ATMC Success Story – Jackie

so well led me to come to ATMC was I
had just undergone a manic episode and about I would say two months prior
to coming into ATMC I started my manic episode and I was first put into the
mental hospital where they then put me on abilify
and then after that mental hospital stay which was five for five days I went home
and I thought I had conquered that part of the manic episode but I apparently I
had not I’ve never been on medication for more than I don’t know
just my mental hospital stay so I did taper myself off cold turkey and that
was not such a great idea so I got off the abilify immediately after I came out
of the hospital and then I went right back into another manic episode and this
time it was a lot heavier and I was in to the mental hospital again where they
then put me on even higher doses and even on even more medication which was
Thorazine and Haldol and lithium and I was on very high doses but then again I
was this is when we found orthomolecular therapy after my second stay at the
mental hospital I tapered self off cold turkey again by coming off of Haldol and
Thorazine and lithium and that again was not a good idea but it was replaced by
lithium orotate and then again I thought I had conquered that but the supplement
that I’m so excited but it would I tapered myself off too quickly and I
came back out I didn’t know how to use the supplements correctly i and i again
ended up in the hospital for another for a third time and there I was put on
lithium depakote and Haldol and cogentin and I was again in the mental so I
had been in the mental hospital now that was three times prior to coming to ATMC
and I came on here I came on I was on deaf echo and Haldol and cogentin and I
had switched lithium carbonate over to lithium
so I didn’t come over with that but that’s what was going on in my life I
was just undergoing this manic episode and I was on and off all these different
kinds of meds and I was just kind of feeling helpless and like I needed
medication to kind of control and stave off this manic episode and that’s
something that I knew I didn’t want to live my life on because I’ve been I just
knew that’s just not the way for me and I was so grateful to hear that I was
gonna come to ATMC to taper off correctly and just really undergo a
spiritual journey so my overall experience at the Detox Shoppe was one
that I will never forget I absolutely love the staff there including Katy
Lotus and Michelle like I’ll never forget Katy coming in the mornings to
come get me and make sure that I was feeling all right and not for the detox
shop and just always encouraging me till I keep going in the sauna I didn’t think
I was gonna get up to two hours and Katy just kept pushing me to go there and I
absolutely adore Katy and Lotus oh my gosh I cannot say enough good things so
hello it is like I connected with her so well she just she knew what to say she
knew how to keep things going in a bubbly fun manner and she just she was
so professional but so kind and so patient and just so empathetic that I’ve
never met a human quite like Louis before and Michelle is just such a dear
always just hanging there like providing the foot bath and just being so loving
it was just at the deep talk shop I felt very loved and very taken care of and
very blessed to be there even though at times there was moments I didn’t want to
be in the sauna for two hours but it was just like you know it was nice to just
see Katy making the smoothies I was in the infrared sauna and I would just kind
of pop Katy was like my entertainment when I was sure to make the smoothies
and do the ice and she made her jobs everyone there made their jobs look so
easy I was just so grateful that I could just sit back and walk
and just detox so that’s great it was an amazing experience it felt amazing to be
there and the detox shock because the energy was phenomenal but the staffs
energy was just amazing so at the Detox Shoppe shop and included the sauna for two
hours and then it included ionic foot baths and magnesium lavender baths and
when I was detoxing it was it was definitely a spiritual like detox as
well under an emotional detox because there was times where it was just like I
was I wasn’t just sweating just a sweat I was sweating to get out all this
negativity and all of this fear and anxiety and anger because when I’m in
the sonnet all you can do is really like just sit there in 140 degrees and your
mind starts to race and it starts to wonder and it can easily get anxious and
it can easily get worried but there I was able to like the staff was able to
just come together and just always keep me calm always keep me happy always just
ensure that I was detoxing just getting ready for life you know I was just
detoxing everything that was making me scared and making me worried and it was
it did go beyond just sweating and I did go beyond just being in the sauna it
went on to a deeper levels we had five evening groups and they were all
extremely helpful so but the most helpful of the evening groups from me
was Dustin’s seven o’clock group on Tuesdays he was amazing he just was able
to hold space in such a profound manner and this past Tuesday I actually are
yeah before leaving I was really anxious and nervous about going into another
manic episode but it was just we did this exercise and thing like what do
what is it that we want to get rid of in our lives and I did want to get rid of
the mania but it does seem needed a point like when we want to get rid of
something that there’s a void and what do we want to fill that
void with and I was always afraid that whatever I feel that my manic void with
would always just continue the cycle of mania but the way he was able to
approach me and assuage my fears of getting manic again was it was
unbelievable because I was just able to be just stand there with me and just
allow me to realize that you know what it’s okay to be in the moment and it’s
okay to go ahead to get manic but you’re gonna have more tools to deal with it
and the tools I learned at a TMC were crucial in my understanding that I’m
ready to go home and ready to like I’m prepared for this man for this man manic
episode if it should happen again as I’ve realized here that I’ve come to
realize here that I’m stronger than any manic episode in my transition back home
I feel completely supported like for that’s what I was I would always talk
about being here just talked about with my care manager my therapist it was
trying to develop that plan of safety and that how can I create that a plan of
security and safety for myself and I feel so blessed to have been able to
come here and develop that security net because absolutely I have a family that
loves me I have as the staff here immediately embraced me and I always
felt supported here and I know most people aren’t able to experience that
because they’re they feel alone in their plight and I was so blessed to just be
cared for and loved and be supported so yes I completely feel support like
support in my transition home and in my transition here the tools that I learned
here were to like had a lot to do with self love and self regulation and it was
just like coming back to a Center and being in the and being very mindful and
being very trusting of like that I’m going to be able to I know myself well
enough to identify the the symptoms of the manic episode and it
was just a matter of being able to communicate that with my support system
such as my family and especially my mom and my dad and what I’ve been taught
here is that it’s okay to ask for help and to reach out and to advocate for
yourself and I’ve learned that not everything’s going to be perfect and not
everything’s gonna be solved overnight in a manic episode isn’t going to be
solved by just isn’t going to be solved overnight it’s gonna take time and it’s
gonna feel like it’s gonna never go away but what I’ve learned here is that by
living in the present moment and by acknowledging what it is that you’re
going through that you will be able to get past even your darkest moment I
absolutely loved everything about my stay at ATMC I love seeing the
housekeeper’s in the morning they always had such a cheerful and bright demeanor
and I loved the my bed it was always made for me that was amazing I loved the
grounds that the ground I would always see the groundskeeper maintaining the
pool maintaining the the garden and it was just such an idyllic setting that
there was nothing really here that I can beat that created anxiety and that
created worry however it was quite interesting to me to see that people
here still had that anxiety and still had that worry and I still had my fears
but what ATMC does such a great job of doing is I’m meeting people where they
were at and I enjoyed that I was able to always reach out for help when I needed
to and I was able to always take here was a day where every day was a mental
health day you were able to just meet yourself where you were at and do
whatever it is that you needed to do to respect yourself and center yourself and
relax yourself so there’s not I absolutely loved it there was no one
particular thing that I can say that really what I loved more that I loved
more than another it was just the fact that I was able to do whatever it is I
needed to do to heal myself in this an ATMC created an amazing environment and
cultivated an amazing environment to do that if you’re considering ATMC do not
even consider just come here like you just it’s a must if you’re able to it is
probably the best thing you could do for yourself it honestly the message that I
would like to just say it’s just keep keep the faith while I was here like
there was moments where it always felt like I was in the right place but it was
it got difficult at times to the point where I wasn’t happy with certain things
about myself I was just like I don’t think I can do this I was losing faith
in myself and I was not sure if I could go on like this because there was this
journey was the more of a spiritual Odyssey and it’s something that no one
should take lightly but it’s honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever
had and you shouldn’t consider anything else other than a TMC if you’re trying
to get off your medication if you’re trying to just get get yourself
rebalance this is the place where you cultivate mindfulness cultivate self
compassion and love and you just really learn to find yourself here and I really
believed that a TMC would help a lot of people with their goals

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