your shaking…

    Me: I c-can’t…

    Mama: shh sh sh sh shhh it’s ok sweetie…. calm down…

    Me: but I-

    Mama: shhhh….relax baby….

    This really calmed me down. Couldn’t even bring myself to speak. Your shushing makes me sleepy!

  4. My girlfriend left me around 8 months ago, whenever I would have an anxiety attack, she would say things like this. I miss her so much 😭💔💔

  5. My God, I wish someone loved me like this. Having anxiety and depression sucks, it's a terrible struggle. I kinda want someone to call me a "silly billy" too 😁 that was so cute. I really enjoy your videos, thank you for that.

  6. Hi, Can yoou do one where child wakes p with a tummy ache? My auntie rubbed my tummy to help me go to sleep when I was little 🙂 TY!

  7. I thank you ever so much for making these videos, especially because my mom, whenever I'm having an anxiety attack, she just tells me to get on with it and sends me up into my room. If I come back down still panicking, she shouts at me. Sometimes I even pass out in my room because I can't get my breathing right. Thank you so much for this video Mama Nightblossom! <3

  8. i get anxiety too
    the hospital gives me anxiety
    someone yelling at me gives me anxiety
    my family and friends fighting gives me anxiety too

  9. Thank you so much omg 😭 i messed up by accidentally callin someone i wasnt supposed to and it tossed me into a panic attack at 3 AM this helped me so much you absolute Angel

  10. You Will probably not read this but could you please make one for people with a fear of intimacy ? These types of video's tend to help but i have never seen one made for that

  11. I jus had a little idea but this is one i don't find that many asmr vids that really cover eating disorders which i have dealt with quite a bit personally and i would really love it if you made a vid about one but of course it's completely up to you

  12. As someone who's diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers, anxiety is almost a given for me, to the point where I've had two emotional meltdowns at my workplace, one which nearly cost me my job. When I found your channel, courtesy of Shadowy Whispers, I couldn't help but feel as if you're doing people like me an honest service with these comforting ASMR videos. I genuinely hope you keep on going with these videos.

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