1. I just viewed the video and found it insightful and thorough. The video is not too long and each topic had enough information to help me with my work. I would love if you did several more examples of various DSM-5 diagnosis, treatment plan, and outcomes. Thank you for sharing and your time.

  2. i have a research about Clinical social work, you were huge help and a reliable source of information, thanks a lot.

  3. I loved your video! You are absolutely right about students are asked to do biopsychosocial, assessment, and diagnosis and we are clueless to what we are doing. I have to do a diagnosis tomorrow on an involuntary client. What and how do I get started when I first sit down with my client? Do I start with engagement again, and then reflex on some things we have talked about in our previous sessions? And then tell him my diagnosis ( Mild depression) and talk about treatment alternatives? Please help!

  4. Is there a limit to what an LCSW can diagnose as compared to a Psychiatrist, or can they diagnose someone just as a psychiatrist can? Also, do most facilities use LCSWs or psychiatrists to diagnose people? I’m working on my masters degree and plan to start my LCSW hours soon after 🙂

  5. Am I wrong in my understanding that social workers, including licensed and doctorate level social workers can not actually diagnose a client. The official diagnosis from the DSM should come from a psychiatrist or psychologist, correct? Is this “diagnosis” section just for practice of DSM knowledge??

  6. It is okay, but can be improved on to make it easy for coming up Social Workers to get the clear picture. Watch my video on Social Work Diagnose Cases.

  7. I would appreciate feedback from viewers that recommends improvements to this video. This is perhaps too long. Thank you for viewing and I appreciate any input you are willing to share.

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