AYAD Music Therapist in Bangladesh

In a way, it’s been overwhelming,
the response of the general public
towards music therapy in Bangladesh.
Because autism at the moment
is quite an awareness topic –
people are just becoming aware
of what autism is.
So I think, bringing my skills
as an autism therapist
and a music therapist
to Bangladesh,
word of mouth has spread.
So, I started working at one school,
others have found out,
and before I know it,
I’m speaking at conferences,
going travelling down to Chittagong,
to other places in Bangladesh,
doing workshops and working
with teachers and therapists.
And it’s really…I think it’s
really built awareness of autism
as well as, you know,
bringing a new type of therapy
which is creative and has
positive outcomes for the students.
Well, yeah, especially,
I’ve got to give a special thanks
to Australian Youth Ambassadors
for Development,
especially AYAD volunteers,
because they have come
in our schools
and they have made some kind
of specific assignments,
and these assignments especially
are beneficial for our students
as well as our teachers.
And this forum
made a different type
of development of our students,
especially their eye contact,
their visual performance,
their interaction
and their eye-hand coordination
and something like this.
And especially our teachers
have learned a lot,
how to lead a music session.
Especially the music sessions –
they’re a new thing in our country,
like, Bangladesh,
and we have learned something
about music therapy.
We have the confidence there now
that we can…
..that we can transfer
these kind of skills
to another part of Bangladesh.
Basically, I wouldn’t
sugar-coat it in a way
that it’s gonna be
a walk in the park.
Um…all of this year
I’ve been here,
I’ve struggled
and had to face challenges.
Um…but the results in the end –
and they’re still unfolding
as we speak –
are gonna be hopefully
long-term results.
So, I may not see the outcomes,
of what I’ve been doing here,
and I think you have to come
and be prepared
to not see the positive outcome
of your time here.
I guess what I’d say is be prepared
to experience a new culture,
to extend yourself further than what
you thought you could possibly do,
and to have some fun
while you’re doing it.
And, yeah, it’s a great experience,
and I wouldn’t change anything.

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