Avril Lavigne Lost 'A Lot Of Friends' While Battling Lyme Disease: 'I Couldn't Believe It'

I just want to like be around for a long time be you know known as the artist in a writer like around the world and you know kind of respect it as someone whose food stands up for what they believe in and I just want to keep making music with great songs I just want I want to do this for a long time I wanted to copy your eyeliner that's a 70 year old avril lavigne back in 2002 during our very first interview with her he's now 34 she just released her first new album in more than five years it's called head above water me I was partly inspired by admirals battle with Lyme disease it's good to see you though bro you look back at kids like that you were like okay baby what you said though is that you wanted to be doing this for a long time feel like you're your yeah I mean yeah with the whole experience of everything I just went through I didn't really know if I'd still be making music after getting sick with Lyme disease and being stuck in bed but I turned to music and it was really healing for me and it showed me how much like music it's in my soul in my body in my blood and I wasn't even thinking about making a record in fact I was like am I even going to be making music or working like real and I just started writing for my bed so I wrote head above water the first single from my bedroom and warrior and those are the first two songs I wrote about my health battle and I spent like three years making this record while I was going through that whole healing process and the music really became healing for me and I really turned to it and it gave me a lot of strength and it made me feel better and it was so good for me to have like that goal and something to look forward to and to reach for and anytime I would go write or record which I was recording in my home studio at that point I would just feel so much better and it would take me out of like everything I was going through with like a physical you know like battle but also like emotional when you're in such like a crazy place like that so yeah looking back at that clip here we hear our music ends more than ever and this the you know really truly well let's listen here's a little of head above water [Applause] God keep my that's the first one you wrote and how are you feeling during this time so during that writing of the song which I I was literally in bed and my mom was beside me and it's hard to talk about but like I felt like I was going to die and I was like okay I'm accepting this I felt like I was going underwater like I was like trying to come up and like get air and I felt like also at one point like I was extending on the edge of a cliff and it was dark and I don't know why if it's cuz I'm an artist and I'm visual but I could like see these things and feel like that way and all of a sudden like this entire song concept like just flew like came right to me it wasn't even thinking about it I came up with head above water it was like a prayer to God like God help me keep my head above the water so that I can breathe like I need rescuing and like all these like words the concept the title the verses the course everything came to me and I when I had the strength I picked up my phone and just jotted everything down and I'm home was like what are you doing texting I'm like so long it was so crazy they all just happened I was even trying to make it happen I was like a spiritual experience yeah we were talking about being literally when this when this song came to you in the bed with your mom and dealing with with this health issue I had imagined was was a part of the it affected the entire family mm-hmm what was it like how was your mom there to support you how was she there help me my mom moved in with me for four months my dad came and stayed with me and you know Chad was there for me I've had like great support system with like my friends my best friend now like Ryan Cabrera he was really there for me and like we ended up like writing also together on this album but I've had so many people over the last few years like I was able to see who my friends really truly were and who's there for me and you gain a lot of perspective when you go through stuff like that yeah how are you feeling today so I feel good today and I'm so happy to be here and like you say today like you take it day-by-day that it definitely is a day right thing I think it's like you know part of like it depends on what I go through but I'm doing so much better and I turn and I look back to like what how far I've come you know and I also think that's very important to like to keep positive and to to look at like the good stuff stay grateful you know and I've come so far and like I have my life like I'm working I'm writing I'm traveling I'm I wish to step on stage singing the song I'm you know I'm dating I have a life and the painting cooking hanging out with my friends my life is bad all of the simple things were taken away from me just getting up in the morning going and having a cup of coffee or and being able to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day and now I have that back and I'm really grateful do I have to like monitor myself stay healthy yes but like anybody right you know we feel our best when we eat healthy sleep well blah blah blah Oprah do not take your body for granted yeah do not do it people who really know you you learned a lot about people in your life too yeah I felt like a lot of friends disappear and I couldn't believe it and I just felt like so alone but but then I then during that experience and now more than ever you know I keep my group small and like I know the people that are there for me and just there's like more love than ever kit is my group so we got you're welcome to join our you


  1. Having been chronically ill for 8 years I totally relate to what she said. I’ve lost a few mates along the way. It’s been upsetting but if I can’t count on them when I’m ill, when can I count them?
    Anyways I’m starting to slowly get better, thanks be to God.

  2. Can someone please tell me what happened between her and Chad? Was it her sickness? They seemed so in love and yet it only lasted 2 years.

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  4. Its not Lyme disease, its retroviruses. Judy Mikovits was a celebrated Ph.D. medical researcher until 2012 when she announced she discovered retroviruses that caused chronic fatigue and found them in vaccines. What was her reward? She was fired and her research documents were confiscated under false pretenses. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/07/health/fallout-from-fatigue-syndrome-retraction-is-far-and-wide.html

    Its an amazing story. The pharma industry immediately put out other studies to contradict her. This is why there is a big fight going on over vaccines right now. The truth is slowly coming out. Vaccines are much more dangerous than we have been lead to believe, causing a host of long term problems. Do your own research, here's a good book about the Mikovits episode. https://www.amazon.com/Plague-Scientist%C2%92s-Intrepid-Retroviruses-Syndrome/dp/1510713948

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