ATMC Graduate Tapers Off Of Opiates and Meth and Comes To Terms With Past Traumas

Hi, I’m Jarrett. Prior to coming to ATMC I
was suffering from drug addiction I was suffering from some emotional trauma
that has continued to plague my development as into adulthood. Prior to
coming to ATMC I was using heroin and methamphetamine and I had been using
off and on for the last ten years I’ve had frequent periods of sobriety and
also frequent periods of active addiction. What ATMC has really helped
me with is just a holistic approach to recovery. I’ve been to several other
treatment programs that have really focused on one particular area,
what I really enjoy about ATMC is their all-around holistic approach; emotional
spiritual physical, all wrapped into one program that doesn’t deal with my
problem which was addiction through one particular mechanism, it was a very
supportive program. ATMC has helped me in a variety of different ways, they’ve
helped me emotionally, I’ve had issues with anger in the past. This anger was
helped and I felt supported by ATMC with the counselors. Bob and Dr.
Libby both have a different approach to certain things, which I really resonated with Bob because Bob has a very mindful approach to his his therapy and I really
resonated with Bob with regards to that because of my background I frequently
meditate I practice yoga so it was really nice to talk with somebody who
had that same spiritual background and have that rapport with somebody when
dealing with particular issues. And working with Dr. Libby you know, I feel
really grateful for the methods that she used because throughout all of the
programs that I’ve done through all the the work
done around recovery I have yet to meet somebody that has been able to provide
me with the support with dealing with the trauma that I had suffered when I
was a child. The overall experience of the Detox Shoppe was, you know I didn’t
really know what to expect, I knew that we were gonna be doing some pretty
unique treatments but I really had a profound experience there. We were
exposed to infrared sauna, we were exposed to different supplements that
were going to help us detox, we had wonderful smoothies,
we were pampered with all these different treatments like ionic foot
baths, facials, so my overall experience was phenomenal. Wonderful supportive
staff, Lotus, she runs the whole Detox Shoppe and she’s always asking us how
we’re doing always checking in on us. Gail, who was our sauna coach who
recently just left, but bless her heart, she was always in there in the sauna
with us, always making sure we had enough water the the diverse treatments that we
were supported with, like Sarah with Reiki, I can’t remember her name but she
does B.E.S.T. which is a a subconscious treatment modality that helps people
work through difference subconscious blockages, we were also exposed to
aromatherapy, so my overall experience; I mean I’m floored with the amount
of support that we received there. I would say the most helpful of the
evening groups at ATMC was our group with with Frank. Frank was nice enough to
share a documentary that he was featured in called Let Me Be Frank I believe
that’s the name, and it’s on Netflix his groups were really, they were just real, I
really enjoyed his humor I enjoyed the fact that he would try to include
everybody in the group and it just gave us a really good chance to check in for
the week and just to get a good sense of
where everybody was at, how we could be supportive with one another. Another
group that I really enjoyed was Relapse Prevention with John. Relapse has been a
part of my recovery and with each relapse I like to learn new tools and
techniques that other people offer that have an extended period of recovery and
sobriety and John has a wonderful vocabulary and he has such a
wonderful ability to connect with all the residents and how supportive he is
and so between those two I feel like I can’t really give one or the other… I
mean even our sessions with Dustin were great, I mean he has such a great
sense of humor and he’s such a great person to relate with and has a, you know,
really good insight on his own path and recovery and how he can relate it to
other people that are going through the program. So my favorite things at ATMC,
I don’t even know where to begin, really this program has been such a
wonderful experience for me in my journey. I didn’t really know what to
expect coming into this program at ATMC. I had a good idea of what it
might look like based upon the information on the website but with the
support and, I mean things between, like, you know, the first day I came in I had a
wonderful meal, it was organic non-gmo was free from gluten soy dairy and then
that’s how I eat at home so it’s nice to walk into a place where I
was like okay this is familiar and then from there it just got better and better I mean you go in and you have a wonderful camaraderie
with the people that are here you go to the Detox Shoppe and it’s just a wonderful
experience, the counseling with Dr. Libby and Bob provided me with
insight that I have yet to gather with all of the the previous therapies that
I’ve been involved with. We have wonderful outings on the weekends we go
on these beautiful hikes that the wonderful nature of Sedona and we’re
really grateful to be in this area. The groups are great the people are
great the staff is wonderful super supportive so there are so many things
that I could talk about as far as my favorite my favorite ads as far as being
at ATMC but all of it is just like a wonderful experience.
I feel so supported with my transition home from ATMC. Ever since I got here
I’ve talked a lot with John, my care manager and Bob every
week about what I’m gonna do when I get home cuz that has always been the
question how can i integrate what I’ve learned into my everyday life and
they’ve provided me with so many resources as far as counseling when I
get home life coaching when I get home continuing the supplement protocol which
was a really big piece of my my stay here at ATMC, so I feel really supported,
I feel really confident going back home with the resources that
they provided me with. I myself was in a really dark place before coming to ATMC
and after looking at it I was really intrigued and I am so glad that I took
the opportunity to come down to Sedona and start my healing journey at here at
ATMC. I would recommend this program above any other program in the country
frankly it has such a unique holistic approach to recovery whether that’s
recovery from depression anxiety drug addiction
it is so supportive in every aspect, the staff is really supportive as far as
your needs like for instance I am a really physical person and I like to
work out and I made that clear when I first got here and they took me to the
gym at 5 o’clock every single day they made it a priority to take me on hikes
so they’re super supportive they listen and as far as all of the other
treatments that are involved it helped me transform my views on my past traumas and it helped me really address the
issues that have haunted me for the past 10 years of my life. I would recommend
this program I’ve gone through my fair share of treatment programs but this one
is a standalone way above the rest because of how unique it is you don’t
feel like you’re stigmatized you don’t feel like you don’t you’re not playing
with shame or guilt it’s a place of support and healing.

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