Australia's health care system (ARCHIVE)

tonight we report on the health care system of Australia 24 percent of those surveyed in a recent poll said the Australian system works pretty well life expectancy in Australia 81 and a half years third highest of the 30 developed nations there is universal coverage and the system is funded mostly with public money Brooke Baldwin reports Australia population 21 million their health care system is called Medicare same name is in the United States but much different in Australia everyone is covered Medicare pays for an entire visit to a public hospital and reimburses a trip to the family doctor most medication is covered under the plan which does require a copay the system is funded by income taxes most Australians pay one and a half percent of their salaries those with higher incomes pay an additional 1% and there are low-income exceptions but the public option isn't the only option as Victor rod Wynn who studies healthcare systems around the world explains Australia has a Medigap private health insurance sector similar to the French which allows coverage of supplementary benefits and some co-payments approximately 43 percent of Australians opt to buy private insurance as well according to Ian Butler and Australian doctor currently practicing in the u.s. a primary reason for buying it is that people can bypass long waiting lines for elective surgeries if you are sick say with a stroke or a heart attack or pneumonia there's really not much of a problem but if you say one of the hip replacement and you wanted it done more quickly more expeditiously and say by a particular surgeon then would be to your advantage to to have private insurance it also helps cover costs for private hospitals and specialists not entirely covered by the public plan Australia spends eight point seven percent of its GDP on health care compared to 16 percent in the United States total annual spending amounts to three thousand one hundred thirty-seven dollars person compared to seven thousand two hundred ninety in the u.s. life expectancy eighty one point six years versus 78 in the United States on the whole twenty four percent of Australian surveyed in a recent poll said their system works pretty well compared to 12 percent in the US on the life expectancy in which by the way is two years higher in Australia that the average the OECD points to the fact that Australia has received remarkable success in reducing tobacco consumption in the last twenty years they have cut the percentage of adults who smoke and half how about that that's that's terrific and we haven't done nearly so well we have it maybe they're enjoying the Great Barrier Reef and diving instead you're getting rid of those cigarettes and being able to make a tank last hey Brooke thank you very much I


  1. Which packet of cigarettes would you buy have a look

  2. The Democrats will never deliver this type of Medicare I suggest if u want proper healthcare vote Republican we haven't got it so good because we are socialists it's because we work hard and pay our taxes we pay our own way taxing everyone for healthcare only last so long because if your government is putting everyone on welfare like Democrats do there is no one to pay taxes

  3. You are forced to buy private insurance when young, otherwise an extra tax! Medicine is not free…someone else pay for it via their taxes.

  4. I don't get why America pays almost twice as much for health care and yet its system seems to be in shambles. I suspect someone in lining their pockets somewhere.

  5. John Howard forced some to take out private insurance otherwise they would be hit with taxes. As usual the conservatives support their rich donors and friends. They will try to undermine it at every turn.

  6. Australian government hikes the prices of cigarettes every year…50% of every packet sold goes to health care funding..a packet of 30 cigs is around $30

  7. I had an accident here in Australia with a garden shredder. I called the ambulance and they took me to hospital. I'm covered by the state via medicare but I also have private health insurance. There are many private health insurance funds in Australia but they're not all the same. Many are profit for shareholder funds and their rates are very high. I'm in an industry private health fund and their rates are low as there are no shareholders other than the members. My bill for the ambulance should have gone directly to my private fund but it was posted to me. A 20 minute journey cost $600.00 aussie dollars. I sent it onto the private fund and they paid it. I was a private patient in a public hospital and it cost me nothing. A stay in a public hospital costs $1,000.00+ a day. It's not cheap. Even the return to the hospital out patients was paid for by the private fund.
    As for the issue of having to wait. I too had to wait but not for long as I was in shock. They put me in a wheel chair and then parked me under an air conditioning outlet blowing freezing cold air. With very low blood pressure I blacked out and fell out of the wheel chair face first. I jumped to the head of the queue instantly was examined and sent straight in for surgery.
    Hospital food In Australia goes from very good to bloody awful. Mine was bloody awful. Has anybody here ever had a piece of lukewarm chicken in the shape of a Rubix cube. I've never had chicken that shape before or since.

  8. I don't get why so many Aussies are complaining, I might not be getting the full picture though. But without Medicare my family would be broke because of my chronic illness. I have Juvenile psoriatic arthritis, which has had some recent breakthroughs in treatment. If you have meet some basic standards like how many joints are affected and such you can try it for 4 months before if there isn't a 50% decrease (If the medicine isn't effectively treating it) you stop and try a different kind. The government covers most of the costs.
    Arthritis isn't something you can cure, which means I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life.

  9. I think that I had mention about They healthcare system is very sensible,civilized&well groom organizies system,Than I can say for America beating around the bush with who can receive what. We had ask in the past for "Universal Healthcare" Let alone put down with Pres.Barck Obama's Healthcare plan,Which he did a Godly Thing ,And yet look at how he is treated, That's OK ,God is going to continue to bless him for that opportunity,Inspite what people may say about him, Only God can judge him for his work not man. Ask yourself the question "Where health comes from, Like to say as well where healing comes from who created it, And but not least ,The last question to ask ourselves is what health is for?  HEALTH = HEAL HEAL/TH.

  10. whatever your hlth problem is the doctor will ask to take panadol, exercise, live with it, paperworks, thats all doctor's knowledge here or "under investigation", baby was already purple, took panadol, then died, baby needed oxygen, gave gas, thats health in australia, shocker for such a reputable racist country (pls read another comments) pathetic & cant be worse, hope health minister realise this & makeanges or could pretend dont know..

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