AstraZeneca Accelerates Pharmaceutical Science with the Cloud

(peaceful music) – At AstraZeneca, we’re
using NetApp technology in the data fabric. It doesn’t matter where the data is. We’re getting out of the whole paradigm of saying Azure, Google
Cloud Platform, or AWS. We’ve got an AZ cloud. The reason why the data fabric element of hybrid multi-cloud
was important for us, was the movement of work loads from say, a private cloud to a public cloud. The benefit that brings
for the AZ business is that the scientists and the sectors know that the data’s gonna
be available at all times. The biggest pain point for us prior to the hybrid multi-cloud capability was data conversion, ’cause not all the public cloud vendors host their data the same way. What data fabric allows us to do is effectively run the app in the cloud, so that we don’t have to
do any of that conversion. We can move the data between on prem and the public cloud and start the service as
quickly as under 10 minutes. If you think from a DR or HA
perspective or data protection, the data fabric assures that we don’t inappropriately
lose any data. The data strategy is totally future proof. And the way that we make
sure that it is future proof is we don’t stop. It’s a constant driving of
innovation in that space. We take advantage of the next generation. The app innovation is there and will extend the data fabric into any one of the public clouds. I’m Scott Hunter. I’m the Global Infrastructure
Services Director for AstraZeneca. (cheerful music)

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