Austin, Bachelor of Science, Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

My name is Austin, I’m a second year
co-op student in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. My name is
Austin as well, I’m also a Biological Pharmaceutical Chemistry and I’m in my
fourth year. Hey, I’m Chris I’m in my fourth year here at Guelph and BPCH. I knew
that I was interested in the pharmaceutical industry and other than
the campus, it was the stipulation that co-op was offered in this program. But
it’s just like the uniqueness of the program that kind of caught my eye. I
really like I guess the curriculum for this program, because no other school really
offers a mixture of chemistry and biochemistry whereas this program you
could get into it right from high school, so it was just really unique that I
could learn about synthesis of drugs and different theoretical chemistry as well
as the biochemistry aspect and how it applies to living organisms. Myself
personally, I started off in biological sciences here at Guelph. In second year I
found out about the biological pharmaceutical chemistry program and I
switched into it. I haven’t regretted for a minute. It’s helped out a lot in terms
of learning a lot of things that they actually do in the pharmaceutical
industry. I went to a Seneca College as a joint program with the University of
Guelph, and through that program there’s a lot of hands-on lab work that you
actually do in the pharmaceutical industries. I think it’s cool too that
Guelph there’s a lot of, in our program and other biochemistry or physical
science programs, that there’s a lot of disciplines you get to fool around with;
analytical chemistry there’s organic chemistry and you get into like a little bit of micro and other biology so you can kind of
choose your specifications later on in the year. This year in your fourth year you get the opportunity to do a fourth year research project. You send out an email, ask a prof if they’re interested in taking you on and if they are you get to do live research
with them. So it’s kind of like a good change between doing your undergrad
where you’re always in teaching labs whereas in your fourth year research
project you’re given a little bit more freedom to do real research and it’s
kind of a good transition from your undergrad into your masters so you get
to get a feel for if you really want to do your masters or not before you commit to two years of it. I mean I’m only in second year so far the most exciting
thing in my program is is co-op right now that I’m on the work term but it
kind of gives me, being around master students doing research on their own, it
kind of gives me like an idea if I want to do that and how far I can go with it.
My best experience so far I guess would be a combination of two experiences. The last year I had a USRA, which is basically you get paid to work in a lab with the
professor and it was a great experience because I got a lot of autonomy over the
the research I wanted to do and it was very successful,
We’re currently publishing a paper now so. It’s very possible at Guelph to get
these and it’s very possible to get publications. And also working doing my
research project now we all have a lot of experience in lab especially in
academia labs which is rare for larger schools I would say and if the groups
are smaller so there’s more help from the master students and more access to
the professor’s. Like the profs are very approachable
They’ll lecture during class and it’s not easy, but if you want to learn more
they’re very open to learning their class, and that extends out into their research
as well.

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