ATMC Success Story – Donna

The reason that I sought out
ATMC is that I was dealing with major depression at home, the last five years I was
on numerous psychiatric meds none really working to any avail, and I
had four hospitalizations and things got worse and my life became more isolated
and I just didn’t have much purpose or enjoyment in life so I knew I needed
extra help. My overall experience at the Detox Shoppe was very good. Lotus, who heads it up is a wonderful caring lady, she runs it in such a expert
way. There’s sauna there, back room services, all to deal with detoxifying
the body and also relaxation. My most helpful group in the evenings was with
John who is the Program Director. He taught us a lot of ways to deal with
what we’re going through in life and he just was a man with a wealth of knowledge
for me to take home. I do feel that I have been supported a great deal from
this program. The discharge; they helped you pick out therapists and
you’re offered to follow-up with life coaching and just get you in the right place so
when you’re back home you can continue your life, continue to heal. There’s
also supplements that you could take home and have them sent you monthly to
continue being on that would be helpful with your overall
health. My favorite things that I enjoyed at ATMC, some of it had to do with the
interaction with other residents and realizing that we’re all struggling in
our own ways and also I had a lot of interconnection with certain caregivers
who were a huge support to me and I’ll remember them for my life. Those are you
who are struggling with your mental health issues, I recommend that you look
into ATMC, I found them to be the place that I needed with their holistic
approach of helping me get off my psychiatric meds and learning so much
about the chemistry of our brain and how our body interacts with our brain and
also learning tools to just help us in our recovery on our return home. I’m very
grateful to ATMC, they have really helped me a lot.

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