Auto Immune Disease 2012

welcome to the half-hour kind of 45 minutes to health okay tonight we're talking about autoimmune disorders now this is the most popular it's actually the fourth most popular disease known and it was almost unknown about 40 years ago now what's frustrating is a lot of different diseases fall in the same category because it's the same cause so does that mean like Hashimoto's and Graves disease and rheumatoid arthritis are from the same cause kind of but it's not really the the immune system going crazy it's it's actually the body attacking itself the immune system is acting correctly now what's frustrating when you look at the research of this they say autoimmune disorders can affect these organs can anybody see anything that's not marked hair is not marked but but I actually have a patient that you know hair loss is part of the part of some autoimmune disorders so it just doesn't make sense if all of these organ systems are being affected in certain disease states what's causing the dis-ease well now the way the medical system is laid out is completely inconsistent with health now see they've divided the body up into specialists so you go to the gastroenterologist you go to the well if you have an autoimmune disorder you can go to the nephrologist which is actually a kidney expert now is he aware that the sympathetic nervous system like a fighter flight system can alter kidney function is he aware about digestion this nephrologist about certain nutrients is aware that soluble fibers which would clean the arteries is he aware that the pituitary gland and adrenal gland will alter kidney function is he aware that serotonin which is produced in the gut if you have a healthy appropriate gut function is going to alter a kidney function is he aware that he's not he's not and it's the same thing when you go to the rheumatologist these guys are formatic diseases they're going to look at joints and immune system problems are they aware that question nervous system sleep all of those are factors in these diseases they should be you're right they're not when you go to the neurologist or the endocrinologist and the endocrinologist is it going to look at how certain foods are or it can alter behavior function is aware of the fight-or-flight system the the sympathetic or the parasympathetic if those two nervous systems are functioning correctly are they going to alter endocrinology I mean it is see the system's broken up into so many different systems and the the way the medical world is is the general MD is going to refer to all of these specialists now all of these specialists the only way that they can justify their position on staff at a hospital is to make a decision prescribe so when is anyone ever gone to the hospital in here or had a relative go to the hospital yeah okay what happens when they go there do they get there the the admitting doctor do they call another specialist okay now everybody's going to say yes and I'm not even asking what they were in for it could have been a motorcycle accident a stroke falling down dizziness they're always going to call one or two specialists and and this is absolutely inconsistent with health Voltaire said it best doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases which they know less and human being so they know nothing you can't be a specialist and be effective in health and that's how our entire health care system is laid out so I get these people calling me from literally all around the world saying look you know I went to my endocrinologist I went to Johns Hopkins I went to the finest hospital in Glasgow you know I mean these people from all around the world they're there locked in a system that has the same type of specialists and they're doing that they're they're breaking it up into areas that don't make sense now this guy dr. Koch he developed the idea that one germ can cause one disease and that this is pretty much what the medical world is going for see they're looking at disease and this is dis-ease all diseases including autoimmune disorders that there's one cause that there's one bug that causes one disease that there's one tuberculosis 'm bacterium that causes tuberculosis there's one you know sue Dumas originalism that causes gangrene there's one bug that causes one disease okay however and and that's what it's called Koch's postulates actually isn't true because the real system the real cause of disease is a weakened immune system we already know that most bacteria you actually have thousands and bacteria inside of each cell and those you have harmony with I've got I've got staph on my arm right now how come I don't have a staph infection because I have a healthy immune system if I compromise the blood supply and nerve supply to it will they develop an infection more unlikely so the real cause of disease is a weakening of the immune system now when they've done that Human Genome Project we found out we had 25,000 genes now that's unusual because it doesn't make sense that these genes when they started the genome project they thought we're going to have like half a million genes but they only identified 25,000 so so this means those genes they they do things that we're not aware of yet when we went further into it we found out that there's over a million bacterial genes in our body so there's a lot of stuff that the human that that our advanced medical world doesn't get yet like they don't know why we have you know a mouse mouse has 92 percent of our same DNA I did maybe we should study more mice you know I mean it did some wide what is a monkey of 99 percent why does a banana have 25% of our DNA so so we're looking at this as genes we're not quite sure how they work we really are so when you look at this autoimmune disorders are when the body immune system reacts properly in the wrong direction see the immune system is designed to identify a pathogen kill that pathogen and and eliminate it okay and that that's called an oxidative metabolism this is why your body produces 10,000 cancer cells a day and you eliminate 10,000 cancer cells a day so there's a harmony with this environment your immune system is designed to attack certain areas and eliminate those viruses funguses or bacteria the problem is if this immune system recognizes the joint has a pathogen you're going to develop a rheumatoid arthritis if it recognizes the skin as a pathogen you're going to develop psoriasis in both its psoriatic arthritis if it recognizes the heart lungs kidneys mune system you're going to have lupus if it recognizes the brain and spinal cord you're going to have MS I mean when you look at this what what what is the immune system is functioning correctly in the wrong direction okay does that make sense so we have to start looking at what what's the state of art the state of the art of medicine I'm it's 2012 we're really advanced so since we have this immune system that's recognizing non bad guys as bad guys what do we do state of the art of medicine they suppress the immune system they suppress it with the medication there they're generally called steroids now you might think weakening the immune system does that predispose you to other diseases yeah I mean it doesn't make any sense okay because nobody is asking the question why is the symptom here why is the body reacting this way why is that immune system which is designed to recognize pathogens why is it attacking itself they're there they're not asking that question because they don't want to know the answer because we already know the answer this is part of it if you look at the effects of a medication the effects of injecting foreign viral proteins into your bloodstream causes the body to build an immune system we know this we know this this is this is actually how vaccines are actual measure to be effective is we measure the antibody response now we've never done an experiment of where we're injecting Oh a t1 vaccines by the time they're six we are doing it now we're actually currently in in California it's 74 vaccines of 16 different viruses by the age of six if you add in the antigens it's actually 92 antigens these are foreign toxic proteins injected into the bloodstream to stimulate a child's immune system now we've never done this experiment how's the experiment working well we have about a 1 in 38 autism rate we have you know multiple autoimmune disorders cancer rates are skyrocketing 14 percent of the Americans kids are in special needs so they're getting dumber and sicker okay so so the experiments not working so I absolutely recommend to opt out of it now one of the reasons the vaccines aren't working correctly or maybe they are hmm and if out of that they're designed to stimulate the immune system to attack they're just not real good at what they're attacking okay so maybe they are work and they're just not working right okay so when we look at this and this was out of the Journal of autoimmunity even though the data regarding the relationship between vaccine and autoimmune disease is conflicting autoimmune phenomenon are clearly related to immunization now this is published in the journal so you so what's causing it they found the mechanism it's called molecular mimicry now now when you do this and and again molecular mimicry this has been around since 1985 diabetes lupus scleroderma rheumatoid arthritis yes those are all autoimmune disorders and they say that it's from molecular mimicry from the anti you know the the medical procedure called vaccinations now when you look of the CDC's website now they're an organization government organization designed to sell vaccines they make a tremendous amount of money doing this according to the CDC and let's just go over hepatitis B we're not going to go over the seventy four shots of the sixteen different viruses that would be too complicated so let's just take one let's just take one shot in one human okay not 74 so if any results that we have of this you can multiply it times 74 and if that scares you sufficiently then I've done my job okay because I want you to see you can't just blindly go on to this I mean this is being put on YouTube you can't blindly submit to a medical procedure without looking at the risk and benefit first off if you have antibodies from a medical procedure of greater than 10 okay that's international units that then then you're protected well what they did is they thought hey let's check so they checked in adults adolescents and infants pre and post a shot well they found infants at four months old after they got the shot they had 2942 now greater than ten is protective what happens when you have so many extra antibodies well we already know from that article from nineteen eighty five that there's a molecular mimicry that those antibodies instead of attacking just the hepatitis B they're floating around they're warriors they're looking for something there's nothing else to do so they attack the self so now let's multiply this time seventy four times if it attacks the central nervous system of the brain autism multiple sclerosis okay cancer so so I mean this this is not now this is out of the physicians Desk Reference so when the doctor is sitting down thinking what am i injecting into my patients this is out it's called the PDR this is one of the contents of the vaccines okay infected dog a monkey tissue piston Pig and horse but but but you know don't think it's barbaric but this is in order to grow virus or bacteria you have to have a medium that they like to grow in and you can't really separate it out so so you got a you know some of the tissue is going to get through the processing now it's interesting when we talk about sudden infant death when we talk about no shots no schools peak incidence of SIDS sudden infant death occurs right at the same time they're getting immunizations now there's a vaccine adverse reporting it's called there's system they say only 10 percent of the incidence from vaccine damage are reported one in 175 who have DPT series suffer reaction 1 and 300 F seizures what's what's frustrating is when you look at the DPT what's the risk of a child acquiring whooping cough and dying or getting permanently injured or what's the risk of a child getting damaged or permanently injured from the therapy designed to prevent whooping cough are any of those questions ever asked well it's time to ask them because it turns out that it's three thousand eight hundred and eighty eight times greater risk of getting damage from the shots and getting damaged from the whooping cough so so we got to start changing this and then when you look at the side effects and these are actually on the label of the vaccines so when you look at you know you can call them side effects but they're actually effects and you can see Gyan baray paresthesia encephalitis that's swelling of the brain that's that's loss of control that's autoimmune disorders you know these are all the body attacking itself so what it boils down to is your body if you build up faster than you break down you have health if you break down faster than you build up you have disease it's really that simple it's like I had a patient with Crohn's disease and Crohn's disease is a massive inflammation of the intestinal tract now when you look on the natural health websites you can cure Crohn's disease in about 30 days you look on the medical websites remember the medical websites where you have the nephrologist the rheumatologist the gastroenterologist that you know those there's no cure for Crohn's disease okay so I told her now get this that don't tell me if if you don't think this is cool don't put anything in your mouth that causes inflammation huh is that good was that good okay then I really kicked it up a notch only put stuff in your mouth that is anti-inflammatory properties Wow I know can you guys hear the angels singing can you just do you feel the goosebumps because when you think about it that's so simple she said no one's ever told me that and I said good you're going to go on a diet of fresh fruit and juices and and you're not going to take any any animal products at all no grains nothing like that any vegetables you're going to have you're going to have they're going to be juiced and we're going to recover your intestinal tract very very quickly now she has a sedentary job ok so now when you sit you increase the pressure on these discs five times normal now those nerves also supply the lower intestine guess which part of her intestine was inflamed he has a lower intestine oh my gosh let's connect the dots so I told her you know we're getting pressure off the nerves and she's going to heal in about 30 days so this is this is how disease is reversed you do stuff that's good for you you just stop doing stuff that's bad for you now we've got to talk about swelling or inflammation this is it have you ever heard of anti-inflammatories okay like advil motrin you know tylenol ibuprofen will that's stopping a repair process what's tough is they don't even say how they work I mean tylenol we really don't know how it works anyway okay when you look at the clinical pharmacology of the mechanism action of tylenol I love the the way they worded it the mechanism action remains elusive it's how do you say eloquently we don't freaking know elusive I just like that the rest of them we know the inhibit proteoglycan production which is the building blocks of cartilage so if you take an Advil or motrin or anything else it inhibits the building blocks of cartilage hi this will help your the joint pain it's going to eventually cause the joints to be destroyed so so so that's foolishness what we do know is that acute inflammation is fantastic it actually repairs skin rebuild skin it's excellent that's what we want to promote that's how we can regrow discs that's everything chronic inflammation will as you to die and this is everything so what type of things cause chronic systemic inflammation this chronic systemic inflammation there's a cross-section of an artery this is the source of most diseases so so what causes the body remember you scratch yourself you got inflammation that's how the body heals itself imagine if you had that inflammatory response in every artery in every organ of your body okay you would have excess histamines produced you would have systemic inflammation and this is where most diseases come from well when you look at this this is the the cross-section okay of human beings we're exposed to sit-ins to materials that are put in our body that are masquerading as nutrients that cause systemic inflammation they really are did you know that Chinese people eat more than Americans need more calories but they don't have the obesity problem because they're not eating processed synthetic foods so your body's really efficient if you take in a nutrient that you can't use it's going to store it and then if you take in stuff that actually damages all the arteries that you damage an artery just like your damaged skin if I keep scratching this what color is my arm going to turn red exactly if I keep scratching my arteries inside or my kidneys okay what's going to happen they're going to turn red they're going to inflame so if we put stuff in our body that causes a systemic inflammatory response we're going to develop systemic diseases this means the stuff that's approved by the fraud and deception Association like the burger at Carl's jr. or the the chicken over at the the chicken sandwich I mean it lasts lasts a couple of months ago when we talked about foods that kill I brought up the ingredients of a fillet of fish and just the fish patty I mean that was shocking you can't put chemicals in your system and expect a positive outcome we're not even talking about genetically modified proteins that go in there and irritate the lining of the arteries that this is not a problem with control it's a problem with getting nutrients in your system that your body can't process and you store it or you end up with disease this one here I know I know just reading this makes you hungry doesn't it okay back in the 60s I actually had these okay and these were one of my favorite foods my sister would actually pop him in the toaster and of course at the time in the 60s they didn't have high fructose corn syrup that was genetically modified so the stuff I was eating was a little bit healthier they didn't have soybean cottonseed or hydrogenated cotton cottonseed oil with TBHQ and citric acid for freshness we didn't have genetically modified cottonseed oil at the time so so I was getting less toxic proteins so my sister doesn't need to feel guilty of giving me a toxic poisonous product okay I just want to when I leave you ate her of that but when you look at the rest of the garbage in here partially hydrogenated soy and cottonseed oil again modified corn starch xantham soy lecithin per oxen anybody know yes this is it okay why is it legal okay you've got a child that picture this somebody walking down child in the cart he takes the pop-tarts out leans over to feed it to the dog what's the mom going to say don't give that to the dog it'll make the dog sick that's for you hoodie oh man we have got a system that we need to change well well this is one of the things that's interesting with the food products like that it's changing DNA production this is one of the sources of the autoimmune diseases I mean we already know the vaccines the medications the segmented of our segmentation of our medical care this is this is the absolute mechanism of why the DNA changes inside of the cell you change the DNA inside of the cell those antibodies are going to flip out and there's going to start to attack itself now this is called a nuclear transcription factor Kappa B now it's a light chain enhancer what this is it's a protein that that actually turns on DNA production and it can turn it on healthy or bad now if it's linked because it's linked to inflammatory disease is that this is turn on bad cancer again arthritis Crohn's disease Alzheimer's multiple sclerosis so you see in all of the other rheumatic diseases engulfed in this too again just like you saw all the rheumatic cesare all the the autoimmune diseases clumped in the vaccine side effects they're all clumped in this one too now fast foods everything else actually stimulate or toxic foods genetically altered foods they stimulate the production of this the inflammatory response does it's interesting this is wild these are all types of food that grow there called fruits and vegetables and they could they inhibit the production of this so if you have a diet high in fruits and vegetables it's good for you I know it's crazy but but when we look at this the Human Genome Project okay because it all goes on genes and gene production that's why we're looking at the stuff that creates genes the cancer is not genetic autoimmune diseases are not genetic diabetes is not genetic it has to do with genetic expression and that's the big kicker so if your body can suppress the the cancer gene you're never going to develop it this right here vitamin D is the number one thing you've got to take to reverse cancer or to reverse autoimmune diseases and cancer as well most people are vitamin D deficient we've been Sun phobic for about 3540 years when they started coming out with certain types of chemical sunblock and when you look at the Sun phobic nosov our culture we're getting less and less vitamin D I'm not even talking about the toxicity of the sunscreens that's that's just beyond belief when you look at most sunscreen products if they're exposed to the Sun they can create cancer-causing agents okay so no sunblock when you go in the Sun okay that's that's going to be essential shirt hat everything but you need to get at least a half hour to 20 minutes of Sun every day if you live in a northern latitude you got to get a Sun a Sun Room they're doing this in Europe a lot if not you need to supplement with vitamin D but this is essential because it's involved in over 2,000 units typically the dosage is 3,000 units for every 100 pounds of body weight so five thousand international units for the average person absolutely appropriate year-round now we're looking at this when you look up vitamin D deficiencies you start thinking autism what could this be why a mother if she's vitamin D deficient has more chance of her child becoming autistic Wow could it be that that since women if they get pitocin during the delivery there's a higher rate of autism could it also be that there's a higher rate of autism in pregnant women who have had multiple flu shots and there's a higher rate of autism in kids that have had vaccinations could it could it be one or all of those factors we don't know we're not studying it okay what remember those three blind mice okay yeah it's better just not to ask so when we look at this vitamin D deficiencies autoimmune disorders so what causes autoimmune disease so far we know vaccine toxicity we know vitamin D deficiency we know toxicity from the medications and toxicity from the foods Wow looks like deficiency or toxicity is it so here Becky sweet gal okay she had demyelinating of the nervous system this happens to be and she the mother two kids okay young yell really sweet when you got two young kids and you got a future being in the wheelchair is that scary or scary yeah well now she did drink diet coke now diet coke has a sweetener in there that's chemical that breaks down at 86 degrees we with what's a human body temperature again 98.6 well that's higher than 86 isn't it well that would suck if you were human and you drank some of this wouldn't it because it breaks down into formaldehyde wood alcohol and has demyelinating symptoms it acted and actually caused multiple sclerosis like symptoms so all diet products are incredibly dangerous yes she was doing diet coke yes she did she she had a lifestyle where it was had a lot of diet products because she just given birth she wanted to get skinny again well she goes in and the only way to diagnose ms is you start to lose control and then they do a scan and they find brain lesions sure enough they found the brain lesions we comes in we get her diet cleaned up we get her nervous system working correctly this is her neck obviously it doesn't have a beautiful curve the way a normal neck should and that was also changing the firing of the nerves up to the brain well 90 days goes by her symptoms go away she gets a second brain scan and there's no lesion go on say it with me that's a miracle yeah what what's frustrating was you look at this human beings are the miracle we don't know how you work we know kind of roughly we know we don't know that I mean we used to think that glial cells in the brain were just the glue now we know that they direct stem cells we don't know how that happened we don't know how a lot of this stuff happens so if the doctor says this is exactly what's going on with you he's ridiculous this little girl darling I mean this is a normal curve that's that was her curd that she walked in with her mom wanted to get her put on disability she had rheumatoid arthritis okay and fibromyalgia now the only way to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis is you get a blood test and it has a positive RA factor and the long with joint pain and stuff okay so her mom wanted me to put her on disability little twelve-year-old on disability so what causes rheumatoid arthritis excess antibody production from the vaccination attacking the joints or toxic food products or with her birth trauma that damaged the neck that caused multiple ear infections if you get multiple ear infections what do they give you an anti biotic okay good now look at her history I mean let's do this real simple history of ear infection says she had antibiotics so she had the normal bacteria in her gut wiped out she can't absorb healthy nutrients but her mom would give her the pop-tarts okay and the Lego Eggo waffles every morning so because she wanted to have a good breakfast so that's more toxic nutrients fully vaccinated okay why this kid survived is just I mean you should just go back and say it's a miracle there so I said well you know instead of putting her on disability how about we work with her and get her you know get her nervous system get her body cleaned up sure enough within 30 days no more symptoms she goes back to the rheumatologist who must have been mr. personality he goes up to your daughter's rheumatoid arthritis is in remission and walked out now I don't know if her vocabulary is that big she said what's remission and I said honey don't worry means she doesn't have it anymore it means the blood test came out are a negative so she doesn't have it anymore okay so I get a call from her about two months they ended up moving up to Apple Valley and and she said oh what's wrong with my daughter her legs are so sore they're so sore and I said well what was she doing all day playing like crazy what I've never seen her play like that okay I know I don't you just know okay I mean it's pretty much all most of the questions I answer just common sense yet give her a hot bath and you know give her a good you know coconut veggie drink and you know she'll be all happy you know and then you look at this two fibromyalgia this is this is ridiculous this gal is a hair stylist she's on her feet she's the only people all day long and multiple toxic chemicals okay if you're taking in multiple toxic chemicals and you're not taking care of the free radical formation you're going to have major toxicities this was her lumbar spine standing up okay so depression and anxiety what did they give her knowing that depression and anxiety come from lack of serotonin and the gut that means her gut wasn't functioning it wasn't producing serotonin so what do we do we got her on a healthy diet we got her eliminated from the toxins got her nervous system adjusted got our on certain omega-3s and healthy stuff the hardest time I have with autoimmune disorders is getting people off of the freakin medications get them off of the antidepressants that takes me about 3045 days to get them off of pain relievers it's easy we can get them off of usually about three to four weeks but the steroids that usually takes about two weeks to get people off of you know healthy yoga exercise and this is it this is on the back of the handout the solution for autoimmune disorders it really really is this simple don't think that it's any more complicated you absolutely have to get the nervous system check that's primary the nervous system controls the immune system that's primary ok after that and it's just like if you walk in this room and the lights not on you're not going to run out saying good god let's go to the power company you're going to check the switch and if the switch isn't working here and check the breaker if the breaker is not working then you're going to call the power company okay so we start off with the most obvious and work down to the more finer points so first you got to get your nervous system checked then you got to get your vitamin D levels checked absolutely you have to optimize your omega-3 intake best source of omega-3s is algae they now have a stable form of algae we're going to start carrying it because we've been carrying fish oils and for omega-3s which has been the finest fish oil in the world of the finest omega-3 I found a better form and I've been looking this for this for like ten years because it algae is the best form of omegas but they couldn't make a stable form they now came up with it and I'm really stoked if you're into research it's really like stable form of algae omega-3 yeah baby Oh thrilled me I need one of those little cricket things okay avoid avoid absolutely no process no no ant no animal products I mean particularly if you look at chicken chicken is the most toxic animal you can eat out there neck I don't know chicken and pork they're about you know neck and neck but go to foster farms you know or the the chicken in the store pick up the plastic package and tilt it and see the fluid that comes out is that blood or is that like clear pink stuff okay yeah that's going to have arsenic in it because what they're doing they're adding arsenic in the chicken food which is kind of cool if you're if you're running a processing plant because it plumps the little suckers up and then then they look all full and healthy however when they gut them they have a machine that guts and all that arsenic falls in this soup that they get to soak in because about I think it's ten percent of their body weight they can soak up this this fecal soup so so no animal products okay if you want to rebuild your system you've got to give yourself bioavailable nutrients plants and fruits are the only bioavailable nutrients out there it's it's really that simple eliminate sugars okay that means no processed foods no no nothing and some people say wow that's so hard okay then suffer you know this is only like 30 to 60 days tops that you got to do this and you're going to recover and then imagine if you have pain every time you wake up if you have fear that you're going to be in a wheelchair you do this for 60 days and you feel fantastic do you think you're going to go back to feeling crappy I don't think so I think people are smarter than that okay aspartame commercial fruit juices those are all toxic completely Darrius absolutely poisonous dairy is absolutely poised this theory is absolutely poisonous what did I just say it's absolutely as endotoxins in it as bacterial in it I mean you know they can save pasteurized milk you know as two hundred thousand bacteria per milliliter don't worry about it we kill them that means you have two hundred thousand dead bacteria per milliliter okay it's not appropriate for human consumption twenty years ago the milk was a heck of a lot healthier now it's absolutely inappropriate plenty of raw food or raw food has living enzymes it's vital also check your iron levels if people are taking too many iron supplements it's absolutely not good okay because it can build up that can also iron levels can mean there's a defect of the spleen this is why we also check the nervous system at the start to make sure that the spleen is functioning correctly kidneys are functioning correctly livers functioning correctly otherwise you may have an imbalance of this low dose maltodextrin now now what's interesting that's a type of medication that I actually couldn't find any negative side effects to it actually stimulates or helps certain metabolic processes in the body that may be beneficial I mean that that blew me away and karela this will help eliminate some of the mercury from it not that not rec zone now this is very interesting temporary relief okay from some autoimmune disorders this this I couldn't find any real negatives on it it was discovered and while you're changing your lifestyle while you're changing your immune system function into something healthy this would be a good stopgap measure this gal here if anybody wonders why study all the time like nights weekends lunch morning this is the girl that came in from New Jersey okay that's three thousand miles from our office I mean if you look up the definition acute it probably has her picture she comes in skinny she's scratching her arms like this because she had alligator skin and she's only about 20 pounds okay two years old failure to thrive of course New Jersey is the highest vaccinated state in the country they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but she had a histamine response on her arms remember what happens if the antibody production of the vaccines attacked the skin you get psoriasis what happens if it attacks the joints you get rheumatoid arthritis so here she is multiple vaccines did she have air infections okay good multiple courses of antibiotics so she had no normal floor she couldn't digest anything any fats so they were given her occasional bites of yams of course the doctor suggested a genetically modified soy based high fructose formula I mean it's it's like I don't know if pediatricians are ignorant or evil I'm hoping that they're ignorant that they've never taken nutrition and they think genetically modified soy along with high fructose corn syrup would be beneficial for a child but it only takes the really minimal research to find out that that's not true she came in the office we got her adjusted and I told the mom I said look start putting coconut oil on her skin she needs healthy fats oh no she's allergic to coconut oil she won't be start putting it or not stop the vaccinations okay cut down on the steroids she comes in the office in this cute little darlin you know she was upset she was upset she threw up right on the carpet and I said don't worry about it what is throwing up on a kid what's the throwing up and thinking think of this multiple toxicities does she have poisonous in her system absolutely when you're throwing up you're losing acid so that means you're sifting your body from acidotic to alkaline don't worry her body knows what it's doing let her throw it up give her a little bit of coconut water I can't give her coconut water she's allergic give her some coconut water she'll be able to accept it and sure enough over the next few weeks I mean obviously she had birth trauma those are her x-rays over the next few weeks she started to eat more eat more eat more skin cleared up almost immediately within about two months she was thriving running around just cute like you can't believe a little obnoxious later on but she was cute yeah so this is the solution we know the cause we know the solution the solution is to allow the body to function correctly now now what we do in the summertime it's a twenty dollar special and this includes x-rays exam physical we've got a patient coming in from Canada one from Italy one from Dubai they're all coming and guess what it costs them to get x-rays exam physical $20.00 yeah I mean if you had the opportunity to help people around the world would that be fun I know it is my sister's right there she's got some coupons she's doing the parade with you know but but I got a thank you because I mean to to come here and to do this research all of these are put on on the Internet it takes a lot to take time out of your day and come here so an end to to focus in on health and you are the ones that are the revolutionaries you're the ones that that are making the decisions for the families and bringing people to health so thank you


  1. What causes RA?? ….A virus!! The wrong foods will feed the virus. The right ones will either kill it or keep it at bay.

  2. Dr Bergman….. do you not believe auto immune diseases are really viruses in disguise?!?! I’ve been reading the Medical Medium books and truly believe what it says is 💯 true! The body doesn’t attack itself… the body is reacting to foreign pathogens in the body! All those auto immune diseases are caused by viruses in the body. EBV (Epstein Barr virus) is one of the viruses that is behind most chronic illness.

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  5. Autoimmune disease isn't a disease. It isn't the body attacking itself.And… "Inflammation" isn't a disease/cause for anything, either.There are causes for things to happen in the body.

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  9. no such thing as autoimmune dis-ease
    it's stealth infections INSIDE your cells
    dr klinghardt brain health
    and mycotoxins.
    and mold
    and glycophosphate poisoning
    plus mercury etc..
    prof garth Nicholson stealth bioweapons

  10. I have to go for a MRI Scan to check if i might have MS. I am afraid of the dye they sometimes use in MRI Scans. Can they see on the MRI scan if i have MS without using that Toxic dye? And if its safe to do MRI Scans anyways? And do they always use the dye or do they do without?

  11. Glysophates that they are spraying the food with. Chemtrails in the sky. Flouride in the water, the soil. That's why autoimmune disease exist. Vaccines are poison. That's the reason for endocrine disruption. Chemicals in products. Products sold in plastic. Humans dumping chemical waste in the oceans. That's why!

  12. can someone help me with this. he said take omega 3 fish oil but then later on said to not eat any animal products to prevent or get rid of disease.

  13. Not all Auto-immune diseases/disorders/syndromes are a mistake. The vast majority are created by implanted medical devices, OUR bodies have CORRECTLY identified a foreign matter and responds. It is also found that biofilm (responsible for antibiotic-resistant infections) is created 100 percent of the time with implant devices. The only exception is those implants made with Sterling Silver.

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