Auto Immune Disease (Part 1)

autoimmune disorders don't look at this side of the sheet I just wanted to see who is going to look okay now first up we're going to talk about autoimmune now this is important it means the body is actually attacking itself now if you look before 1940 there was no mention of this type of disease so it's a it's like a modern phenomenon where the immune systems are going crazy attacking itself now this is part of the bad part of the immune system next week we're going to talk about the good part of the immune system how it actually works how it responds to environmental stimulus what you got to look at this is every thing in your body has to do with cells and your cells and this is a good cutaway example of it it's got to take in nutrients produce proteins and eliminate waste products so anything that helps that cell function helps your body anything that harms that cell function harms your body now now this is the tiniest list for autoimmune disorders if you Wikipedia autoimmune they're about a hundred and fifty different diseases so so we're only going to talk about a couple of these like rheumatoid arthritis lupus Crohn's disease I mean the airs now the tough part is there's not a lot of accurate diagnosis of these a lot of them will have certain symptoms and some of them will have like one little blood test different or one little sign and so it's kind of like a diagnostic roulette at what you're going to do but most of the therapies that are prescribed are going to be to compress the immune system now now since your immune system protects you against disease suppressing the immune system would that make you more vulnerable to disease yes or yes okay so so I know that sounds stupid and it is so now let's say now these are the symptoms of autoimmune disorders now now this is the small list so if you look at this anxiety or depression blood sugar changes gastrointestinal problems dizziness elevated fever extreme sensitivity to cold and hands and feet fatigue infertility inflammation irritability lower high blood pressure malaise which means you just feel all the above miscarriage weakness stiffness joints and weight changes okay now who has the diagnostic roulette wheel that we could spin and just come up with these and can you see that's not real accurate I mean if you have if you don't sleep good at night are you going to end up with half of those symptoms if you're toxic are you going to have the same symptoms yeah so deficiency or toxicity they're going to lead to the same symptoms the tough part is in this world where we're symptom oriented we're trying to categorize people into these conditions now this is one that they're not quite sure about see fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and this was even worse chronic fatigue and mune deficiency syndrome the reason it's worse as it's longer takes longer to write so there's no difference in the symptoms see they didn't know they used to call these people hypochondriacs because people would come in with muscle aches joint pain fatigue depression soreness and the doctor couldn't find anything there was nothing on the chart there wasn't anything on the blood test so the person must be wrong because the doctor can't find anything I know it sounds stupid and the whole system is so when you look at this okay you got these doctors saying well I can't find anything so either you're not telling me the truth or you must just be crazy so then they start giving them crazy pills you know antidepressants antacids and the tough part is these people are really suffering and we're going to talk about that where we're at one of the most brilliant doctors that that I mean I was so blessed by God to have as my mentor he said look doc you want to really find out about what's going on with people find out what they want you got to do two things do you want to know they are I mean this is really good it was it was it was like you know yoga talking to me okay okay only was a lot taller first you got to ask them okay now that's a big deal I mean how many doctors sit down look you in the eye and say wow what do you think's going on I know I know it's modded they don't do that okay they look at the chart me really you have these something no first you gotta ask them then the second one you want to know what to do you gotta listen I know it works so so look at this because what I want you to understand we do a talk called disease doesn't exist I'm not seeing symptoms don't exist I'm not saying symptoms don't because symptoms do autoimmune disorders are going to affect these areas brain eyes Mouse spinal cord thyroid lungs stomach joints you're looking at every aspect of the body is going to be affected by this so so now what they're thinking of because they don't know the cause the only one system that ties in all of these system there's only two systems that tie in everything there's only two systems that tie in the gastrointestinal tract with the cardiovascular or the cardiovascular with with the those kidneys the renal system the only thing that ties in in are the nervous system and the immune system since they're not aware that the nervous system can be impending cause these symptoms gee it must be the immune system and since we can't find anything to control it it must be automatically destroying itself so what we're going to call it is an autoimmune disease okay follow me so far okay good so I'm not saying it doesn't exist it's just the symptoms are there so now let's say that you're in the dark ages of medicine let's say you're in 2011 okay now now it's tough because and I say this only because I realized that if you have good insurance you're in deep trouble yeah I mean if you know Michael Jackson great insurance okay he had the finest medical care the world was available okay if you have it I mean if you start looking at this see if you have really good medical insurance and let's say you go to a really backwards facility like Ho Gore cedars-sinai that's really good okay what you're going to do see there's a lot of doctors on staff there now in order to run a hospital and let's say you were doctor and you're going to be on staff of a backwards Institute like that you have to justify your place on staff by ordering tests so if you know this and you go there how many people have ever been to a hospital was every test necessary look I mean if you guys are lay people okay no not even close you know it's it's crazy your son just had his appendix operated on your son just had his a pet was he asked if he was pregnant yeah okay I don't know you know the divine intervention so let's say so you go to a nephrologist now frolla gist is supposed to be a kidney expert now now if you have something he's going to look at a problem with the kidneys this can be from lupus it may be from lupus we're not quite sure but lupus tends to have it now lupus has all those symptoms we looked at except sometimes redness in the face it's more joint pain so now you might go to the nephrologist now the rheumatologist goes in for rheumatic diseases he's supposed to be an expert in some type of arthritis or joint inflammation now he might send you over to the endocrinologist now the endocrinologist is going to look at thyroid diabetes look at all the endocrine systems and he's going to look at the blood tests now he might send you over to the neurologist now the neurologist he would look at multiple sclerosis now to see that the nerves and multiple sclerosis it's it's they have a covering on the outside that facilitates how the nerve impulse goes and this covering is being destroyed so it happens to be on the nerve so you're going to go to the neurologist in order to see a nerve problem even though doesn't it sound like it might not be the nerve it might be something else destroying it well anyway he might send you over to the hematologist now the hematologist don't check the blood they'll check the oxygen level and then nutrients and you know well not nutrients they're going to check the blood gases and then he might send it with the gastro knowledge Asst he'll say well heck you know your GI tract is is functioning or not functioning they might give you a barium swallow to see how the bowels are work and they might to an endoscopy you know down here up there you know they then you know of course since you're you're toxic and stuff you might have dermatologists now now let's say that it is 2011 could you get a diuretic from any one of these well long with the pain reliever along with an antacid along with a couple of other drugs see this is an illogical system it doesn't make sense see is what you put in your mouth your nutrition is any one of these doctors trained in nutrition none none do any one of the doctors are they really aware is the nephrologist actually aware that the fight-or-flight system the sympathetic dominant system the nervous system if that stimulates that it could increase liver function is that is the gastroenterologist aware that blood sugars can be elevated under physical chemical or emotional stress leading to an endocrinology problem can you see this there's not one doctor tying it in so if you go into a system with any collection of symptoms okay there's not one doc to tie it in and not one of these doctors is trained to respect the body that it gives symptoms for a reason if you have a fever what is every one of these specialists going to do are they going to try and raise the fever because they know it's part of the immune system response are they going to lower okay now we know that viruses and bacteria die at a higher temperature okay so we know and that also acetaminophen or which is main ingredient tylenol weakens the immune system and increases your risk of non-hodgkins lymphoma so what you just told me is that not only are all of these doctors ignorant about respecting the body but their methods are toxic does does that make sense so what I want you to do is start changing it because if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease know that it's not definitive and if you're using the finest medical care in the world these guys their primary goal is their thought patterns is that it's immune system problem okay and autoimmune diseases are not an immune system problem the primary treatment of this is to suppress the immune system okay so so there they're looking in the wrong place okay now now don't look at the dates here because this is kind of pertinent to today and doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure DZ's diseases which they no less in human beings whom they know nothing I know okay now that was 1788 okay you know let's look at really health okay so so this what I want you to do is wipe out those different diagnoses there is no such thing as lupus rheumatoid arthritis multiple sclerosis there's none of those diseases that exist it's all an adaptation of the body by environmental stimulus okay if you're exposed to radiation your skin's going to start tune to foley you're going to start to break down cells why because you're trying to lead down new cells because those have been burnt if you're exposed to toxins you're going to eliminate your gastrointestinal tract in order to rebuild it okay if you're exposed to any type of toxicity your nerves are going to start instead of rebuilding themselves they're going to break down faster than they rebuild so you're going to have multiple sclerosis like symptoms okay does that make sense so health is optimal cell function that means that everybody that has an autoimmune disorder has lack of optimal cell function okay does that make sense this is in every disease every disease not just autoimmune disorders so wellness is not lack of symptoms if when we talk about cancer we talk about dr. Lorraine day how she developed massive walnut-sized lymph nodes she developed massive fevers dizziness and did she reduce her fever did she loud the process she allowed it process she let her body detox and now luckily and that was 20 years ago now they're saying oh no don't remove the lymph nodes they're part of the immune system this means if you have cancer and the lymph nodes are swollen keep them okay they're part too so so we're not talking about lack of symptoms we're talking about wellness now I look I look from an anatomy and physiology standpoint because I taught Anatomy for eight years I know the fact is that the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body it controls and coordinates so first off when your does it control the immune system does it control the endocrine system there's a control digestive system does it control pulmonary system does it control detox yes it does it controls every system so yeah if I come into a room and the lights are off I'm not going to call the power company I'm going to look at the switch so so now when we look at this now I know this is tough but rename it renaming something sounds it's not only sounds better but it's going to help you deal with it and solve the problem so lupus is not a disease that exists the symptoms are real it's from deficiency or toxicity guess what multiple sclerosis is from toxicity and efficiency and you're going to see that what about rheumatoid arthritis toxicity and deficiency all of these it's either your body is toxic in something or it's deficient in something and this is a radical different approach and you'll see the solutions all of them all of them yeah deficiency and toxicity you


  1. I love Dr Bergman, so clear in his explanation.. learned a lot from his videos. Thank you Dr John Bergman, you have helped me a Lot.. God bless!

  2. I have it Dr. Autoimmune no idea what. Off to 3rd rhuematoligist. These Drs. Are awful. Positive RNP antibody auto antibody I guess.

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  4. This is what happened to figure out my sinus inflammation. Was sent to many different specialists and none of them helped me.
    My whole body is in a state of inflammation.
    Every time i go to the doctor they say there’s no problem.
    Need to be on a autoimmune diet and lifestyle. I was and got better and then stopped and and almost as bad off as where I started before 🌿💕🌿

  5. so is there evidence that one lifestyle and diet cure all these problems? if so why hasnt medical practice changed?

  6. @Dr. John Bergman. Yesterday, my son, 34 years ol. has been diagnosed with, Churg-Strauss syndrome. He has had sinus drainage they can not stop. He was put on Prednisone and now is coughing up blood with mucus. They did the testing and that was their diagnosis. Is there anything that you know of that can help him? Please! He is my only son. He drives semi trucks nation wide. I try to study health from watching your videos and they have helped me along the way with my own health. (Lumbar Spinal Stenosis) I'd listen to you before any Dr out there! Thank you for reading this and look forward to anything you have to say. God Bless.

  7. Lupus was known in the Middle Ages. Also other auto-immune diseases as well I presume, so wtf are you talking about?

  8. Has anybody been diagnosed with autoimmune Hashimoto's encephalopathy or encephalitis what some of the symptoms What treatments have you had what's working what's not. I've been having chronic health issues since October 2004 I was just 21 I've had tons of health issues brain fog for many years and then around 2011 my brain really started to mess up had a tpoab antibody test done which was 122 had eegs psychological test Etc years afterwards even though everything showed there was something going on nobody seem to care for many years I tried to get a PET scan they never wanted to do it and try to label me as crazy but finally 2018 I was able to get one that showed parts of my brain wasn't working right they also did my t p o a b antibodies my neurologist diagnose me now wants me in the hospital for a couple days and wants to put me on steroids not prednisone but something similar I haven't done it yet as it suppresses your immune system plus to be honest I have fears I live alone no support system surviving barely on government assistance I've had tons of health issues besides just the brain maybe that's what's caused it but I know that my immune system, nervous system, GI system is screwed up. I'm trying to learn about this thanks

  9. most lead back to lymes disease treat the bacteria fungus imbalance, and then rebuild the immune which bring the body mind back into balance

  10. Dr. Bergman where are you located at? Also do you have healing video's and or healing books that can be referenced for a protocol that one can purchase from you? My husband nor I have been to a Dr in some years.

  11. it's been known through out the history…..hipokrat describes what might have been lupus and the name for this condition was given round 1300.

  12. Your videos are like a breath of fresh air. It is very comforting to have a Doctor that actually gets it and treats people with dignity. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, history of cardiomyopathy, hashimoto's disease, and adrenal fatigue. I cannot tell you how many times doctors have told me "this is all in your head". It is truly heartbreaking to hear that from someone who is supposed to "help" people. Thank you for your time and for educating me about my health.

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