Autoimmune Diseases 2018

welcome to true hell Tuesday and the truth will set you free okay there's the last day of cancer but the first day of autoimmune conditions so when we're talking about diseases autoimmune and cancer they're very similar because when you realize they haven't found the virus fungus bacteria or the pathogen that causes cancer and they realized that over you know a month of going over this that that it's a disease metabolism that it's something that you can't catch you actually got to earn it's interested in when you come to autoimmune disorders it's the same thing you don't catch it you got to actually earn it but I came across this this quote and this is something I mean Benjamin Rush one of the doctors is actually the signer the the Declaration of Independence unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship to district' the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privilege to others will constitute the best steal of medical science all such laws are an American and despotic it's true okay now when you think about this restrict healing arts to only doctors see at the time and you might hear that they those are angels that are coming in to visit us okay it to restrict it to only doctors because now the public is so ingrained in the thought that that well who's your doctor what am I talking about am i talking about the chiropractor am i talking about the doctor of homeopathy am I talking about the date written doctor of naturopathy what kind of doctor am I talking about you're talking everybody's how your medical doctor know well that's that wasn't always the case and in fact until the pharmaceutical industry took over the ecologist and then they took over the doctor the doctors of Osteopathy in fact doctor still who started Osteopathy would be rolling he probably still is rolling over in his grave because he said that to give a pill for a potion or a lotion for symptoms was foolish and now they're actually taken over the doctors of chiropractic okay that pharmaceutical industry is literally taken over our my profession so so let's get into this because this is it's it's it's crazy that this information is not here is not it's not available to the public so we know the health of our population it's sick sickest population of animals the world's ever seen one in two will have cancer okay one in five or 20% will develop an autoimmune condition and an autoimmune condition think of this and when you see this over and over and you've been told us again you've been told that that the doctor only needs medical doctor okay you've been told that autoimmune is what the body attacking itself good god what a species you know we have an autoimmune condition in water buffalos this week you know it turns out all the little baby water buffaloes are beating their head against the rocks and you know we don't know what it is and the mama water buffaloes are constipated and backed up and the daddy water buffaloes are pooping everywhere we we don't know that sounds insane but if I say look you know we've got kids that are banging their heads against the wall and they're called autism which is a weird autoimmune condition then we have somebody with Crohn's disease and they're pooping out all over the place and then we have other people with chronic constipation I mean you would think well that's human it'd be silly to have sick water buffaloes the sickest population as humans do you understand so this is insane that we would correlate disease and illness with humans as being normal so we have to chain this when we talk about autoimmune conditions it's kind of like when we talked about cancer there's not hundreds of different types of cancer there's one it's a reaction to metabolic processes there's not hundreds of different types of autoimmune condition conditions it's one it's an adaptive physiologic response the body doesn't all of a sudden attack itself but they've developed categories of autoimmune conditions to make it easier to diagnose and easier to give the appropriate chemicals or therapies now when you look at this and we're talking type one diabetes multiple sclerosis Parkinson's fibromyalgia and and then again you're gonna hear that will this disease is attacking this like multiple sclerosis is attacking the myelin sheath okay and then that's breaking it down except when we know 85 to 90 percent of multiple sclerosis is remitting and relapsing which means it goes ways and comes back when you look at this celiac disease is it attacking the intestines or are the intestines attacking itself or is this reaction to physical chemical or emotional stress lupus is this a connective tissue disorder or is it a response to environmental toxins so so we we have the medical world of this and what else is coming so look at this like like when I use the water buffalo analogy you think that's insane when I use the human analogy you think we'll that makes sense so so this is really an interruption in communication your immune system and that's why that's why we're gonna cover it all this month your immune system is is brilliant intelligent it doesn't do stupid things okay in fact it's going to respond to the environment given given the stimulus correctly correctly okay so now when you look at this it's really an interruption in communication the body is designed that immune system is designed to recognize pathogens okay attack them destroy them and eliminate them that's its job it's job is to recognize self from non-self pathogens from non pathogens now this goes on allergies you're not gonna see a lot of water buffaloes with allergies but you are gonna see a lot of humans with allergies because what's an allergy it's an abnormal recognition of a foreign protein now you can see pollen flying in the nose of water buffalo they're gonna do nothing if it flies in the nose of a sensitive human being mucous membranes are gonna swell a prize you're gonna water throats gonna clog up is that a normal or an abnormal response it's an abnormal response it's a hypersensitive response it's a body looking at that that that antigen this this pathogen that then then there's an overreaction and a hypersensitivity so now we're still looking at allergies and asthma an inflammation or inflammatory diseases has through the roof so it's really an interruption in communication and this is an interruption so how does the body communicate we got the nervous system in a hormonal system so what causes when we're talking about cancer again that was into endocrine disruptors or a disruption in humoral communication or hormone communication and a disruption in the nervous system that's what causes the disease so what's causing autoimmune conditions we're looking at endocrine disruptors medication vaccines toxic sand the foods and toxins in the environment now it's interesting I came across this article because when we're gonna go over autoimmune conditions we're gonna go over every aspect of this we're gonna cover all the aspects of food we're gonna cover all the aspects of the environment we're gonna cover the vaccine issues but this is just gonna be a rough overview on the parts of the immune system and what they are and how they can overreact and based on their control what controls them now Harvard because we keep talking about you know you get these vaccines elet's let's see well vaccines are safe and effective okay it was the greatest thing that saved us all or you know our entire population well Harvard says no in fact they say clean water was responsible for three-quarters or 74 percent of the decline in infant mortality and nearly 2/3 of their decline in childhood mortality so these are not vaccines it was clean water and infrastructure that did this so let's look at the immune system each aspect of the body has its own immune system it has its own response to the environment or pathogens so if you get a bone infection your immune system is going to be activated there if you get skin infections or rash it's going to be activated there and the whole system is designed to recognize self from non-self and have an appropriate reaction so what's the cure for the common cold the common cold it is you're right it is so what happens is your body needs to recognize the virus typically it's called the coxsackievirus which which I know you're right it's similar to the polio virus but don't worry about that okay so so because polio didn't even reacted like 99% of the population okay ninety-five percent got over without any even cold okay now so when you look at this what the body does you get a pathogen hitting the mucous membranes mucous membranes swell up you get a stuffy nose okay this that's because the mucous membranes are walling enough now the mucus is going to attach to these pathogens and then it's gonna allow your body to build a defense you're gonna develop cellular animal responses you're gonna get a huge mega production and histamines release histamines release is going to cause that red nodes in this and the stuffy and everything then that's gonna start to develop a fever now for every one degree increase in temperature the speed of the immune system doubles so a temperature of a hundred and four means they're 64 times faster the immune system and then if you're coughing and sneezing or diarrhea that means that your body is is eliminating or alkalinizing or getting rid of the pathogen and and so now you're thinking wow this is really a smart thing except in stupid people okay if we're educated that oh my gosh I need to take the antihistamine we're taking out one of the defenses I need to reduce my fever by taking a Tylenol even though that depletes glutathione and weakens my immune system response that's what's standard it we we don't know normal anymore so the body already has a good defense so we've got immune systems everywhere the skin your sweat your oil is anti they actually antifungal antibacterial a gastric acid so this is again a defense for when you eat something it can kill certain pathogens what about saliva and tears I know you're right Sarah real men don't cry okay so I'm just said saliva unless you're watching It's a Wonderful Life and it's Christmas time then it's totally appropriate or if you're watching a hallmark commercial men can cry intestinal bacteria we need healthy gut flora mucus I mean all this stuff is normal but look at what we're doing if you're talking about the skin we're putting toxic substances on the skin such as sun block we're doing creams and and other things that have endocrine disruptors in them gastric acid how about a tums or Rolaids the little purple pill for 24 hours of relief that's why it increases esophageal cancer intestinal bacteria how many people are taking antibiotics okay in the food you go down and get a burger that has antibiotics in it I mean it's crazy so let's boil this whole thing down into an immune system response to remember we're not healthy water buffalos we're the sickest species on the planet so let's look at how our immune system works instead of blaming it as an autoimmune condition we got a th1 and th2 response there's a great way to boil it down th one is long-term this is that pathogen hits the mucous membranes your body can identify that recognize that it builds both humoral and cellular defenses you need a healthy gut flora for a th1 response but by god you mer remember it I mean my relatives came from northern Europe I know it's hard to tell okay so that means my relatives survived the Black Plague I got that from my th one response come on pathogen get your rat in here I'll bite its fleas so when you look at this your relatives have survived this however the th2 response is in the cute inflammatory response so this is like getting a splinter so what we're doing with that vaccines are the sixty or seventy two doses of 17 different vaccines by the time the child's 18 which is about two to three times more than any other country on the planet so we're doing this 72 times and kids we're triggering inflammatory responses and that's what a th2 response is now this is short-term this is why multiple multiple boosters are needed to keep measuring antibody responses and it all we're doing is we're creating a massive amounts of inflammatory diseases in our population inflammatory bowel asthma breathing skin brain disorders all of this stuff is from inflammatory responses so we have the innate immune system inherited fantastic we have an adaptive immune system based on physical chemical or emotional stress so does this mean that if we're exposed to physical chemical and emotional stress that our immune system can go haywire perhaps there's chemical stressors that that were we're not told about now in our mian system we have a number of different cells okay NK cells and these guys are really kind of the the Rambo's they're the natural killer cells yeah they got the thousand-mile stare okay these guys go in recognize an antigen sometimes they can just kill it directly or they can mark it for others so I mean brilliant got T cells B cells and and these guys they go in recognize antigens produce a memory aspect so they can build antibodies so you get cellular moral and responses now antibodies are specific foreign antigen okay the problem is this is the only way they measure if a vaccine is effective okay because the the shoot it in you they have to put adjuvants in the vaccine and they're measuring the antibody response and this is tough because they used to think that if you had a high antibodies you were protected low antibody levels you weren't protected and now we know that the titers really don't have a heck of a lot to do with your response to the real pathogen okay but it happens to be the only way that they can measure it in fact there's patients with a congenital anomaly called a gamma globulin emia and they don't can't produce antibodies but they recover from diseases with the same so quali as somebody who could produce them so so just know when when the doctor talks about oh you have a good antibody response he really doesn't mean jack okay you know I mean you could say okay great what does that mean and then if he says well you could have a high antibody titer and be protected and a low wouldn't be more at risk and you say show me any data on that and he won't be able to now you got these big eater cells now if anyone's had pus what that is the cells go in there and the faj means to eat macrophage means big eaters and these guys can literally go in and engulf pathogens destroy him break him down the problem with macrophages is when you inject something like say you know aluminum or something toxic that these cells can actually grab ahold of that and they can float around the bloodstream and they can cross the blood-brain barrier and leave deposits inside of the brain and so when we talk about vaccines being neurotoxic even though these cells are going in there and attacking a path or a pathogen or an antigen something that's going to cause us a problem it can actually lead to other problems now macrophages you're talking viruses fungus is bacteria protozoa and these guys kill everything they're amazing and and if you think never bet okay so neutrophils and bacteria Las Vegas okay lymphocytes and viral so never bet Las Vegas neutrophils and bacterial infections lymphocytes and viral infections said of good mnemonic doc yeah it saved your butt on the old chemistry thing so so but but that's only a rough guide ok neutrophils basophils all of these cells have different functions what I like this picture because you're looking at a cancer cell which is the big cell the little guy is the immune system cell and you can see it attack it go through blows it out so this is how efficient the immune system is over eons a time we're just going over this so that you can have an appreciation that your immune system isn't stupid it's not going to attack itself this is all erroneous information it's ridiculous so when we look at this and you start to appreciate that the immune system has a number of different cells ways to recognize pathogens and antigens a cell mediated immunity doesn't use antibodies and this works really well humoral is the antibody response so so look at the immune system has developed over eons it's has an acute and inflammatory response so the immune system is not going to malfunction because it's designed to function correctly so now what causes it the 2id god i don't want to do the whole quote thing do you know what i mean that irritates the heck out of me but but what causes the immune system to because if you think of this big old guns they're forced right at at the target okay and then all of a sudden they start to shoot all the way around the room what causes the immune system to not respond correctly okay in the right environment what causes it to not recognize non-self to self we're just going to look at rheumatoid arthritis ms multiple sclerosis and lupus now according to the Mayo Clinic now these are top doctors they say it's a chronic inflammatory condition so wait a second now we were talking about inflammation there were we we got the th1 okay which is the long term and in response then we have the acute th2 response why is the th2 response acute because it's an inflammatory response now inflammation is not a dragon attacking you inflammation is response to tissue damage so let's read this the way it should be correctly worded rheumatoid arthritis is a response to tissue damage wow that changes it doesn't it so now it's no longer a disease entity attacking itself something's damaged in the tissue okay now the immune system mistakenly attacks its own body and we're talking skin eyes lungs heart blood vessels wait that doesn't make sense no wonder they don't understand what causes it okay so they're talking about the cartilage and bone being actually destroyed Wow so if this is the immune system gone crazy what is telling the immune system to attack the joints what communication pathway or what hormonal pathway or what neurological pathway because we know the body has got neurologic in her moral components or hormonal components and these are going to direct that gun that that that brilliant immune system in the direction it needs to fire all of a sudden it's just going blindly off everywhere now doctors don't know what starts this process no kiddin having a clue we don't know why the guns firing off randomly hitting hitting regular old tissues okay the genes don't cause it so it's not genetic infection viruses bacteria so then let's look at this a phytotherapy research journal it turns out that a diet change in rheumatoid arthritis is more effective than steroids and I know what you're thinking well isn't steroids aren't those cancer-causing agents and couldn't that destroy you yeah and changing the diet how could that possibly change the that direction of that immune system gun okay unless it's the diet that has endocrine disruptors or something that just the communication pathway so now this totally changes the conversation holy-moly the study supports a concept that rheumatoid arthritis may be a reaction to food antigens and the disease process starts within the intestine blasphemer good god go back and read the Mayo Clinic you don't know what causes it sure if you change your diet you get healthier go I mean that's that's amazing okay so so you look at this and you think well wait a second okay so we got an intelligent immune system that's full of a bunch of parts that's thousands of years of education in it all of a sudden it's not firing off where it's supposed to so it turns out that it's a communication pathway problem and that if we just change the problem now could the problem just be diet nutrition or environmental toxin related Wow that would sure change the world wouldn't it let's look at MS holy moly they still don't know what the cause is either okay scientists believe the disease is as-yet-unidentified environmental factor I totally agree so again we got that gun of the immune system and all of a sudden zits firing off recognizing self as non-self so it's not attacking tissue okay like the body says so the immune system goes crazy and just attacks itself yeah yeah that's right okay when you when you look at this it's actually the communication that's telling these immune system receives to not work now that twenty to fifty years old affects um mainly women so then you start to think we'll wait a second RA affects mainly women lupus affects mainly women so is there some type of communication chemical or toxin like an endocrine disrupter that maybe estrogenic like I don't know pesticides oh gee that would be a since pesticides are estrogen based but let's look at the Journal of the American Medical Association now vaccinations are common so even small increases in multiple sclerosis or acquired central nervous system demyelination syndrome could affect the public health and so now they're going at wait a second short-term increase risk suggest that vaccinations may accelerate the transition from subclinical to overt autoimmunity in patients with existing diseases now this article okay peer-reviewed journal article in today's statement goes in tight in today's environment is amazing because they you cannot disrespect the the religion of vaccine okay it's just not done good god woman don't dis wrecked it okay so so you look at this and you start to think wait a second this is crazy what isn't science and open forum shouldn't we have this open for discussion and so you get in there and so the vaccines can trigger an autumn and condition but it's got to be already there okay even though we saw in rheumatoid arthritis you change the diet and it gets better so so this is an existing condition that happens to be aggravated by a neurotoxins located in a vaccine that's triggering an inflammatory response okay okay the dots don't connect on this one by the way okay so if you're trying to think what's the point the point is this guy had to dance between politically correctness of not disrespecting the main source of income of the Journal of the American Medical world okay and being a real doctor and saying hey look we're causing an acute inflammatory response with a number of different pathogens and neurotoxins that's causing the body to attack itself but I can't really say that because I'd only have one testicle okay so over here I got to balance it you know what I mean okay now what about lupus okay so we know that vaccines and food are a contributing factor because of the toxins now this again ninety percent of the people to get lupus are our females when we look at it again they talk about genetics and environment environment they gotta blame genetics okay when we did the whole talk on lupus we found it it's not genetics okay this is environment and what they're even seeing sunlight exposure yeah right people have just been on this planet we just got beamed here first time we saw that big glowing orb we've never been able to survive with this much sunlight exposure I know really honest to god five hundred years from now they're gonna look at this in the go but it's so funny you know forget Abbott and Costello I mean Jesus they'll be reading this stuff and they'll think you guys had a hell of a sense of humor okay infections and medications look at this anti-seizure medications blood pressure antibiotics they go on to describe all of these chemicals which are disrupting the communication communication of the body that's causing this autoimmune condition so let's look at this they got a couple of theories on phospholipids called an antiphospholipid syndrome now this is in lupus one of the autoimmune conditions what I like about this is that now it starts to make sense because why would the body attack itself it never would it's impossible okay unless the immune system is is disrupted in its direction or communication now you got to buy phospholipid membrane around almost every cell in your body okay and this is that it protects the internal cell environment from the outside you've got these little communication pathways or channels that connect the cell with the outside world so the cell gets that that information through the cell membrane and produces the proteins or you know any type of DNA or RNA replication that it can do and cell cells work now there's interesting because they're talking about the body is attacking the phospholipid member and that's impossible why would the body attack itself unless we have industrial phospholipids that have never been our food supply that are now in our makeup food medications environment pesticides and we can call them industrial phospholipids so the body is recognized in these four and ones and they look really close to our natural ones then the body is attacking itself no you're supposed to say wow good god that makes sense please call the Mayo Clinic they must know so this means canola oil soy products all the stuff in the packaged foods it's it has industrial phospholipids which are actually toxic to the body so then when we look at this you're talking soy soy let the sentence I mean it's the emotions like like margarine I mean it's it's all over our environment auto auto reactive cytotoxic means poisonous the cells pro-inflammatory causes inflammation this is sufficient to cause autoimmunity or lupus like autoimmunity these are environmental exposure to estrogen or hormone or endocrine disruptors and that's what this is that's what autoimmune conditions are it's an environmental interruption of communication when we look at this estrogens endocrine disruptors combined in a dose-dependent fashion to cause lupus but you could put this in almost every autoimmune condition because the immune system is not incorrect it's aimed incorrectly its communication is incorrect so the immune system isn't something and this is this is the crazy part because when we get into autoimmune conditions you're gonna find out about how all the immune system suppressant drugs increase the rates of disease now let's look at glyphosate s' okay because again silly ACTA sees air to all these inflammatory things the body is just attacking itself however glyphosate pathways to modern diseases prions amyloidosis autoimmune and neurologic diseases so when you look at this could glyphosate's wait a second let's let's go back what was that the th1 and th2 response th one you needed and this is how you had the healthy immune system response you needed that gut flora so anything that damages that gut floor is going to damage your immune system response and then if we have something that creates inflammation because we know a lot of these are pro-inflammatory or inflammatory diseases so what's the one thing out there that increases inflammation and decrease healthy gut gut flora oh my gosh it's glyphosate okay which happens to be in the water system in the air in the food in the bread in the animal products in the animal feed in the meats it's it's virtually everywhere but don't worry about it because mon satan says that it only works on the shaky meat pathway which only screws around with bacteria of course if you realize you have 10 times the amount of bacteria than you do cells and without bacteria you die and bacteria you actually need it for a healthy immune system then it would be an issue okay but just don't tell Monsanto Satan okay the most disturbing presence is glyphosate is in many popular vaccines including the measles mumps and rubella which they verified here for the first time so not only is that in the food supply it's everywhere and this is only one of the endocrine disruptors it happens to be one of the most popular so what is this it's an interruption in communication that's what autoimmune can diseases are okay you've got hormones that communicate okay you've got the nervous system that communicates then you got the hypothalamus which has its feet in both areas it's partly in the nervous system partly in the hormonal system so anything that disrupts this communication is going to alter the function of the body got it why do I feel like Perry Mason right now okay I'm the only one that remembers Perry Mason I understand that okay there one hand in the back thank you very much I appreciate that you're too young must have been reruns okay so look at the hormones okay we got water soluble and fat soluble and we're there's just a rough overview again we're over the next month we're gonna cover this in detail so if you have something that's water soluble or mainly formed with amino acids amino acids are formed from proteins so think of this if you have an inability to break proteins to amino acids are you going to have good healthy hormonal production or poor hormonal production so does this mean chronic physical chemical or emotional stress which decreases the acid in the stomach which causes you to in the inability or decreased ability to break the proteins amino acids is that a problem yes or yes absolutely what if you take some antacids little proton pump inhibitor you know a little purple pill okay what about tums Rolaids okay that's going to decrease it so we know that the chemicals were involved is going to interrupt the hormones or the communication that this is supposed to be happening what about fat soluble hormones now this is produced in the liver let's say that you I don't know you know give your child genetically modified high fructose corn syrup which causes fatty liver disease I'm talking the super big gulp in a five-year-old I actually saw this about two years ago and it freaked me out this little kitty is this big hold the cup this big in his eyes are like this big and I thought wow even as the pyramus has that experiment going what's it going to be like to put 50% you know a third of your body weight of genetically modified sugars in there you know it's interesting I don't know okay so what if you're taking cholesterol drugs does that mean you're going to have an interruption in hormone production what if you have unhealthy fats can you see this so this makes sense so it's actually a communication issue then you got these these endocrine disruptors which are you know from phospholipids they're from there from there all interrupted it's not just lifeless eights I mean it's in other food products personal care cosmetics vaccines pharmaceuticals plastics pesticides water soil it's everywhere I mean we could do an experiment and take a hundred healthy water buffaloes and give them to this environment what do you think their health is gonna be like it's not gonna be good you know and then we have the epigenetic changes do you know anyone that's taken a cholesterol beta blocker ACE inhibitor diuretic blood pressure drug cholesterol drug antidepressant anti-inflammatory know anyone that's taking a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory such as motrin advil Aleve or any of those do you know anyone okay tell them that they will develop this heart disease cancer nerve and Mental Disorders obesity leukemia bipolar schizophrenia and fertility is sexual dysfunction from those drugs it can cause an an epigenetic change so the chemicals that were assaulted with because you've been lied to by the media and the doctors okay it's time we change it look at the communication pathway your body is already perfect when we go over how this is corrected it's just literally don't poison yourself you know you got a good body it's built by God boy I'm gonna get some negative comments for that but you know hey I got a belief system to bite me okay so you know yeah I mean look at this okay induced diseases Reproductive Endocrinology and pulmonary cartilage and all of these diseases endometriosis early puberty Ottoman asthma Alzheimer's those are the chemicals that are causing it this is not unknown unless you happen to work at the Mayo Clinic you know and you have a certain agenda or you're in the the medical profession and you can't bill for giving advice of yeah eat organic whole food plant-based seasonal there you go go see the chiropractor you'll get just better okay I can't bill for this but you don't get you better no screw that here's some steroids and prednisone and a little antibiotic a little anti-inflammatory yeah I know it's gonna further the problem but you'll be comfortable while you rot okay so so when you look at this hormone replacement therapy good god why okay anytime you replace something if you've had all your ovaries removed uterus removed your adrenal glands are secondary they'll take over okay if you've had your thyroid removed we have what do you do if you've had your thyroid remove you're gonna have to take supplements the big thing is all these parts are important if you've had them removed you're gonna need some type of supplement or some type of other thing but just to take hormone replacement therapy because you don't feel good find out why you don't feel good we've got the nervous system this has to be checked because again this is 50% of your communication yet the nervous system and humoral now now it's interesting too because we're talking about gut and we're gonna go over again all of this stuff in detail but you've heard us say leaky gut you've heard us talk about leaky gut okay that's it's kind of like there are no chemtrails it's just global environmental changes okay they're just global environmental changes up there okay so this one it's no longer leaky gut we call it increased intestinal permeability really okay so they talk about again autoimmunity and the leaky gut how could this possibly work unless you understand how the immune system works remember to two types th one you need a healthy gut flora you need a healthy intestinal tract okay that's long term th two is a short term inflammatory response there's growing evidence that increased intestinal permeability plays a pathogenic role in various autoimmune diseases no kidding G it wait a second this is nine years old the loss of intestinal barrier function is necessary to develop autoimmunity wait a second you you have to lose the healthy gut flora in order to develop an autoimmune condition and if you change your diet it helps with rheumatoid arthritis fibromyalgia and virtually every autoimmune condition that you change what you put in your system is that true Wow so think of it okay taking the steroids suppress the symptoms altering your physiology will alter the disease does that make sense absolutely increased intestinal permeability this means poor intestinal bacteria this means the fungus is the the the the yeast they start to bore holes in the intestinal tract or the antibiotics that you've been exposed to I mean it's it's mind-boggling this right here is lupus you're gonna see the center x-ray with a big black stuff everywhere this is a leaky gut oh I'm sorry this is increased intestinal permeability okay from an unknown factor yeah right okay you got poor gut flora okay and then the fungus isn't crap that you're exposed to start to bore holes in the intestinal tract and make it expand out and then you got a sympathetic dominant state so you got decreased nerve supply there so you don't have good peristalsis so then you get this expanded colon and that's 80% of the immune system how that you know it'll probably take three days to evacuate that okay so you've got sympathetic dominant stress poor diet poor gut flora I mean everything and I think it was only ninety days later that's her intestinal tract on the right okay normal I know you wanted me to remove the intestinal tract but no I thought let's just change the nervous system okay and of course when we're looking at her x-rays the top one shows almost no curve the bottom one shows a restored curve can you see this it's like wait a second this makes sense so what do you do right now honest-to-goodness it can't be this simple Organic plant-based diet seasonal healthy fats you need this for hormone production for the communication fermented vegetables why you have to have healthy intestinal tract in order to do it juice vegetables probiotics raw dairy if you can get it it's starting to be illegal everywhere blueberries goji berries the antioxidants the fungus I mean this is literally it when we put this up and we see you need to have a leaner supply because if you're in a sympathetic dominant state or stress state your body is not going to be able to have a healthy immune system response you need regular exercise without regular exercise you break down okay you literally need to move your body every day proper nutrition Organic plant-based seasonal it's really that simple sufficient rest only on nights you want to be healthy okay now it's okay you know you want to stay up you know you've got a late movie at night okay screw up occasionally but if you do that on a regular basis your immune systems gonna be messed up okay and prayer and meditation you got to have it okay now all of this stuff we're gonna have a 14 day challenge when does it start Michael okay it's gonna start and halfway in the month okay cuz that gives us a week in to film it but we're gonna have 14 days where you do little things each day to strengthen your immune system and it doesn't matter if you've had part to remove we're still going to show you how to fix it okay so go to extreme health challenge calm extreme health Academy we got tons of webinars and stuff get on there the last month cancer it's on there the month before that was the immune system that's on there get on this site it's that there's there's some paid parts there's a lot of free parts okay get on the free parts at least and if you can't we only have a 15 cabins left which is weird for me because I mean who plans a vacation eight months in advance I know I have to now but you know I just think it's wild it's if you go on the vacation we're gonna leave from Miami we're gonna get back in Miami we're gonna hit Cozumel which is really cool they got some great Mayan ruins and then we're gonna go to Havana I mean who would anybody want to go to Havana I know I know I know okay but but then when we're sailing okay we're gonna be teaching but you guys are gonna be hanging with the speakers you know I'll be on the back deck somewhere okay outside and join the ocean you know after Havana probably I'll share Monte Cristo with you you know it's gonna be just fine okay and and then check out the doctor john bergman site this one's got an amazing amazing disease database no any questions now I have the only mic I got to repeat it any questions good yes ma'am okay you saw me speaking to a group of chiropractors in Vegas is there one single video that when you go home you could show your chiropractor what we do absolutely look at the video called the seven questions to find a good chiropractor that one's simple clear concise they can call me up we get chiropractors here visiting every week looking at our techniques and we share everything I got tons of technique adjusting on online and it's all free we even have a website that they were building so that we can coalesce all these chiropractors in into into what they do so that we can connect patients cuz it's not right they got to wait a year to come in here or think it's a year and a half now you know so it's called corrective chiropractic system but we haven't we haven't you know it's it's just a landing page now eventually because like the doctors that when they get on there and if they do pre and post x-rays if they work on post surgery patients if they you know can reverse arthritis if they work on seniors kids and if they have an objective and you know some some goal other than symptom relief okay then they're a really good chiropractor if they only do five of those things they're a good chiropractor okay if they don't do any of them they're fantastic for pain relief it's better than drugs so so this is a good way to introduce them to you know are you good for symptom relief are you good for correction or you're really a butt kick and corrective guy that's you know I could refer somebody with bone cancer post-surgery osteoporotic that's taken 15 different drugs are you really doctor enough to take care of that guy okay that's a good one yes ma'am if you have a leaky gut does that mean that you have a candida or yeast overgrowth there's there's okay yeah kinda okay but but look at this yeast and funguses are food for bacteria so let's look at that a little bit different so is it really a candida overgrowth or is it not enough healthy bacteria because you didn't go on the candida cleanse where you take no sugar or anything else and that's going to decrease it a little bit but I've never heard of it eliminated but building up the healthy gut bacteria does so does that mean taking probiotics and fermented foods yes ma'am yep yeah we used to be able to drink that you know out of the stream and you get bacteria from that yes ma'am what do I suggest is a healthy probiotic any bacteria or a probiotic with high bacterial count is going to be ideal because probiotics don't really think of this they don't just repopulate the intestinal tract with new stuff what they do is they create an environment that the bacteria that you're exposed to through your environment can grow so the thing is to eat bacteria containing foods with with almost every meal like we just had some patients they're gonna take their their little baby who's like two and a half to grease and they said is there anything we should do you know to protect our baby now the kid is totally unvaccinated never had an antibiotic cutest little thing you ever saw I mean just darling big big hair I mean just cute and I said yeah take her to the local market make sure there's flies on the meat okay make sure there's flies on the on the fruit and stuff and and what's gonna happen when she goes there because they're gonna go for a couple of weeks she's gonna get diarrhea the first couple of days and what that is you know America when they go to Mexico they call it Montezuma's Revenge but it's not really it's just a change I've got bacteria that's it you changing the normal floor and no dear don't worry about it just changing bacteria and and you know and that's it a couple of days and then you're done then you come back and you know you're gonna thank God that food was really good okay don't worry change they'll get bacteria and bacteria containing foods with every meal and then you're gonna be healthy so next week more on autoimmune conditions so this was a rough overview thank you very much [Applause]


  1. I love John Bergman, but he has followed the ubiquitous trend of believing and repeating quotations, apparently without fact-checking them. The quotation attributed to Benjamin Rush is not accurate. If you are interested in reading what he actually said and how it has morphed over the past two hundred years, here's a link:
    (By the way, regardless of whether the quote is correct, the supposed "prediction" is a true reflection of what has actually happened.)

  2. Please Dr. John Bergman I'm wholeheartedly asking if you can make a video about Keloids. I know its not as important as other things but still very crucial for many of us out there.

  3. Do you believe statins can be the cause of dry eyes? My corneas are very compromised after almost 2 years of statin use. I have stopped my statins, despite the fact that I did have heart surgery in 4/2017 for a 95 percent blockage in LAD valve. I believe inflammation caused my heart problems. On paper my cholesterol is perfect. Although I am a gluten-free vegan, my doctor is trying to tell me I have "sticky toxic" bad cholesterol that doesn't show on tests. Is this possible? My numbers are great and have always been. I feel like doctors are gaslighting me to take statins. Need support to know I made the right decision to stop the statins. Feeling great after 10 days off statins. My dry eye condition is reversing. Am I crazy to go take this chance being a heart patient? Your rock Dr. Bergman. Thank you for being a light in this world.

  4. Im night shift at the hospital but get good rest during the day. Someone has to do it so what are your recommendations? I have RA and do a plant based diet, CBD and yoga. Im still in pain. What now? The meds just dont work, Ive tried a few.

  5. This guy knows his shit got a tdap shot at 57 years old destroyed my nerves caused inflammation everywhere in body never again

  6. Dr Bergman… do you not think all these “diseases” are caused by viruses in the body?! Especially EBV(Epstein Barr virus) shingles or strep. Your right, the body DOES NOT attack itself… pathogens are to blame. EBV I believe is the virus behind most chronic illness.

  7. I was diagnosed with SLE at 57 but may have had inactive lupus for years. My first real "flare" was about 4 months after significant exposure to pesticides. I will always suspect this. I've had hx.of blood clots since the age of 19 but tested neg. for anti phospholipid syndrome.

  8. I was raised by health food fanatics. I was active. I was a dancer. I was in 3 different dance classes a week and competed in talent shows. But I was stopped in my tracks one day.

    I have ankylosing spondylitis. Since 13, after many drs saying it was mental, I was diagnosed at 44 years old. I now have kyphotic angle of 80 degrees and multifusion and my spine and hips are completely demineralized. Had I been diagnosed earlier, I could have been given humira and pain meds and other treatmens like physical therapy. It would have stopped the progression and given me a better quality of life and the moral support I needed.
    But today I count my blessings that I found a dr and rheumatologist that is now providing those treatments.

    I had never considered that I had an autoimmune disease and I had never heard of ankylosing spondylitis before the day I was diagnosed.

    Never let them tell you it's mental until exhausting all other diagnoses.

    Good luck to all who are going through this. Your not alone.

    And these illnesses have beem around before modern medicine and all the junk we are exposed to.

    I have the genetic marker for this and it's not in my head and it's not from anything I did or didnt do.

    In my opinion, we all have a challenge in our life. These challenges help us grow spiritualy and help us to be more empathetic to the pain and suffering of others. I don't call it karma or any other type of punishment. I call it learning from our challenges by using what we have to work with.

  9. I don't understand the cliche concept of "seasonal" vegetables. Where I live, the growing season is maximum three months. What do I eat for the rest of the year? Also everything is seasonal all the time for the country where the produce comes from. If avocado came from Chile, it's seasonal – for Chile.

  10. If ur immune system were to attack itself you would be dead within a couple of minutes . Imagine that . Like i always say dont listen to what i say research what i say . God bless

  11. I wish you would talk more about PCOS. A lot of people believe it’s an autoimmune disease but they claim it’s genetic and unavoidable. I don’t believe it as I’m the only one in my family to ever have it. After learning so much from your videos about the endocrine system and autoimmune diseases it totally makes sense why PCOS is becoming so common with all we’re exposed to. I’ve been able to reverse PCOS by seeing a Naturopath after struggling with this for years. It’s incredible after traditional doctors told me I’d struggle with this my whole life because it’s genetic with no cure. Crazy how you talk about them not wanting to admit all these toxins are causing these diseases so they blame genetics. Exactly what happens with all these women suffering with PCOS and many unable to have children. Scary world we live in. I’m so grateful I found Dr Bergman. As scared and angry that this stuff makes me I’d rather be knowledgeable about this than continue to be ignorant and suffer unnecessarily.

  12. My first time here, I have vitiligo, what can I do to fix this ? My doctor told me to just live with it and it’s not worth trying to even get on experimental or home remedies to try to fix it.

  13. Belay my previous comment! I'm just reading a book by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and it would appear that compulsory vaccination took place in England from the 1850s and was not completely halted until 1948 – I grew up with it and didn't even know it! Big apologies USA.

  14. Dr Bergman, are you aware of the benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting? Is it true that symptoms are caused by the body trying to heal itself and digestion takes a lot of energy, so fasting takes pressure off the body – giving the body a chance to heal? It makes sense to me, but I doubt a Doctor would ever prescribe fasting. Not reccomended for breastfeeding or pregnant women, people with low body fat/insulation and SOME very ill people. I've heard of stage IV cancer being shat out via water fasting. Even someone with MS had improvements and type 2 diabetes has reversed. Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor or Health Proffessional and this is not medical advice.

  15. Above everything, what has literally astonished me, from watching many of these vaccine vids is discovering how many vaccinations people in the USA have. It's almost beyond belief that a people, which most of the free world look to, actually submit to this. It seems to be compulsory in some states – that's incredible! Don't Americans question what is being put into their bodies? Seems to me that this is the true "herd" behaviour. I'm in the UK, I'm a friend to the USA, where I and members of my family, have visited on several occasions. Much of what takes place in the US makes its way to the UK and then on to Europe – I pray we never suffer this acceptance of compulsory vaccination. One only has to read the real history of the effectiveness of these vaccines to make the simple decision never to accept another one. Thanks to the internet and many brave medics and scientists, big pharma's easy money days are waning.

  16. Dr. John Bergman I know you're incredibly busy with all that you're doing. I'm certain to be among the many whom direly need and appreciate the information you convey. I feel as though you may be overlooking an important piece to the puzzle that is human nutrition and if you had five minutes minutes I would love to discuss. Coming from a person who is healing his own badly decayed teeth and improving overall health. I see spreading the word with someone like you as a fast track to spreading the word. You probably know of most things I would like to discuss but possibility in a different light.

  17. Autoimmune disease mainly affecting women…hmmm. Could it be the pesticides on cotton fibers used in feminine hygiene products? Environmental yes, genetic I doubt it. With RA the joints (soft tissues of cartilage) are damaged due to heavy metals. Chelation therapy is used to treat this. Just be sure they use natural chelators like EDTA

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