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This is Rakesh, he’s just four years old. His way of interacting and understanding people is different from everyone It’s hard for him to initiate any conversation and understand people so he stays alone and rarely has eye contact This makes it difficult for him to tell what he needs. He doesn’t know how to express himself to the world Sometimes he performs his talks and talks in a different way. His behavior towards his friends and teachers are quite abnormal Everyone in the school talks about his aggressive behavior. His principal suggests his parents to take him to the doctor But for his parents he is not different from others. They believe these symptoms are just due to bad temper of poor discipline They are worried about his studies as he is poor in every subject. His parents kept home tuition for him The tution teacher also recognized that he is lacking in social skills, craves approval and has an obsession with repetitive tasks Then his mother found his symptoms were quite abnormal and felt the need to go visit a doctor She wants better understanding and help to put an end to this feeling The doctor tells Rakesh’s mother that he is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder The doctor describes that autism spectrum disorder is a severely incapacitating lifelong developmental disorder that typically offers in the first three years of life It causes impairment or disturbances in three main areas; social skills, communication skills, repetitive and restricted behaviors These individuals may have difficulties in expressing themselves and may not know how to socialize. Often there is an unusual speech pattern such as echoing whatever is said to them, repeating a word over and over, reversing the words you and I Autism is not caused by an unhappy home environment, working parents, mental stress during pregnancy, poor handling during infancy emotional trauma, or any other psychological factors. He needs to get admitted in special schools and environment which will suit him. If people understand how his brain works or how he thinks, then he can perform better. We need to watch how he interacts with the world then only can it lead to better understanding and happiness for him and everyone around him. We need to be patient and listen to not just to his spoken words, but to all forms of communications.


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