(ASMR) The Lost World: Bedtime Story To Help Overcome Anxiety: Hypnotic Bedtime Story For Grown Ups

if you end up liking this video and finding it helpful then give it a thumbs up and leave your comments below about what your experiences are of using this video and also if you haven't already click the subscribe button and the Bell button near the subscribe button so that you can be kept informed when future videos like this go live now this isn't at our bedtime story about a lost kingdom so as you listen to me you can begin to drift comfortably asleep while you drift comfortably asleep so I'll just talk in the background and my voice can just drift off in the background and died you as you follow the story and while you drift asleep just allow your eyes to comfortably close make sure you're comfortable in bed at the moment one day you go out on a large research ship you go out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there's many days and nights journey out the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on this ship as you survey as you go and you have a whole team with you doing different science research and then after a number of days and nights of bobbing up and down on the ocean two giant waves you find legendary calm spots in the ocean part of what you're here to study is why this one specific spot which is only about a mile wide seems to always remain totally calm while the water around it can be rough and choppy somehow anyways seem to cancel out at the border of this mile wide circle of a layer of water and the sky above this spot always seems to remain cloudless and there seems to be no current directly beneath this section the one theory was or perhaps as a weird current maybe currents from other places meet in this one location push against each other and cancel each other out but if they do that there's literally no current the water is totally still in this location also the plan is to get into submarine and be lowered down by the boat but a mile under the ocean and you get slowed down by the boat and you untethered from the boat and lowering yourself down to the bottom of the ocean in this area while the boat will travel around the area survey using different techniques to gain as much information about this area as possible and so you get into the submarine and the first thing you notice is how small the spaces in the submarine it feels snug and perfectly comfortable and there are windows all around you and computer screen controls that seems slightly too low to easily reach but when you sit into the chair you can just about reach them all but they keep out the way of much of the windows you have a colleague who gets into the submarine with you and then the door gets shut on the roof it sounds like an airlock as it's being closed then you hear a crackling voice on the radio asking if you're ready for launch and you reply to let them know you are then you feel a jolt as the crane hoping the submarine starts moving and then another jolt as it lifts you up off the deck of the boat and while up you notice a slight feeling of swinging just a very light swinging feeling as you're off the sir and through the windows you can see the boat moving off to the side as the crane swings you round out over the water and then the crane starts lowering you down towards the water and even though you've got thick walls between you and the outside you can hear the low rumbling of the crane it lowers you down towards the water and as a thud as the submarine hits the surface of the water and it rocks on the water before starting to lower beneath the waves and as it lowers the water rises up the window and when the water is about halfway up the window the submarine starts bobbing up and down slightly and the crane releases and you see the arm of the crane going back to the boat then you hear some beeping coming from the controls and the sonar beeping and you check all the controls are ok you check that everything is ok with the submarine asked if you're ready to proceed down you acknowledge that you are and flick a switch then the submarine begins to lower letting out some bubbles if it starts its descent lowering and learn deeper and deeper into the ocean and you're aware this is going to be a long trip deeper and deeper into the ocean and it descends slowly and all you can do is just gaze out the windows while it's descending and just check the controls make sure everything's going smoothly you gaze at the windows and you see fish sharks and other sea creatures while you're still quite close to the surface it's quite bright and lit up an incredibly clear water here and you can see for a long distance all around you and it continues to descend and gets darker but when you look upwards you can see the shimmering of the surface and shards of light dancing under the sea and shoals of fish and other animals swimming among the light rays when you look down it's just black and dark and you continue descending and you can hear the rumble of the motor as the submarine descends deeper and deeper into the abyss and the submarine continues its journey down when you track all controls and all systems everything's working perfectly fine you continue your descent after about three quarters of an hour of descending looking up you can't see anything it's just black looking down you can't see anything it's just black you turn on your lights of the sub they're incredibly powerful but they seem to be eaten by the inky blackness you see the occasional flash of light and movement you can't quite see what's making the flash of light a movement but you know there are many creatures down here who create their own light then after a few hours you start to see the bottom approaching you and it's a pure white soft looking bottom almost like pure white sand but without being out to touch it you don't know for sure and it's incredibly calm and as you approach it so your sub motors turn up some of that white soft sediment and you hover just a meter or two from the bottom and you turn off the motor and just let it offer there you've got buoyancy just right and when you do so you have some beeping coming from the inside and the occasional noise like distant whales travel through the boat through this submarine but other than that it's incredibly peaceful quiet with very little movement outside and you scan the area trying to find out what's so special with this place and that doesn't seem to be anything special according to your scans but somehow the water is still here and then you do a scan looking for magnetic fields and you pick up a magnetic field that seems unusual coming from some nearby outcrop of rocks so you islet the sub over to those rocks to explore further and as you arrive there you notice while going around the rocks that's a really powerful magnetic field coming from these rocks and the cave heading into the rocks and your colleague is keen to point out that it wouldn't be sensible to go into the cave but you're aware of how long you can stay down for in the submarine and you see it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so you pilot submarine into the cave and you follow the cave system it's incredibly wide almost like these rocks which are a bit like almost underwater mountains in size a virtually Hollow as you follow the system then you notice something unusual you're in somewhere that should be pitch black and the lights on this up should be the only light source and yet in the distance you can see light and you wonder whether its reflection somehow from your light maybe on a certain surface or something in the distance and you head towards it and it heads upwards so you follow it upwards and you start ascending within this cave and as you're starting to ascend you notice what looks like a flat surface like the surface of the ocean but it can't be because it's in a cave and so you ascend and then find that it does break the surface and you look up through the windows of the sod then you can see just blackness way up above you like there's plenty of space way above you and yet their light almost like daylight off in front of you looking like there's a cave tunnel that leads towards that daylight and being curious you decide to exit the sub and your colleague says they'll stay where they are keep it on the sub and be there to collect you when you come back and you notice the air in here is breathable and seems fresh and you colleague pilots the sub as close to the land as possible you jump across and land on the edge of the tunnel and you follow the tunnel towards the light and as you follow it and you turn a corner you suddenly see this vast world open up before you as like giant hillsides or mountainsides around the outside near you and it's like you've just come out of a cave halfway up a mountain and before you you can see what looks like a vast rainforest and you're just above the tree lines and then distance you can see the river you can see a lake and it appears like you've appeared in a valley and you see what looks like birds flying around you wonder how this can be you're over a mile under the sea how can that be birds flying around how can there be a forest how can this be lit up as if it's a forest on the surface of the earth you check your radiation detector and it's detecting the higher level of radiation then you previously were exposed to and you realize that somewhere way up in the roof of this cave system is dense radioactive elements that are glowing brightly but generating the brightness almost as bright as the Sun from when you're on the earth on the surface and it's generating heat there's so much of it on the roof of this cave system that is generating heat throughout the cave system it's generating weather is generating light and the energy that it's pumping out is being used by all these plants and animals and you don't know how it ended up like this how it could have ended up like this how these kind of plants and animals could end up under the ocean that's something to study and figure out for another day you're just so intrigued you want to climb down and explore as you climb down the mountain and notice these plants don't look like anything you've seen before when you go to grab hold of the vines on your journey down some of them seem to pull away from you most as if they're conscious and aware of you grabbing hold of them and you get to the floor and you can hear different noises that you are sure the noises of animals as you walk around this lost world and you notice that the birds you saw aren't birds like flying lizards and there are tiny little animals tiny little mammals running around all over the place climbing trees jumping and almost flying from one tree to another with flaps of skin between their legs there are colorful lizards look almost like parrots there are lizards that like they have four wings there are lizards that look like have stretches of skin on their arms and legs that when they jump and stretch their arms and legs out create wings that they can fly within flap a bit like bats and you hear some rumbling and thudding and you continue to explore and as you explore and walk around aware that you're probably the only person who has ever seen this place you notice a long-necked Karki coloured dinosaur eating leaves then you see there's another one and another one there's a whole herd of them and then everything goes still and you climb a tree curious why everything's gone still while the animals have stopped making sounds why the herbivores have stopped eating stopped chewing and of just frozen then you hear the sound of an out-breath a really powerful snort out and you look at where you think that sound came from and you stare really intently trying to figure it out you see what looks like a giant eye before suddenly mottled Brown neveress heavily toothed dinosaur that resembles a t-rex comes bursting out from the tree line across a meadow dariya towards the giant long necked herbivores and they start running and knocking down trees as if they're matchsticks and the t-rex like creature lunges at one of the small herbivores probably a young herbivore manages to get its neck and get it to the ground and pin it down and the others just keep running and after about 30 seconds is like it's all over with the t-rex like creature has its meal and the others are carrying on eating like nothing at all has happened and then you head down to the river and you follow that river and you wonder curiosity what could be in the river don't get too close just in case is anything dangerous to you but you want to watch notice and you see animals on the surface you see flies other insects and dragonflies and you suspect that down here all this plant life generates a huge amount of oxygen and so everything can grow huge down here and then you see long necked dinosaurs under the water and you head to the lake and see them swimming out into the lake and you smile with the thought that it's a bit like Nessie and so you watch those swimming dinosaur looking creatures for a while and after a while you decide it's time they head back to the sub and you take your time to very carefully knowing what's out here now find your way back towards the sub you take a number of photos sure that most people probably won't believe you when you tell them what you've seen down here and you head back to the sub you head back climbing back up that mountain back to the cave entrance and you're aware that somehow this ecosystem seems to work seems to exist and the only thing stopping is interacting with the outside world is nothing would be able to make it up to that cave and anything that could get into the cave wouldn't be able to swim out of the cave into the open ocean and even if it swam to the open ocean somehow it would be over a mile under the water and if it crashed and wouldn't make it to the surface and you wonder whether somehow the dense radioactive material that makes up the inside of these mountains here these hollow mountains whether that radioactive material somehow is influencing currents somehow perhaps has so much warmth some of heat it's generating molten iron maybe is generating a magnetic field which penetrates to the surface and circles around maybe that's such a strong magnetic field or maybe there's a certain resonance that works almost like a force field pretend protecting and preventing water from bubbling around having waves within that magnetic field and it was just a hypothesis but it's more to explore in the future so you get back in the submarine you tell your colleague what you discovered you show the photos when you show the photos of the large dinosaur attacking the long-necked dinosaur your colleague decides even though they're very curious they're not that curious that they'd want to face running the risk of being eaten by one of them and you find your way back out of the cave system back into the open ocean before taking a number of hours – very slowly and relaxed send to the surface and you send to the surface on autopilot and as you do you take that time to recline back which you know has to ascend at a certain speed it's going to take hours and you recline back put on a face mask some headphones to make everything quiet and you drift comfortably asleep


  1. Love this one. I think it had waves and then bam. Out like a light. Thank you. I’m not sure if it’s the accent or the cadence of your voice but you are really good at this!

  2. I haven't been able to sleep for more than 3 hours every night for three years do to hallucinations, until i found your videos! Now i can sometimes sleep up til 10 hours at night and i am truly grateful for this!
    Thank you for taking time and helping others!! You are saving my sanity!

  3. Well, I would like to tell if I liked your bedtime stories, but the issue is that I don’t know… I just fall asleep quite quickly… Anyway, lately I’ve been in a stressful situation and I had trouble sleeping… thanks 🙂

  4. Wonderful story and finding these incredibly helpful. Just wondering if the brain still reacts to the subliminal messages if you fall asleep before the end.

  5. These are so well done and so helpful thank you so much… the stories are so seemingly simple yet so sophisticated in helping you fall asleep

  6. Thank you so much for your adult bedtime stories, they put me right to sleep and I sleep so well. Very very grateful!!

  7. Ok…after months of searching and failing… this is the ONLY thing that has been able to calm my mind of insomnia. Thank you!

  8. I'm thankful this had captions. I wish I could actually hear the background(i am deaf), but other than that I love your bedtime stories❤

  9. I've been listening to hypnosis and guided meditation videos every night for the past…. 7 yrs and 6 months. Michael Sealey and Jodi Whitely, etc. I needed a change of pace and I really dislike "The Honest Guys" channel or any commercial type channel. Your videos are very appreciated and I like your style. Keep it up, Dan 🙂

  10. Wonderful story, thank you! Now what if… you did like a scary story because Halloween is coming up? I mean you'd probably have to put warnings, ect. I think it would be fun?

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