Auburn’s new PSX Macro CT X-Ray Vault

This is state-of-the-art x-ray computed
tomography characterization unit and it involves making two dimensional x-ray
pictures of a subject of interest and doing that in 360 degrees of rotations
and then reconstructing that into a 3d representation of what you’re imaging. We have a grant through NIST which is
the National Institute of Standards and Technology operated by the Department of
Commerce and that grant enabled us to purchase this unit and begin to provide
metrology and other information that NIST can use and their standardization
efforts as well as support our standardization efforts in our additive
manufacturing effort here at Auburn. It’s important because we can identify
defects made during the fabrication process and we can confirm internal
dimensions and structures and quality of what we built over all
without destroying it so we can scan it and use it. It’s a real game-changer
because when we’re building something by additive manufacturing then all
of its wonderful benefits is that while you’re building your component it’s
difficult to monitor what’s happening and if you have a defect that you don’t
find until well after you’ve built it then it’s a very cost and inefficient way
to build so being able to detect and determine the conditions where critical
defects form is an area where additive manufacturing is going and so the
engineers here at Auburn we have the additive team we’ve designed and built
our own additive manufacturing machines that we can put inside and monitor the
additive process while it’s happening by shooting these x-rays through and
looking at the the changes in structure and other characteristics important to
building things with additive manfufacturing.

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