Asuka Murata, Physician Assistant

My name is Asuka Murata, I’m a physician assistant
at Oregon Clinic, GI South. I’ve always wanted to be in
health care since childhood. I don’t remember exactly
when that moment came to me but I do remember in college,
when I was really looking into what kind of medical
profession I want to go into, like, do I want to go to
medical school, dental school, PA school, physical therapy,
when I was really looking into my options I decided to
become a physician assistant because I really value
spending time with my patients, and I really wanted to help
the underserved population to improve their quality
of health care and access and their quality of life essentially. I think it’s very important
to listen to my patients very carefully and understand
their unique situations. Everyone has different
types of symptoms and how they describe it, and how it affects them, so I think listening to my
patients is very important. And along with that everyone
has different needs, so tailoring their care individually for their unique needs is
I think very important. When I’m not at work, I like
to bake, I like to hike. Portland’s great for hiking. I like to go skiing in the winter, I like to, exploring new
restaurants in Portland is definitely one of my favorite weekend activities, and I like to swim.

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