ATMC Success Story: ATMC Graduate Discusses What A Typical Day At ATMC Is Like.

ATMC was really unique and different
that they touch on healing the mind body soul aspect we had all different types
of therapies that ranged from art therapy to hiking out in the land to
doing group therapies to everyday if we wanted to we could go to the gym
a typical day during a typical day would look like you wake up early in the
morning we all eat breakfast which was made right in front of us and then we
would go to the Detox Shoppe and we would do the sauna therapies and do the Med
Spa for several hours and then go back to the house the main house and eat
lunch all together take our supplements have a little bit to rest and then
usually in the afternoons we would do some sort of physical activity and go
out into the land and hike or go to the gym or do individual therapies or group
therapies and then we would have dinner and then usually at night we would have
another group activity

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