Aultman Hospital – OB/GYN Residency Program (Ohio Medical Education)

normal day at almond hospital depends what service you're on but start off with OB so just labor and delivery if you're a junior you're running the floor so you're in charge of everything you check in patients you have a triage your people for labor anybody that's in labor you're responsible for checking them every couple hours to make sure they're changing you actively manage them the medication to augment their labor as a first year be the first assist on every single c-section so the private attendant comes in and they have their own patient you're gonna go inside the table and you'll be doing your c-section everything that is there are times when I got here I quickly realized that the number of surgical cases was vast a lot a lot greater than programs around here and then throughout the states I actually I interview all the way from from New York to Louisiana and so the number of cases here that even interns first-year residents were doing was tremendous and so I think that's one of the advantages that we have here is that we are very well surgical training we do have a Jew enema colleges on staff who actually works with us and he happens to be a protractor but it's at teaching and learning for me in terms of centrical numbers there's we have a vast number of deliveries every year and so you will never have too many to sort of too few of those and our obstetric Lee unit is actually just the built in 2007 and so it got all the guides that you need and of course our staffing all the ancillary services that we have tremendous here I rotated all over the country to try and find surgical experience that you can get Commonwealth Alderman and I didn't find it I went to the universities I found I went to community hospitals as well but enough nothing compares to how much of our time you get and how much you get to work with these items and how much responsibility they give you and how much they let you do

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